Game Characters That Start With B: The Best of Gaming Figures

Game Characters That Start With B

In the vibrant, immersive realm of video games, countless characters have graced our screens, filling us with thrill, joy, terror, and even heartfelt moments. Amidst the bustling crowd of these virtual legends, a distinctive group beginning with the letter “B” has etched its mark in the gaming pantheon. From the playful and innocent to the formidable and complex, the best “B” characters breathe life into their respective games, offering us unforgettable experiences and, most importantly, a reason to keep playing.

This article celebrates these iconic figures, and whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just beginning your digital journey, we invite you to dive in and explore the riveting world of game characters that start with “B.”

1. Bowser from Super Mario Series

Bowser, the iconic antagonist of the Super Mario series, stands as one of the most recognizable figures in the world of gaming. His menacing demeanor and persistent plots to kidnap Princess Peach have captivated players for generations.

Throughout the years, Bowser’s character has evolved from a simple villain to a complex figure who, despite his evil actions, occasionally shows a softer side. His relentless pursuit of power, combined with his surprising moments of vulnerability, paints a picture of a character that is more than just a one-dimensional antagonist. This depth of character, paired with his integral role in one of gaming’s most famous franchises, firmly cements Bowser as one of the best “B” game characters of all time.

2. Bayonetta from Bayonetta Series

Bold, fierce, and undeniably stylish, Bayonetta, the titular character of the Bayonetta series, has made an indelible mark on the gaming world. A witch with unimaginable powers and a distinctive fashion sense, she continues to captivate players with her unique blend of charm and ferocity.

Bayonetta’s character shatters the traditional damsel-in-distress trope prevalent in many games, and instead presents a powerful, independent woman unafraid to confront her enemies. With an enchanting storyline that explores her past and her struggle to regain her lost memories, Bayonetta offers an engrossing narrative experience. Her captivating personality and the riveting gameplay she offers make her one of the top “B” game characters.

3. Booker DeWitt from BioShock Infinite

Booker DeWitt, the troubled protagonist of BioShock Infinite, grips players with his mysterious past and his arduous quest to pay off his sins by rescuing Elizabeth from the airborne city of Columbia. As the story unfolds, the complexity of Booker’s character is slowly unraveled, and the players become immersed in his personal journey.

Booker is more than just an agent of action in the game; he’s a deeply flawed character haunted by his past actions and regret. His struggles with redemption and the consequential narrative twists inject a profound depth into his character. His multifaceted personality, combined with an engaging storyline and atmospheric gameplay, easily secures Booker DeWitt’s spot in the list of top game characters that start with “B.”

4. Big Daddy from BioShock Series

Big Daddy from BioShock

A lumbering, underwater behemoth, Big Daddy from the BioShock series represents an intimidating and intriguing presence within the dystopian depths of Rapture. More than just an enemy, Big Daddy symbolizes a tragic protector, bound to safeguard the Little Sisters, which adds an emotional layer to their otherwise fearsome appearance.

Despite their monstrosity, Big Daddies exhibit a level of empathy and protectiveness that is rare among game adversaries. They not only serve as challenging foes but also encapsulate the tragic downfall of Rapture, making them crucial to the game’s haunting atmosphere. With their distinctive design and deeply symbolic role, Big Daddies earn their place among the most memorable “B” characters in video gaming history.

5. Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII

Leader of the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE, Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII is a man on a mission to save the planet from the rapacious Shinra Electric Power Company. With his unique design – a gun grafted onto his severed arm – and his fiery personality, Barret has remained one of Final Fantasy’s most memorable characters.

Though initially presented as a tough and aggressive leader, Barret’s character undergoes significant growth throughout the game, revealing a loving father figure and a passionate defender of the planet. His journey from a rage-filled revolutionary to a compassionate protagonist is inspiring, granting him an undeniable position in our list of the best “B” game characters.

6. Bill from Left 4 Dead

Bill Overbeck, known as “Bill” in Valve’s popular Left 4 Dead series, is a grizzled Vietnam veteran who lends his combat experience and leadership to the group of survivors. His gruff exterior and practical demeanor make him an essential character in this cooperative first-person shooter game.

Bill is more than just a skilled fighter; he is a symbol of determination and sacrifice. His tenacity amidst the apocalyptic chaos and his ultimate sacrifice for his teammates reveal a character with depth, courage, and a sense of camaraderie. Bill’s resilient spirit and his dedication to his team make him a standout “B” character in gaming.

7. Bastion from Overwatch

Bastion, from the acclaimed multiplayer game Overwatch, is an automated combat robot with the ability to transform into a stationary turret. Its unique playstyle and heartwarming backstory have made it a popular choice among Overwatch players.

Bastion represents an intriguing paradox in Overwatch’s colorful roster; it is a war machine that has developed a fondness for nature and animals, notably its bird companion, Ganymede. This unusual combination of high-powered combat capabilities and an endearing, almost childlike curiosity makes Bastion a truly distinctive character in the gaming world, securing its place among the best “B” characters.

8. Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie Series

Banjo, the honey bear half of the titular duo from the Banjo-Kazooie series, is a charismatic character known for his courage, loyalty, and mild-mannered humor. His quest to save his little sister Tooty from the evil witch Gruntilda has resonated with many players, making the series a favorite among platforming game enthusiasts.

Despite facing numerous obstacles, Banjo never loses his optimistic and jovial spirit. His character has not only delighted players with his brave adventures but has also drawn them into a colorful and engaging world teeming with creativity. Banjo’s fun personality, coupled with his memorable platforming adventures, earns him a firm spot on this list.

9. Brick from Borderlands Series

Brick from Borderlands

A towering mountain of muscle, Brick from the Borderlands series, delivers a power-packed performance that leaves a lasting impression. As one of the original Vault Hunters, his raw physical strength and berserk combat style have gained him a special place in the hearts of Borderlands’ fans.

While Brick may come across as the stereotypical bruiser, he also possesses a softer side, especially seen in his bond with his pet skag, a creature from the game. His unique blend of brute force and unexpected tenderness provides an interesting contrast that adds depth to his character, solidifying Brick’s position as one of the best “B” characters in gaming.

10. Bullseye from Twisted Pixel Games

The digital horse, Bullseye, from the Twisted Pixel games, offers a humorous and delightful gaming experience. In the game Comic Jumper, Bullseye serves as the main character’s trusty steed, providing players with memorable moments of comic relief.

Bullseye’s charm lies in his amusing personality and his unforgettable dialogues. As an entertaining sidekick, Bullseye helps to lighten the overall tone of the game, creating an engaging and fun gaming environment. This combination of comic elements and his role in the game’s narrative easily earns Bullseye a spot on our list of the top “B” characters in video games.

11. Baird, Damon from Gears of War Series

Damon Baird from the Gears of War series stands out with his brilliant intellect and sarcastic humor amidst a gritty war-torn world. As the chief engineer of the Delta Squad, Baird’s technical prowess and tactical ingenuity have helped the team out of many tight spots.

Baird’s character breaks the mold of the typical muscular, gung-ho soldier prevalent in many shooter games. His wit, pragmatism, and occasional cynicism add a unique flavor to the team dynamic, making him a favorite among Gears of War fans. Baird’s standout character traits and indispensable role in the Delta Squad secure his position in the list of the top “B” characters in gaming.

12. Bonnie MacFarlane from Red Dead Redemption

Bonnie MacFarlane from Red Dead Redemption is a strong, independent rancher whose resourcefulness and spirit captivate players. As one of the first characters the protagonist, John Marston, encounters, Bonnie’s warm-heartedness, toughness, and courage play an essential role in the game’s narrative.


Game Characters That Start With A: The Best of Gaming Figures

Despite the hard-bitten reality of the Wild West, Bonnie maintains her strong moral compass and fierce independence, becoming a symbol of resilience and determination. Her character adds a unique perspective to the rugged frontier landscape, representing a progressive image of womanhood in a typically male-dominated setting. These admirable traits rightfully place Bonnie MacFarlane among the best “B” game characters.

13. Boomer from Left 4 Dead Series

Boomer, an iconic Infected character from the Left 4 Dead series, is known for its grotesque appearance and unique abilities. With the power to blind survivors temporarily and summon hordes of zombies, the Boomer presents a unique challenge for players.

Despite being a foe, the Boomer’s interesting mechanics and design make it a memorable character in the game. Its distinctive bellow and explosive demise make every encounter with a Boomer a tense and exciting experience. This combination of challenging gameplay and memorable design makes the Boomer one of the standout “B” characters in video games.

14. Bubsy from Bubsy Series

Bubsy from Bubsy Series

Bubsy the bobcat, from the self-titled Bubsy series, is a character known for his enthusiastic personality and catchphrases. As a platform game protagonist, Bubsy’s adventures in fighting aliens and exploring various worlds offer an enjoyable gaming experience.

While the Bubsy series has had its ups and downs, there’s no denying the charm of its leading bobcat. Bubsy’s quirky one-liners and his upbeat attitude add a light-hearted, humorous flavor to his games. Despite the series’ mixed reception, Bubsy’s unique persona cements his place among notable “B” game characters.

15. Balder from Bayonetta Series

Balder, also known as Father Balder, is a captivating figure in the Bayonetta series. As one of the main antagonists in the original game and a key figure in its sequel, Balder’s intriguing character arc takes players on an emotional roller coaster.

Father Balder showcases a complex interplay of good and evil. His desire to resurrect the Creator has him commit horrific acts, but the sequel reveals more sympathetic aspects of his character, offering players a fresh perspective. This duality, paired with his influential role in the Bayonetta series, validates Balder’s inclusion in our top “B” character list.

16. Blanka from Street Fighter Series

Blanka, the green-skinned fighter from the Street Fighter series, stands out with his unusual appearance and distinctive fighting style. With his ability to generate electricity and his ferocious attacks, Blanka has remained a popular choice among Street Fighter fans.

Blanka’s unique appeal goes beyond his combat abilities. Despite his savage exterior, he possesses a kind and innocent heart, depicting the intriguing contrast between his primal instincts and his innate goodness. This blend of powerful gameplay and profound characterization makes Blanka an iconic “B” character in the world of gaming.

17. Bridget from Guilty Gear Series

Bridget, from the Guilty Gear series, is a fighter known for his unconventional weapon choice – a yo-yo – and his unique backstory. Raised as a girl due to superstitious village beliefs, Bridget’s identity challenges traditional character designs and norms in gaming.

Bridget’s character stands out not only for his unique fighting style but also for his determination to prove himself. His quest for recognition and acceptance, coupled with his distinctive fighting technique, brings an innovative edge to the Guilty Gear roster. This unique identity and compelling backstory firmly place Bridget on the list of memorable “B” game characters.

18. Beat from Jet Set Radio Series

 Beat from Jet Set Radio Series

Beat, the protagonist of the Jet Set Radio series, is a rebellious roller-blader who leaves an indelible mark on the player with his free-spirited attitude and vibrant graffiti. His character symbolizes youth culture, resistance, and freedom, themes that are central to the game’s narrative and aesthetics.

Beat isn’t just a dynamic game character; he’s also a symbol of the rebellious spirit that defines the game itself. His daring moves and distinctive style, coupled with his embodiment of youth rebellion, make Beat an iconic “B” character in the world of gaming, transcending the game’s cult status to become a recognizable figure in popular culture.

19. Baby Mario from Super Mario Series

Baby Mario, a younger version of the world-renowned Nintendo mascot Mario, has captured hearts with his adorable appearance and lively antics. First appearing in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, Baby Mario’s inclusion added a new dimension to the classic franchise, endearing him to fans.

Although not as physically capable as his grown-up counterpart, Baby Mario represents the same courage and determination that define Mario. His charm lies in his innocent appearance and the innovative gameplay mechanics his character introduces. His enduring popularity within the expansive Mario franchise solidifies Baby Mario’s position as a top “B” game character.

20. Bokoblin from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Bokoblins, the goblin-like creatures from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, are notorious for their relentless pursuit of Link, the game’s protagonist. These creatures, though often seen as adversaries, add a unique charm to the immersive world of Hyrule.

Despite their status as common enemies, Bokoblins are designed with a range of behaviors that bring the game world to life. They hunt, cook, sleep, and even interact with each other, giving them a depth not commonly seen in video game antagonists. This attention to detail, along with their unforgettable design, makes the Bokoblin a memorable “B” character in gaming.