15 Best Comedy Anime Movies– A Challenge To Not Laugh

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Watching the Best Comedy Anime Movies is the medicine for relaxation. Day by day, things get challenging for us in one way or another, but these gems help us get ourselves back. You just need almost an hour with yourself watching one of these awesome funny anime movies, and there you go! 

Your friend has brought a list of 15 such hilarious gems that will make you roll on the floor laughing.  I bet you’ll rewatch them. So, are you ready, fellas? Here we begin!

Best Comedy Anime Movies That Will Make You Roll On The Floor laughing


  •  Movies of Almost all the genres are there in this list
  • You can find rom-com, fantasy-comedy, sci-fi comedy, action-comedy, and a lot more here
  • On this list of best comedy anime movies, all the entries are ranked on my personal opinion

15. Haguregumo

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This is a historical-themed movie revolving around a retired Samurai named Kumosuke Haguregumo. He is losing in life as all his activities revolve around drinking, smoking, and spending time with women. The saddest thing is he is a married man and also a father of two. 

His son Komusuke gets tired of watching this hate-worthy behavior of his father. He decides to deal with his father and live a respectable life.  The poor boy fights off the toughest odds at such an early age.  

The movie is full of lessons that will play a role in shaping your life for the best. Trust me, the story sounds a bit dramatic and sad, but there are a lot of funny events here and there. 

14. Project A-Ko

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This film offers action, adventure, and science fiction as a bonus alongside comedy. It’s especially highly recommended to the ones who love watching anime movies for girls. It’s a perfect movie focused on girl power.

The movie revolves around Eiko, who has superpowers. She loves spending her time with her best friend Shiiko and it’s one of the reasons why she rarely misses school. Things change in her life when a girl named Biko wishes to become Shiiko’s friend.

This results in a rivalry between the two girls where Biko ends up challenging Eiko so that she’ll defeat her in combat. As you can guess, the combat will decide the winner. However, before they can choose, a large spaceship hovers over Earth and makes things messier. There’s no doubt in it being one of the best comedy anime movies!

13. Mind Game

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The story revolves around Nishi, who meets his long-time love, Myon, and can’t stop himself from falling for her more. However, he learns that the girl is now engaged. Things take a drastic turn, leading to his demise when he stops the Yakuza from harming Myon. Sounds sad, and I know it. Don’t you guys worry because this is just the beginning of the story! (XD)

After death, he meets the god and finally gets another chance at life. Now returning to life, he knows how things will take place, so he plans beforehand to take care of them. This is one of the best comedy anime movies full of multiple life lessons. I am sure you will love watching it, so have a good watch!

12. Jarinko Chie

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Are you looking for a classic gem which is also famous as one of the best comedy anime movies? It’s a 1980s popular gem that Isao Takahata has directed. If not anything else, then watch it because of the director, because he is famous for creating masterpieces. The story highlights the life of Chie, a 10-year-old who lives a messy life. Her life is challenging enough to say that she is extremely unfortunate

Her father is a Yakuza (gangster) who is currently unemployed. To top it off, her parents are separated, so this adds more to her injuries. I am sure you are confused about how this sad, dramatic movie entertains with comedy. Don’t you guys worry, the film is actually very funny and will make you laugh all your heart out!

11. Porco Rosso

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We have many villains cursing our favorite characters, but have you seen someone turning into a pig? Yes, we are talking about the curse that turns Marco Pagot into a pig. After this shocking transformation, he starts living as Porco Rosso, a famous bounty hunter. 

He spends his time collecting bounties and when free, chills around an island. One day, things take a troublesome turn for him when the engine of his plane becomes faulty. That’s when Donald Curtis crosses paths with him and gives him a hard time. 

Donald sees a way to become famous. Can you guess what? Well, he declares that Porco Rosso is dead to attract all eyes on himself. Now, the furious Pig fears that the girl he’s interested in might believe the rumors

Therefore, the Pig decides to get himself out of the mess by taking a loan to fix his plane. There, he meets Fio Piccolo, the chief engineer of an airplane company. They duo team up to win in their respective missions. It’s indeed one of the best comedy anime movies, so drink some water beforehand!

10. Okkos Inn

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If you love movies with cute ghosts, and are also in search of the best comedy anime movies, then this is the one!

The story revolves around a cute girl named Okko Seki. She moves to her parents’ rural hometown, and things take a drastic turn with her parents’ sudden death in a car accident. The little girl faces one of the darkest and harshest realities of the world. 

However, the Universe had a plan to make her less lonely. She finds a ghost who tells her to perform all the responsibilities of her grandmother to inherit the inn. The girl first struggles a lot, but things eventually take a great turn for her. 

She comes to this realization that even after the death of her parents, she is not alone! The plot sure looks sad, but that’s the beauty of this comedy anime movie; it’s a complete package offering you almost everything!

9. Osomatsu The Movie

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How many of you fear joining a reunion party with your classmates? If you do fear, then you are not alone. This is the story about sextuplets. Yes, you heard it right! Their life changes after they attend a reunion where they find everyone successful except them. 

Unfortunately, the reunion snatched their peace of mind and left them shattered. To soothe their heart and calm their mind, they end up drinking the whole night. When they wake up, they find themselves trapped in a world of memories. They get to see their past once again, but the world is losing its balance. No matter how attractive the imaginations may be, returning to reality is a MUST to Live. Therefore, they need to think of a way to break out of this trap ASAP! 

There are countless hilarious moments that make this one a beautiful movie. If you enjoy Gag humor, then this is the movie you should watch!

8. Shinchan Movie 1 Action Kamen vs Haigure Maou

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For many anime lovers, this one is the king of the best comedy anime movies. Don’t tell me you have never heard about Shin Chan. Shinnosuke is the character who has made the childhood of many anime fans memorable. Nostalgia always hits us hard when we hear his name. The anime was extremely popular a decade ago and will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

The movie highlights the life of Shin Chan and effortlessly entertains the audience with comedy, as usual. However, this time, the twist is that Shinnosuke and his family have found an Action Kamen Card. Soon after, they go to the parallel world, where they decide to protect the world from an alien invasion. 

The initial few minutes of the movie might bore you a bit, but trust me, it keeps getting better!

7. Summer Wars

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The story is set in a distant future, where we see the world connected to a virtual reality called OZ. People have lost their sense of danger and have completely given themselves to this VR. Kenji Kaiso is our protagonist, who is an absolute genius when it comes to solving math puzzles. He also works as a moderator for OZ. 

When he goes on a summer trip, he receives a puzzle on his phone. Unbeknownst to the consequences, he solves it quickly as it was a piece of cake for him and we all know why! The code he cracked actually wasn’t just an ordinary puzzle but was pure danger

His actions put the whole world in extreme danger! Now he must do something to save the world, so watch the movie to know what happens next! 

This is one of the best comedy anime movies and you can mark my words. You’ll find a perfect balance of sci-fi elements and humor!

6. Night Is Short, Walk On Girl 

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Are you searching for a perfect rom-com? Be glad because you have found one! 

How many of you dream of bumping into your crush? This is a dream that never will come true, and despite knowing this, we still dream about it! (HAHA) if you do that, just know that you are not alone. (XD)

The plot is all about an average college student and his wish to cross paths with his crush. Unfortunately, no matter how much he tries, things are not going his way. The girl, on the other hand, has a strong faith in fate, making them a perfect match for each other.

Anyhow, the struggler keeps looking for that one perfect moment to bump into her and call it a coincidence. He learns that the girl is looking for a book to buy, so this time, he decides to buy it before her so that he can call it a meaningful coincidence. Will he be successful this time? 

What are your thoughts on it? If you’re curious then don’t waste a second and watch it RIGHT NOW!

5. Kiki’s Delivery Service

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This comedy anime movie offers a lot more than just humor. You’ll enjoy fantasy, adventure, drama, and a lot more, so get yourself ready! Kiki is an adorable little girl who is training to become a witch. Their witch training is not easy and requires one to live alone far from their loved ones. 

To fulfill the task, this 13-year-old girl moves and tries to adjust to the new environment. A lot of hurdles and obstacles come in her way, but Kiki faces them all with courage

Things settle a bit when she starts a food delivery service. The movie is full of lessons, and it motivates one to another level. If you are moving somewhere alone, then make sure to watch it to boost your morale! 

4. Tokyo Godfathers

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The story revolves around three characters: Hana, Miyuki, and Gin. On Christmas Eve, while searching for presents, they find a baby all alone in extremely cold weather. The poor baby was abandoned, and after knowing that, Hana decided to take the baby in. 

She decides to find her biological parents and also to demand the answers. How will they find them? The thing is, the baby was not alone, but there was a key and note that they found with him. The trio starts this mission, but little did they know that many surprises were awaiting them. 

A series of events take place, making it challenging for them. It’s a perfect dramatic film and one of the best comedy anime movies one can watch!

3. Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions!: Take On Me

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Looking for a fantastic school romance anime movie that also offers comedy and drama? You are at the right place! Your friend is there to introduce one of the best comedy anime movies called Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions. 

Do you know about Chunibyo? It’s actually a disease in which a person starts imagining things! They live in their delusions! Rikka Takanshi is the female lead who suffers from this syndrome. She is in a romantic relationship with Yuuta, and the couple is head over heels for each other. 

In a turn of events, the girl’s sister gets a good job in Italy, and now she wants to take Rikka with her. The couple is unhappy with the decision because it will separate them. Therefore, they involve their friends and make a plan to run away. Will they be successful or not?

To know further, watch this awesome, funny anime movie! You know what? You can actually watch the anime series because it’s just too good!

2. Gintama: The Movie

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It’s a must add on this list of best comedy anime movies! If you are a comedy lover otaku, then it’s impossible that you haven’t heard about Gintama. The anime series is famous for its comedy, and so are its anime movies. The story revolves around Gintoki and his friends who move from place to place doing odd jobs. They always try not to step into the troubles but troubles always find their ways to get them involved. 

The twist begins when Katsura, their friend, suddenly disappears from the scene. It turns out someone has attacked him brutally, and now Gintoki’s friends are trying their best to find their friend. On the other hand, Gintoki is on a mission to find  Benizakura, a powerful sword. 

Eventually when one thing leads to another, the group of heroes find themselves in a big problem. Whether they’ll find a way out of it or not, I’ll leave this to you to find out. Good Luck! 

1. Stand By Me Doraemon

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Nobita Nobi is just like most of us who struggle to do everything. Even the simple things give him a challenging time making him feel unlucky. Watching him will definitely give you a bit of misty eyes, but the twist begins when Doraemon enters the scene. 

Things take a 180-degree turn when his future great-great-grandchild, Sewashi, comes for his help. He doesn’t come alone but brings a robotic cat, and that’s none other than our favorite Doraemon! From that day onwards, it was nothing too difficult for Nobita because he was never alone. 

Believe me, you’ll yearn to have such a cute friend in your life after watching this. This is one of the best comedy anime movies that will force you to rewatch it multiple times.

Is Gintama A Comedy Anime?

Yes, it is famous for its comedy but it offers a lot more than just that. You’ll love it for its action, fantasy, adventure and a lot more.

What is the Best Comedy Anime?

There are so many but if you’ll ask me, then I’ll recommend Gintama and Spy X Family. You can also watch their movies if you are in search of best comedy anime movies.

Final Notes

Phew! What a long list! It definitely immersed me in the world of the best comedy anime movies. I was hit hard with the flashbacks that made me laugh every 3 minutes. I hope you will also laugh watching these funny anime films that will leave a permanent mark in your mind. 

If you are interested in checking out some more anime movie recommendations, then don’t worry. We have got you covered. Keep returning to Anime Fleek! See you in the next post; until then, take care!