Does Deku Become a Villain & When?

Does Deku Become a Villain & When?

Now that Izuku “Deku” Midoriya has gotten the hang of using One for All, the story has become more interesting. The fight scenes featuring Deku have become more exciting, and it looks like Super Strength isn’t the only power One for All has. The dark, ominous power that Deku has been activating every now and then looks evil. Fans have started to question if Deku will remain on the heroes’ side because of this.

Deku never becomes a villain at any point in the anime or manga. While the One for All user may have defected from U.A. High School for a couple of chapters, he was still working under the heroes. He only left the school’s protection to keep his friends from harm.

While the poor boy may have looked like a villain in those chapters, I can assure you that this young hero is one of the good guys through and through. In this article, I’ll explain what the evil-looking power Deku obtained is, plus what happened when he left U.A. 

What Was the Quirk That Made Deku Look Evil?

Does Deku Become a Villain & When?

Theories about Deku turning evil probably started when Deku awoke his new Quirk: Black Whip. The fact that the Quirk itself looks evil makes it look convincing. In addition, Deku is also unable to control it to its full extent. When he unconsciously activated the Quirk against Monoma, the Quirk backfired on him, causing him to attack his fellow teammates. 

As scary as the Quirk seems, the Quirk and its original user are far from evil. We’ve seen dark-looking quirks before, but it all depends on the user’s morals. A good example are characters like Tsukiyomi, Ashido, and Hitoshi, who have villainous-like quirks. Still, all of them are training to be heroes.

Black Whip was the original Quirk of Daigoro Banjo, one of the inheritors of One for All. The Quirk allows the user to produce energy tendrils from any part of the user’s body. The user can command these tendrils at will. As demonstrated by Deku, the Quirk seems to be powered by strong emotions, primarily emotions like anger. According to Daigoro, he uses the Quirk to capture enemies and increase his mobility by grabbing onto objects.

Why Did People Think Deku Would Become Evil?

Aside from the new evil-looking Quirk, Deku looked like a villain by the end of chapter 317. But really, the only reason why he looked like that was because he kept moving around without rest. His costume eventually got torn up in several areas making his mask look scary. He was also continuously using Black Whip while looking like that, which pretty much completed the villain look. 

But Deku was honestly going around helping people and trying to keep his loved ones away from danger. Many people around Japan assumed he was some villain, but the people he helped knew he was one of the good guys.

Why Did Deku Leave U.A.?

Does Deku Become a Villain & When?

After the first battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front, it became clear to Deku that he was the primary target of All for One and Tomura Shigaraki. He also knew that he was the key to defeating All for One once and for all. But, he did not want to put his friends and loved ones in harm’s way.

Deku felt that in order to lessen the casualties, he would join the pros in their mission to stop All for One and leave his classmates and mother in the dark about his mission. However, he does leave a note to his classmates explaining his Quirk and why the villains might be after him.

What Was Class 1-a’s Reaction to Deku’s Departure?

Over the past year in U.A., Deku and his classmates have developed a very close bond. It was a shock to them that Deku had been carrying such a heavy burden and keeping it between himself, All Might, and Katsuki Bakugou. Despite being hurt by the sudden disappearance, the group decides to search for Deku.

The class successfully tracks Deku and refuses to listen to him when he tells them to leave him alone. His classmates are equally resolute in bringing him back to U.A. and facing All for One together. The class eventually has to battle Deku to force him to listen to them.

The class eventually manages to convince Deku to return to the school with them, showing Deku that combined, they can keep in step with him.

What Do the Civilians Think of Deku?

Does Deku Become a Villain & When?

While Deku was away from U.A., most of the Hero Schools have transformed their schools into evacuation camps for civilians. Unfortunately, by the time Deku, along with the rest of his classmates, reach the school entrance, they are stopped by a mob of civilians wanting to keep Deku away from the evacuation camp.

The civilians in the camp are aware that All for One is after Deku. Fearing for their own safety, they attempt to keep Deku away from the school. They know that if U.A. decides to house Deku, All for One will make a beeline for the evacuation camp. Deku’s classmates, especially Ochako, played a crucial role in convincing the crowd to allow Deku inside the school. 

Ochako manages to let the crowd look at how exhausted Deku is from his work under the pros. A few people from the group also recognize Deku for saving them before reaching U.A. Eventually, the crowd allows Deku to enter the school.

Is Deku a Villain in the New My Hero Academia Movie?

In this movie, Deku is not a villain, but he is framed to be one. In the new movie My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, Deku is falsely accused of mass murder by Otheon’s chief of police. The Police chief also happens to be part of the antagonist group in the story. Because of this accusation, Deku is forced to go into hiding with Rody Soul.

The two eventually get along and go off to try to clear their names throughout the movie. By the end of the film, everyone already knows they are innocent. The two go their separate ways. Rody eventually gets an honest job to support his sister, and Izuku returns to Japan to continue his hero studies.

My Hero Academia is a wonderful series with many twists and turns in its story. So it’s no surprise for fans to come up with different theories and misunderstandings with all the possibilities the show provides us with. If you haven’t the show yet, I highly recommend it. This show is definitely Plus Ultra in my book.