How to Properly Display Your Replica Lightsaber Collection: Tips for Creating an Epic Star Wars Shrine

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Starting a Star Wars lightsaber replicas collection can be very exciting and satisfying, especially when you stand back and look at those prized possessions with a sense of wonder. You’re basically re-living fond Star Wars memories each time you look at or touch your replica lightsaber collection.

If the idea of creating an epic Star Wars shrine with replica lightsabers is something that appeals to you, then you need to keep reading for tips on how to get started.

Planning the Collection

There are so many fun props and Star Wars collectibles (several types and models of replica lightsabers) on the market today that it becomes very easy for collectors (even the most experienced ones) to get carried away. So, to avoid getting carried away before your collection even starts, some planning is necessary.

For example, before you purchase your very first replica lightsaber, think of the expanse of the collection, where you can acquire the items from, how you plan on displaying them if there will be a specific focus on a certain item, and even your budget. Writing down a plan of action and sticking to it will help you avoid getting sidetracked and ruining your entire collection.

Getting Realistic Replica Lightsabers

In order for your replica lightsaber collection to be as epic as you want it to be, you need to focus on getting top-quality and realistic replica lightsabers. You can make the collection specific by gathering replica lightsabers from a specific Star Wars character or movie.

You can also diversify by getting replica lightsabers that serve different purposes. For example, your collection could include replica lightsabers for display, cosplay, and dueling. Adding a custom lightsaber is also a good idea.

Regardless of the theme you choose to go for with your collection, just make sure your replica lightsabers are of the best quality with must-have features like; a well-designed and strong hilt (metal or plastic), a good quality mid-grade or heavy-grade polycarbonate blade, blade lights, colour-changing features, motion-sensitive sound effects (with movie-accurate sounds), and a power source.

As for where you can purchase realistic replica lightsabers, there are several options available. You can get them from online lightsaber stores like Padawan Outpost and Neo Sabers.

Organising and Displaying Your Collection

As a Star Wars faithful, having a full collection of replica lightsabers is a huge flex, so it would make absolutely no sense for you to keep them in some hidden place. Lightsabers are such unique items that they deserve to be displayed and shown off. Displaying your replica lightsabers either in your drawing room, living room, or along the hallway can also serve as a way to add a touch of elegance to your home.

Some of the best ways you can display replica lightsabers are;

Lightsaber Wall Mount – This is an accessory used for fixing a lightsaber on the wall. They come in different styles, and depending on your preference, you can choose to use these mounts to display your lightsabers on various walls around your house.

Lightsaber Stand- this is a very simple and common way of displaying replica lightsabers. To make the display more elegant and unique, you can choose an attractive stand that complements the overall theme of your Star Wars collection. Of course, you will need to place the stand in a noticeable place for people to be able to see it.

Lightsaber Display box – this is another beautiful accessory for displaying your replica lightsaber. It also provides good protection and storage for the saber.

Caring for Your Collection

In order for your replica lightsabers to remain valuable and maintain their pristine condition for optimal viewing pleasure, you will need to regularly dust and clean them. While doing this, be sure to avoid harsh chemicals and never submerge any replica lightsaber in water in an effort to clean it. Stick to carefully dusting them before wiping them down with a soft cloth.


Starting a lightsaber collection can be a great way for you to show your love and dedication to the Star Wars franchise. However, the quality of the replica lightsabers and how you display them can make or break your collection, so it is important that you carefully consider each and every replica before purchasing it.