Naruto Vs Luffy: Who Would Win?

Naruto Vs Luffy: Who Would Win?

M.D Luffy and Naruto Uzumaki are two dominating winners in the popular shonen manga series. Through their separate journeys, they emerge as heroes in their universes. So it’s often wondered who’d emerge a winner if a fight is staged for these two icons?

It’s unfair to compare anime characters from different universes, but Naruto wins this fight. While Naruto was battling god-level aliens from other galaxies, Luffy’s feats don’t come close. So unless the fight is between kid Naruto and Luffy, it would be one-sided.

Naruto rose from a lowlife orphan to fathering a child and becoming a Hokage. While Luffy transformed from a young foodie to one of the toughest sea pirates. Let’s explore their combat skills and the advantage one could have over the other given different scenarios.

Why Would Naruto Beat Luffy in a Combat?

1. Naruto Commands More Influence

Naruto Vs Luffy: Who Would Win?

I don’t deny the obvious truth that Luffy is quite an attractive young man. It doesn’t take him much to warm his way into people’s hearts wherever he is. Yet, Naruto commanded the attention of a whole continent and even influenced their views to favor him.

At first, it seemed Naruto’s clownish attitude earned him much disapproval from residents of Konoha. However, following the Pain invasion where Naruto saved the day, he started to earn the respect he craved. As a result, the villagers supported him until he was appointed to lead as the Hokage. 

By the time he emerged champion in the fourth Ninja war, Naruto had won the approval of the entire continent. While I don’t doubt that Luffy can attain this level of respect, the mere fact that he’s a pirate made people dislike him.

2. Naruto Has His Punching Game On

This one time, Luffy threw breathtaking punches at a man named Dragon. On the other hand, Naruto dealt severe blows on numerous occasions to human and supernatural beings alike. Luffy can stand up to one or many human fighters, but he doesn’t emerge the winner all the time.

Naruto has his losses, but compared to Luffy, he’s more capable of staging a victorious comeback battle. Remember when he fought and smashed enemies like Sasuke, Pain, and even immortal Kaguya? Naruto finds a way to win his battles, even if it means playing tricks to throw his opponent off balance.

His resilience and combat skills are unique and difficult to overcome.

3. Naruto Possesses Diverse Power Sources

Naruto Vs Luffy: Who Would Win?

For a natural fighter, Naruto is tough and almost unbeatable. With amps from Kurama and his Six Paths Sage Mode, Luffy’s skills are doomed. Even with multiple weapons to help, Luffy’s strength doesn’t come close to Naruto’s power level.

When he experiences a chakra surge, Naruto can wreak havoc with one swift hand motion. That’s the exact thing he did in his last fight against Sasuke. 

One move sent everything crumbling several miles from them. This is different from the native hand combats Luffy is familiar with.

4. Multiple Dimensioned Combat Skills

Naruto has an advantage over Luffy in a fight because Luffy fights with just his physical body. From afar, he can employ diverse techniques and activate close-quarter styles like the Rasengan. 

Naruto also has a signature wind-style Jutsu called the Rasenshuriken, which he created by altering the Rasengan. This weapon is fashioned from chakra and helps Naruto fight without coming close to his enemy, unlike Luffy. 

Naruto has an extra winning strategy for fighting alongside his shadow clones. He can choose to stage behind, allowing his clones to engage one-on-one with Luffy. That’s an excellent technique that provides him with accurate range. 

5. Naruto’s Aqua Advantage

Naruto Vs Luffy: Who Would Win?

Luffy is a sea pirate without a single water combat experience which stands as a major flaw. So much for eating the devil’s fruit, huh? Meanwhile, a required skill for shinobis in Naruto’s world is practicing walking on water while utilizing their chakra.

It’ll only take one of Naruto’s tricks to lure Luffy close to water and sink him bottom deep. If that happens, the game is over because Luffy can’t swim. Naruto makes steady improvement because he’s quick to adapt to new skills, and many of them involve water-based combat.

With Naruto’s knowledge of all five chakra natures, he can create a makeshift river with the help of Isobu. Thanks to his monstrous chakra levels, that should be enough to turn the fight in his favor.

Why Would Luffy Beat Naruto in a Fight ?

1. Luffy for the Food!

Naruto Vs Luffy: Who Would Win?

While Naruto has the advantage with conventional fights, food fights exist in the anime world too. With Luffy being a natural glutton, the would-be winner in a hypothetical food fight is pretty obvious. 

Luffy’s ability to control and stretch his appetite as he pleases makes him undefeatable in a food fight with Naruto. To begin with, the voracious award in Naruto’s village belongs to his wife Hinata and not to him. 

The only two Naruto characters with a chance of defeating Luffy in a food fight are Hinata and Choji. Luffy will have an upper hand in a hypothetical fight unless both of these characters team-up.

2. Luffy Fights Without Hands

It’ll be difficult for a Naruto ninja to employ any technique aside from Taijutsu without using their hands. This implies that Naruto would most likely be unable to perform his Rasengan or his major Ninjutsu of shadow clones. However, once Luffy is able to cut off Naruto’s arms, the odds could be in his favour.

On the other hand, Luffy can fight without using his hands. Once, his hands were glued inside a wax binding, but he still fought without stress. He could do that because Luffy’s powers don’t demand that he perform any specific hand motions, unlike most Jutsu.

Luffy could have a chance if Naruto refrained from using Kurama if they were to engage in a no-hands battle.

3. Luffy Defend’s Better

Naruto Vs Luffy: Who Would Win?

Naruto is a better offensive fighter. The best he’s ever done is to heal from sustained blows using his chakra. Personal defense tactics don’t seem to be a big part of his arsenal. 

However, Luffy has a strong defense game. With his rubber-coated body (much thanks to the gummy fruit), he’s able to endure several baton hits. 

Most of Naruto’s combat moves like his Rasengan and Rasenshuriken involve hand swings and no exchange of blows. Luffy’s tough childhood, however, prepared him to withstand blows even on the chin without many side effects.

If Naruto could refrain from using Kurama’s amps and frog sage mode kata, the win is Luffy’s. Otherwise, those amps defend him naturally, covering up for his defensive flaws.

4. Luffy’s Tough Childhood Training

Naruto Vs Luffy: Who Would Win?

Naruto’s powers were implanted post-birth by the nine-tailed fox demon, and he began effective training at age 12. On the contrary, Luffy began vigorous training at about eight years old and was fed with gummy fruit.

Luffy was also made to grow with bandits because his grandpa didn’t want him to be a pirate. As a result, he got into many difficult situations, which made him stronger and tougher. One of those scenarios was his encounter with Porchemy, who tortured him to gain information.

In the end, the torture appeared to be a failed attempt. Still, it made Luffy a stronger character and enhanced his stamina. If untrained kid Naruto and Luffy were to fight, Luffy would have the upper hand.

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