God Eater Manga: The Complete Reading Order 

God Eater Manga: The Complete Reading Order 

People are often confused with the God Eater Manga if they’re first experience with the franchise in the anime. God Eater was originally a PlayStation action RPG released by Namco Bandai Games. It grew in popularity that it eventually released its first manga series and then eventually an anime adaptation.

While the manga story seems somewhat disconnected, they all fall into place eventually. I would recommend reading the manga based on their release order instead of figuring out the chronological order of the stories. If you read it by its release order, it’s easier to figure out where everything goes as you read on.

The manga is written from different points of view from a variety of characters you would have met either in the game or the anime. This is why many people get confused about which manga to read first. This article contains a list of the released mangas by the God Eater franchise in the order that it is easiest to understand.

God Eater: The Return of the Messiah

God Eater Manga: The Complete Reading Order 

God Eater: The Return of the Messiah is the first God Eater manga released for the God Eater Franchise. The manga was illustrated by Eiji Karasuyama and published by Sounene Rivals. In the timeline, the events of God Eater: The Return of the Messiah happens one year after God Eater Burst and takes place in Fenrir America Branch.

In the year 2072, monsters called the Aragami suddenly appeared on earth and eventually preyed on human beings. Their appearance caused a severe drop in the human population, and human life on earth would most likely end in the following number of years. However, some brave individuals decided to stand up against the Aragami using weapons called God Arc. The story revolves around a specific God Eater named Silva Orcride, who battles the Aragami to restore human hope once again.

God Eater: The Spiral Fate

God Eater Manga: The Complete Reading Order 

This manga offers a different reality, this time through the eyes of Ryo Kagami. The setting of this manga happens in 2071, when the leader of the Far East Brach’s 1st Unit of the God Eaters, Ryo, travels to Japan from Finland.

Unlike the other manga, The Spiral fate is not considered “canon.” While the characters do show up in other canon media, they can be regarded as alternate selves to this version of themselves in the manga. In a way, Ryo could also be considered the first protagonist if this manga was considered canon.

God Eater: The Summer Wars

God Eater Manga: The Complete Reading Order 

This manga has a different illustrator. The Summer Wars is illustrated by Okiura and was published under Fujimi Shobo. In the manga, Alisa Llinichina Amiella starts to feel respect for the 1st Unit Leader, Yuu Kannagi. Both of them are later sent to Aegis Island for a protection mission.

God Eater: – the 2nd Break-

God Eater Manga: The Complete Reading Order 

This manga is illustrated by Ikumi Katagiri and published by Deneki Maoh. The Second Break serves as a prequel manga to the God Eater 2 manga. The story focuses on its three main characters, Alissa Amiella, Soma Schicksal, and Kota Fikiki, prior to the happenings of God Eater 2. The story also ties with the light novel God Eater: Those Who Break Taboo by including the light novel’s deuteragonist. Marguerite Claverie in the first parts of the manga.

God Eater 2

God Eater Manga: The Complete Reading Order 

God Eater 2 is patterned after a video game of the same name, so if you’d like to figure out the side stories leading up to God Eater 2, you should read God Eater: – the 2nd Break-. While the game provides a bit of lore, if you’re a hardcore fan interested in the God Eater world’s stories, then the manga is said to expand on more things, even beyond what was provided by the game.

In God Eater 2, we view the world through the eyes of a new protagonist, Hiro Kamui, who is a new recruit in the Blood Unit. The unit’s goal is to put a halt to the Black Plague that has been spreading.

God Eater 2: Undercover

God Eater Manga: The Complete Reading Order 

God Eater 2: Undercover is part of the God Eater 2 continuity and is said to occur after God Eater -The 2nd Break-. The story looks at Yuu Kannagi, who is now a member of Cradle and works independently. It follows his journey with a few characters right before the events of God Eater 2. 

Other notable characters in this manga are Lindow Amamiya, a former 1st Unit Leader, Tsubaki Amamiya, one of the first few God Eaters, Kota Fujiki, Sakuya Tachibana, and Doctor Paylor Sakaki.

God Eater: -Side by Side-

God Eater Manga: The Complete Reading Order 

If you read the manga according to their chronological order, God Eater: Side by Side is supposed to be the first in the manga series. However, the manga didn’t hit the shelves till April 27th, 2015, as part of Japan’s Dengeki Maoh magazine. The manga revolves around Tatsumi O’Mori and Marco Donath, the former 2nd Unit leader.

Other characters include Brendan Bardell, Shun Ogawa, Karel Schneider, and Gina Dickinson.

Chibi God Eater

God Eater Manga: The Complete Reading Order 

Aside from the more serious side of God Eater, the franchise has also provided us with a manga that focuses on the comical aspect of the series called Chibi God Eater or Chibi God Eater: God Eater-Side Story-. It’s a comedy manga featuring the characters of God Eater in the chibi anime style.

The manga is considered a spin-off from the main God Eater series and is illustrated by S. Kosugi and published by ASCII Media Works. This is a nonessential manga that can be read at any point you decide to read it. 

However, since there are some references that point to God Eater 2, it’s best to finish that manga before starting this one. The manga is actually a comical portrayal of the manga of God Eater 2 that revolves around the adventures of Hiro Kamui and the Blood Unit.

God Eater 2: Anagura Recipe

God Eater Manga: The Complete Reading Order 

Anagura Recipe is another spin-off manga of the God Eater 2 manga but with art made by Shiroishi Kotoni. The manga was serialized in Dengeki Maoh and was eventually released under Dengeki Comics Next. Instead of the serious fights we are used to in God Eater, Anagura Recipe features heartwarming stories revolving around the food of the god machine users.