Hinata Vs. Sakura: Who Wins in a Fight?

Hinata Vs Sakura

The Naruto franchise has treated us with some of the best combat matches in anime history. We didn’t just get to see Naruto overcome powerful opponents, but we also got a handful of friendly battles in the series. For a dream matchup, fans want to see who is the better fighter between Sakura and Hinata.

Sakura will win in a fight against Hinata because, in the New Era, Sakura is put in a position where she still has to use her skills even during peaceful times. So, unlike Hinata who doesn’t fight as much in Boruto, her skills are constantly being practiced and improved.

But that doesn’t mean Hinata would be a bad matchup for Sakura. In fact, it’s this fantasy matchup among the girls that might be the most interesting to watch. Especially if  these two fight while they were both active during the events of Shippuden.

Why Would Sakura Win in Boruto?

Sakura in Boruto

The matchup is really set on who manages to make the first blow. Sakura is superior when it comes to strength and has the ability to heal herself. Meanwhile, Hinata is an expert in Taijutsu and can block an opponent’s chakra. 

This would mean Sakura will have to watch herself and make sure she isn’t rendered useless. Hinata cannot take too many blows from Sakura since the latter’s chakra-filled punches may be too powerful for her to withstand.

During the New Era, Sakura is still in pretty good shape. She also participates in training new ninjas and actively teaches Sarada. Hinata still knows how to fight but isn’t polishing her skills due to her responsibilities as a mother to two growing kids.

It also seems that Hinata doesn’t actively train her kids to fight. Instead, she seems comfortable with the role of being a housewife and will only use her skills as a kunoichi when necessary. Due to this, her skills might have dulled a bit after the 4th Shinobi War.

Who Would Win in Shippuden?

Hinata in Shippuden

Through some aspects, it looks like Sakura would still win against Hinata. Both kunoichis are at their prime during this era and have shown tremendous strength and growth from the first series. Hinata was said to be as powerful as Neji by the time Shippuden aired.

While Hinata’s mastery of Taijutsu is undoubtedly superior to Sakura’s, the medical-nin’s Speed and Power triumphs the Byakugan user’s. Let’s not forget Sakura can also use her punches through other means. She doesn’t need to hit a person directly to cause damage. Sakura can punch the ground using her cherry blossom Impact.

Punching the ground creates an area attack affecting all targets near her. It could cause the targets to have damage or lose their footing. This creates a perfect opportunity for Sakura to get up close and deliver one strong blow to Hinata.

While Hinata is shown to be seemingly fast in the anime and manga, the Naruto Databooks say otherwise. Also, there is no way for Hinata to successfully parry blows as strong as Sakura’s.

Hinata can win if she manages to dodge everything thrown at her and block Sakura’s chakra flow to disable her from using her techniques. This will cause Sakura and Hinata to have a full Taijutsu match. While Sakura still has superior speed, it would be a must-watch faceoff with Hinata’s Gentle Fist.

According to the Naruto: The Official Character Data Books, Who Is Superior?

Naruto The Official Character Data Book

According to the recent Naruto: Official Character Data Book, Sakura is stronger with a full score of 26 in Boruto, meanwhile Hinata’s score tally is 21.5. But let’s get more details about the scores. Here I’ll compare the Official Character Data Books of the original series, to Boruto’s.

For ninjutsu, the two are equal by the New Era with a 3. However, Sakura beats Hinata’s Ninjutsu skills during Shippuden with a 2. If you think about it, Hinata hardly uses Ninjutsu skills in her fighting style, to begin with.

Meanwhile, for all generations, Hinata manages to beat Sakura when it comes to Taijutsu. The gap was significant for the first two seasons, but by the time Boruto airs, she only beats Sakura by a small margin.

Hinata hardly uses Genjutsu when she fights, but Sakura is shown to be proficient with it. Therefore, Sakura wins in terms of having a higher score for Genjutsu. Hinata manages to learn a bit by the third season as her Genjutsu score has shown significant improvement compared to the first two seasons.

When it comes to Intelligence, you all know Sakura pawns even Sasuke in this area. Sakura has been smart and analytical since her time in the academy. Even during the Chunin exam, she was the only Genin who could pass the written portion without the need to cheat.

Even with all the knowledge gained from previous missions, Hinata still can’t compete with Sakura in a battle of the brains. By the third season, Hinata is only a step behind Sakura regarding Intelligence.

At the start of Naruto, Hinata may have come off as the stronger female Genin, especially when it came to just raw strength. All that changed when Tsunade became Sakura’s mentor later. In the first databook, Hinata manages to beat Sakura in strength.

But Sakura catches up to Hinata and manages to surpass her when the New Era begins. Here, strength refers to their basic physical strength and not their strength powered by chakra. You would know Sakura can send Hinata flying with a single punch.

I’ve already mentioned it before, but even with  Hinata’s superior Taijutsu skills, Sakura still beats her when it comes to speed. So even if Hinata tries to block Sakura’s chakra flow, the pink-haired ninja would still be able to dodge the attacks. How good she is at evading shines during the fight against Sasori in Shippuden.

Another thing to look at is their Stamina in battle, Hinata was shown to have greater endurance in fighting in the first season, but the two of them were at par with one another during the second season. By the time Boruto aired, Sakura eventually surpassed Hinata, probably since she is still very active with the academy.

When it comes to Hand Seals, Sakura has more use for them than Hinata, causing her to master more of them than the latter. This is because Hand Seals are mainly used for ninjutsu and genjutsu, two technique types that Hinata barely uses in battle.

So in most aspects, Sakura is already stronger than Hinata by a considerable margin. So in an actual fight, she stands more of a chance of winning against Hinata. But these are just based on their statistics. Fans have seen several ninjas overcome opponents stronger than them in the past. But as for right now, I don’t think the two would even want a friendly match against the other to find out.

Undoubtedly, these two kunoichis are one of the strongest in Naruto. That might have been why their husbands also chose them. While these two aren’t given much of a spotlight in the new season, this won’t stop fans from wanting to see more of them in the future.

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