Every Rabbit Pokemon: The Complete List

Every Rabbit Pokemon: The Complete List

Pokemon has come a long way since its conception. As the years go by more and more Pokemon have been added to the Pokedex. As of writing, there are about 898 different Pokemon. But how many of these are Rabbit Pokemon?

Despite the big number of Pokemon that have been added since 1995, there are only 8 rabbit Pokemon in the Pokedex. Actually, the Pokedex only classifies 5 of them as Rabbit Pokemon while the other 3 just share rabbit-like features and traits. All eight rabbit and rabbit-like Pokemon are:

  • ·   Azumarill
  • ·   Buneary
  • ·   Lopunny
  • ·   Bunnelby
  • ·   Diggersby
  • ·   Scorbunny
  • ·   Raboot
  • ·   Cinderace

Now that all the Rabbit-type pokemon are named. It’s time to take a closer look at these Pokemon. You might want to start adding one of these pokemon to your team. Or if you don’t want them in your team, consider capturing them to add to your Pokedex.

1.  Azumarill

Every Rabbit Pokemon: The Complete List

Azumarill is a Water and Fairy-type Pokemon introduced in Generation 2. However, when Azumarill was first introduced, it was a pure Water-type. By the time Generation 7 hit, Azumarill was now considered a dual-type Pokemon.

While Azumarill is noted as an Aqua Rabbit Its previous forms, Azuril and Marill, are not considered Aqua Rabbits. But even so, Azumarill is not categorized as a rabbit. 

According to Ash’s Pokedex in Episode 153: Asumarill is an Aqua Rabbit Pokemon. The Pokemon is known for using its large, highly developed ears to hear great distances, even underwater. Meanwhile, Dawn’s Pokedex entry cites that this Pokemon takes advantage of its body color and pattern in water, as it can be used to confuse enemies.

Other entries include that if an Azumarill spots a drowning Pokemon, it tends to create a balloon out of the air to help the Pokemon breathe. Sometimes it even creates these air bubbles for Azurills to play with.

This water bunny Pokemon is not only cute and friendly, but it can also beat down a dragon-type Pokemon. When Fairy-type Pokemon were introduced to the game, they added it as a weakness for dragons. Azumarill was one of the luckier older Pokemon that the developers decided to add to the fairy circle.

2.  Buneary  

Every Rabbit Pokemon: The Complete List

Buneary is a Normal-type Pokemon that was first introduced in Generation 4. In the games, Buneary will evolve to Lopunny when it reaches a high level with high friendship. So trainers need to take note, you can’t evolve this Pokemon with candies alone.

According to Dawn’s 2 Pokedex entries, Buneary is a Rabbit Pokemon that is capable of extending its rolled-up years to launch a powerful attack. Its ears at attention could also mean it senses danger. In addition, when a Buneary curls up its ears it could either mean it is feeling cold or is about ready to sleep.

Serena’s Pokedex in Pokemon XY adds that a Buneary will tuck its head into its fur to sleep on cold nights. While a Buneary is mostly found in forest areas, it’s also possible to find one on icy mountains.

Buneary makes a major appearance in the Pokemon anime series as one of Dawn’s Pokemon. It was the first Pokemon Dawn managed to capture in the Sinnoh Region, and her second Pokemon to ever own. It is often used in Pokemon Contests.

Dawn’s Buneary seemed to have a special affection towards Ash’s Pikachu. As shown in the anime, it tends to get flustered whenever around Pikachu. It is also notably cheering whenever Pikachu would be used during gym battles.

3.  Lopunny

Every Rabbit Pokemon: The Complete List

Lopunny is a Normal-type Pokemon introduced in Generation 4, and is the evolved form of Buneary. A Lopunny is also capable of Mega Evolving into Mega Lopunny using a Lopunnite

According to its combined Pokedex entries, Lopunny is a Rabbit Pokémon, it tends to be extremely cautious of its surroundings. When it perceives a threat, it can deliver powerful kicks or use its long ears to fend for itself. Its ears are also sensitive and Lopunny will attack anyone who would touch it roughly. 

A Lopunny is also very conscious of its appearance. It is usually seen grooming its fur, particularly the ones coating its ears. Its coat and fur change and regrow twice a year to prepare itself for the season’s temperature. 

When it Mega evolves, Lopunny’s combative nature gets triggered. It also sheds its fur to facilitate its attacks. All its combative abilities are also increased during this state.

Its fur and fleece can be made into warm mufflers and hats for the winter. This is because of its fur’s heat-insulating nature.

In the anime, Nando and Paris own a Lopunny. Unfortunately, Dawn has never tried to evolve her Buneary.

4. Bunnelby 

Every Rabbit Pokemon: The Complete List

 This Pokémon is a Normal-type introduced in Generation 7. It will evolve into Diggersby starting at level 20. According to Goh’s Rotom Phone, Bunnelby is a digging Pokémon. When it hears danger, it will dig a hole to hide in.

Additional Pokédex entries mention that Bunnelby’s ears are strong enough to shovel dirt and chop tree roots. It can also dig up a nest up to 33 feet in a single night. Corviknight is also its natural predator.

A Bunnelby is owned by Clemot in the XY series. It was revealed that Clemot caught Bunnelby after saving him from a wild Diggersby.

In Journeys, Goh caught a Bunnelby that had stolen his food while the team was in Galar. The team chased the bunny-like Pokémon into Slumbering Weald when Goh decided to capture it.

5. Diggersby 

Every Rabbit Pokemon: The Complete List

From a Normal-type, when Bunnelby evolves into Diggersby, it becomes a dual-type Pokémon. Diggersby is a Normal and Ground -Type introduced in Generation 7. This Pokémon is also the evolved form of Bunnelby.

According to Ash’s Pokédex in XY, this digging Pokémon can easily lift a Boulder weighing over a ton with its powerful ears. Additional entries note that its two ears are its notable features, resembling muscular forearms.

The Pokémon’s remaining limbs are small in comparison to its ears. As a whole Diggersby resembles a large portly gray rabbit.

An owned Diggersby in the anime was shown to be under the care of Dolan. In addition, Clemot’s Bunnelby appeared as Diggersby in a dream.

Some interesting facts about this Pokémon include that Diggersby is the only Pokémon with its type combination. It is also the only Pokémon with a base stat total of 423 in the game. 

6. Scorbunny

Every Rabbit Pokemon: The Complete List

This little guy is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation 8. Scorbunny is also one of the three starter Pokémon, which players can choose from in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Starting level 16, it will evolve to Raboot. By level 35 it would have evolved into a Cinderace.

According to Goh’s Rotom Phone, when Scorbunny is ready to battle, the pads above its nose and under its feet will give off intense heat. It even states the soles on its feet will bring good luck.

In the anime, Goh manages to catch himself a Scorbunny, who serves as his main partner in the series. It is also Goh’s first Pokémon in the series. Scorbunny also shares the Rabbit Category with Buneary and Lopunny, making him the third official Rabbit Pokémon.

7. Raboot

Every Rabbit Pokemon: The Complete List

Raboot is another fire bunny, serving as the evolved form of Scorbunny. It is a pure Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation 8. Raboot has fluffy fur that protects it from the cold. The fur also helps it use stronger Fire-type moves. 

Raboot is also known to avoid using its arm, pouring most of its focus on its kicking attacks. It also juggles berries and small pebbles on its feet as a means of practice. 

In the anime, Goh’s Scorbunny evolves into a Raboot in the episode “Kicking It From Here Into Tomorrow!”, but it seems it didn’t just get a change in stats. Raboot also developed an aloof personality compared to when it was just a playful Scorbunny. 

A Raboot also makes an appearance in Twilight Wings and PokeToon. It is also the fourth official Rabbit Pokémon on this list.

8. Cinderace

Every Rabbit Pokemon: The Complete List

Cinderace is the final evolved form of Scorbunny and can be evolved from a Raboot. It is also a pure Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation 8. If the player goes to the Isle of Armor in Sword and Shield, they will be able to unlock its Gigantamax form.

According to Goh’s Rotom Phone, Cinderace is a Striker Pokémon. It uses the move Pyro Ball to create a soccer ball of fire that it kicks towards enemies. The move often leaves the opponent with a burn.

In the anime, Goh’s Raboot evolves to Cinderace in “Sword and Shield….. The Legends Awaken!”, after landing several hits on Oleana’s Milotic. As a Cinderace, it seemed to regain its carefree and happy personality from its time as a Scorbunny.

Cinderace also makes an appearance in its Gigantamax form in the music video GOTCHA!. It makes other minor appearances in other releases such as Twilight Wings. It also shows up in Pokémon Evolutions, under the ownership of Hop. 

Similar to its previous forms, Cinderace also belongs to the Rabbit Category. This makes Cinderace the fifth official Rabbit Pokémon. As far as Generation 8 is concerned, it is also the last Rabbit Pokémon.

Which Are the Official Rabbit Pokémon?

There are only 5 Pokémon that are categorized as rabbits. These include Buneary, Lopunny, Scorbunny, Raboot, and Cinderace. The others only have rabbit-like features but are not officially considered rabbits according to their database.

But Pokemon has always been weird with their categorization. This isn’t the only example where some Pokémon have been put into different categories despite their features and traits. 

But this doesn’t stop anyone from loving the franchise, and it definitely won’t stop anyone from collecting them all and becoming the very best. Pokémon even after 8 Generations is still standing strong.