Is Hinata Dead? (& How Did She Die?)

Is Hinata Dead? (& How Did She Die?)

Naruto is among the most popular anime series worldwide, and even non-anime enthusiasts know the name. It has many memorable characters, with some leading the show like Hinata. However, since Naruto follows the theme of most anime killing off key characters, you may have asked if Hinata is dead?

Hinata does not die in Naruto Shippuden, and she is still alive in Boruto – the Naruto spinoff. Hinata lives long enough to marry Naruto and bear two children in both the manga and the anime. Although there are hints of her death in Boruto, it is yet to happen.

This article considers the extent of Hinata’s vision and if she is dead in the series. I also discuss the number of times Hinata has come close to dying.

Did Hinata Really Die?

Is Hinata Dead? (& How Did She Die?)

Naruto is the Shonen story with the heaviest emotional impact over the years. From killing off legendary master Jiraiya to the death of Nagato, there are so many scenes that make fans cry. With Hinata being a less impactful character than the two mentioned above, killing her off wouldn’t be a big deal.

Contrary to most fans’ expectations, Hinata didn’t die in the Naruto storyline and hadn’t died in Boruto either. Instead, she got married to the titular protagonist, Naruto, and they both have two kids together: Himawari and Boruto.

With the current happenings in the Boruto anime, it seems like Hinata will be around for much longer than fans thought. Most of the decisions in her adult life are safe ones that will likely keep her alive for much longer.

For instance, Hinata retired from active Shinobi service after her marriage to Naruto. Since most ninjas die on missions, retiring will make it unlikely for her to die on a mission like Jiraiya.

Also, her marriage to the strongest human character in the series is another reason why she’s unlikely to die early. Since Naruto prioritizes the lives of others over his, he’ll be available anytime his wife is in danger.

Whether Hinata will die is still a mystery, even though many fans have speculations and theories that she dies in Boruto. Some even claim that they have confirmed her fate in the ongoing Boruto. However, contrary to these theories, Hinata still lives in the present timeline.

However, with the progression of the story, Hinata will likely die eventually. With the first manga panel of Boruto suggesting that Naruto was killed, the chances of Hinata being alive are slim. 

Why do people ask about Hinata’s death?

Is Hinata Dead? (& How Did She Die?)

Hinata has had many near-death experiences, and the one in episode 168 raises this question the most. In Naruto Shippuden episode 168, Hinata faces Pain to protect Naruto while Pain pins him down. Finally, pain stabs her, rendering her unconscious and leading Naruto to believe she is dead.

Ultimately, Sakura takes her away and heals her. Many people who perished in that episode were resurrected, but Hinata wasn’t one of them because she lived. Fans also speculate and conclude about her death for two more reasons:

Boruto’s Opening Scene

You may have seen the flash-forward scene at the beginning of Boruto. In the first scene from the Boruto anime, a glimpse of the future features an older Boruto Uzumaki. He faces off with Kawaki, Naruto’s adopted son, during Konoha’s destruction.

Neither Naruto nor Sasuke is present during the fight, and the future is dark. This leads people to believe that Naruto is dead, and Hinata by extension.

Masashi Kishimoto’s Interview

Is Hinata Dead? (& How Did She Die?)

An interview by the creator and writer Masashi Kishimoto: the manga writer said that either Hinata or Naruto would be featured in Boruto. Fans certainly got to work speculating that it would be Hinata if anyone died because Naruto is too important to die.

The most popular suggestion of how she dies is that she “disappears” with Naruto while defending Boruto. A fast-rising second is that she dies while protecting Naruto and Boruto during Konoha’s destruction.

Nevertheless, no one has a clue about Kishimoto’s plans for his characters, so it’s just speculation at this point. Consequently, if she dies in Boruto, it might be a significant character growth trigger for Boruto Uzumaki.

Untrue Fanfictions

Many untrue fanfictions suggest that Hinata died during the events of Boruto. If you read too many light novels and fanfictions, you might have come across the idea of a dead Hinata.

However, diehard fans are aware of the fact that fanfictions aren’t canon to the Boruto anime or manga. It doesn’t matter what you read on Reddit or Quora; as long as it wasn’t confirmed by Kishimoto, it’s still the writer’s opinion.

How Many Times Has Hinata Come Close to Dying?

Hinata was expected to be a shinobi as a member of the Hyuga clan. Her ninja status constantly put her in dangerous situations, and her gentle nature didn’t help much. However, Hinata’s fierce loyalty, kindness, and selflessness had her refusing to back down even in the face of certain death.

As an intelligent person who sometimes went with her heart instead of her head, here are some situations that brought Hinata close to death:

The Hyuga Affair

Is Hinata Dead? (& How Did She Die?)

When Hinata was three years old, Kumogakure and Konohagakure met to work out a peace deal to end their war. Unfortunately, the ninja came under the guise of peace to steal the power of the Byakugan, and they attempted to kidnap Hinata.

Her father saved her from the enemy ninja before any harm came to her. They would have killed her to harvest and study her eyes if the attempt were successful.

Her fight with Neji during the Chunin Exams

Hinata’s genius cousin Neji faced her during the Chunin Exams, where they almost fought to the death. While many people wanted her to withdraw from the match, her determination and encouragement from Naruto pushed her ahead.

She was no match for Neji and fought until she couldn’t stand. Unfortunately, the fight turned deadly at some point, and her organs sustained severe injuries. 

Hinata also uses herself as a human shield to protect Naruto on several occasions, including the Fourth Shinobi World War. She is willing to sacrifice herself for those she loves, and the extent of her loyalty makes her a fan favorite.

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