Hellsing Vs. Hellsing Ultimate: 7 Main Differences

Hellsing V Hellsing Ultimate: 7 Main Differences

Hellsing, the Manga series rose to fame because of its exciting twists and unique characters. The horror manga takes us into the life of the Hellsing family, who tries to eliminate the undead that threatens the country. When the Hellsing Ultimate was released, everyone couldn’t help but compare it to the original series.

One significant difference between both series is the storyline. While Hellsing could only work with half of the manga script, Hellsing Ultimate had almost the whole plot. They also differ in animation and production dates. 

This article identifies the differences between the Hellsing original and the OVA series. Here, you’ll learn why the Hellsing Ultimate is a much better choice.

Hellsing Vs Hellsing Ultimate: The Differences

The differences between both series are apparent. It’s evident that both follow a similar plot; still, several things made them world apart.


The distinction between the graphics of both series is easily understandable. Unfortunately, the original Hellsing was produced between 2001-2002 when technology was nowhere close to what we have presently. 

The OVA came at a later time between 2006 and 2012. Though the graphics aren’t still as fantastic as modern-day anime, it’s still better than the original.

General Plot

It’s a known fact that both series follow the same storyline. However, the original anime does not follow the original script to the end. During the time of its production, the manga was not complete. 

As a result, Hellsing’s original producer had to make do with the available parts of the manga. Out of its 13 episodes, 6 are fillers. This means that they are derivatives, and their storyline is not included in the original manga,

Its filler content got it a filler ratio of 46%, a considerably higher mark than most off scripts works. Nonetheless, fans tend to skip this series, preferring the more recent version to the former. 

Ultimate followed the original plot and had extensive material for their animation. The manga was still not complete but was closer to the end. As a result, its producers had better luck with crafting an end. Unlike the original 13 episodes, the Ultimate had only ten episodes.

Aside from this, the most visible difference is their ending. Hellsing did an excellent job with their filler episodes but couldn’t capture the same ideas as Hellsing Ultimate did. As a result, there were significant differences in their ending.  


The theme songs of anime might not draw much attention, but they’re one of the significant differences between both series. Fans of the series can agree that Hellsing has far better soundtracks than the OVA series. This doesn’t imply that the Ultimate has good soundtracks; the original is more memorable. 

Animation Style

The original Hellsing placed more focus on the storyline than minor details. On the other hand, The Ultimate improved their animation style and added class to their characters. 

However, this change didn’t affect the character’s origins. In other words, characters from both series are pretty much the same, with differences in their finesse.

Violence Level

One of the obvious differences between both series is the violence involved. Unlike the OVA, the initial Hellsing has to make the violence bearable, much to the chagrin of anime fans. 

One of their reasons is that it was a TV production and had to be a healthy watch for younger people. However, its gentle approach to horror only dampened the watcher’s interest, making it less preferable to other Hellsing adaptations.

The Villains

One of the highlights in the anime series is Alucard’s episodes with his rivals. The exchange between protagonist and antagonists was not only mind-blowing but creative.

Both series placed Alucard in the position where he had to face powerful villains. However, the main villains differed in both.

In Hellsing, Alucard had to face Incognito, an undead being who enjoys challenging Alucard. This villain’s identity is unique as he possesses powers that match Alucard’s. As a result, Alucard had to go the extra mile to defeat him.

In the OVA series, Alucard is faced with two rivals – Alexander Anderson and The Major. Both are like the human versions of Alucard, and they take pleasure in slaughtering characters. Nonetheless, Alucard can take them on easily because of his vampire nature.

The Millenium

The Millenium is a group of undead Nazi soldiers. These vampires are bent on waging war on the world. Due to their nonexistence in the original series, you can easily identify them in the ultimate.

Instead of Millenium, the initial anime introduces an unnamed conspiracy that creates several vampires in their quest to summon Sett, an old demon.

Is Hellsing Ultimate a Remake of the Original Hellsing?

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing is not a remake of the first production. Instead, both are different productions from different developers.

The original series had 13 episodes and aired in 2001. Chiaki J. Konaka handled the scriptwriting while Umanosuke Ilda and Urata Yasunori directed the anime. Gonzo produced the final version.

Hellsing ultimate on the hand is an Original Video Animation (OVA) of Geneon entertainment production house. Three different studios handled the animation. Satelight designed the first four episodes, Madhouse, episodes five to seven, and Studio Graphinica, eight to ten.

Combining these works made the animation an artwork as each added their unique touch to the characters.

Hellsing Vs. Hellsing Ultimate: Which Is Better?

There is no doubt that Hellsing Ultimate is better than Hellsing in terms of animation and plot. Hellsing is undoubtedly a creative production, but it can’t be compared to the ultimate. Aside from being complete, Hellsing ultimate has better visuals than its counterpart.

Which of the Anime Series Should I Watch First?

First, I recommend watching both series to identify the differences for yourself. However, deciding which series to watch first is up to you. 

Since the original Hellsing was produced earlier, you might not be too impressed with the graphics. As a result, you might want to watch the Hellsing Ultimate first. However, from another angle, if you prefer to save the best for later, then the original Hellsing should be your first watch.