Raid system in Destiny 2 and new dungeon Ghosts of the Deep

Raid system in Destiny 2 and new dungeon Ghosts of the Deep

Destiny 2 is one of the most recognizable and popular shooter MMO   and almost the only game of its kind in the gaming industry.

Players are waiting for space exploration, constant battles with monsters and invaders, an advanced system of raids and pumping.

Raids play a special role in the history and economy of Destiny 2, it is in them that players will learn the continuation of the general narrative, find out the reason for the release of the new update, and further reveal their favorite characters.

The new raid will be called Ghosts of the Deep and will be released as part of the Lightfall updates for Destiny 2.

In order to better prepare for a trip to the dungeon, you need to read everything that is known at the moment and get acquainted with the list of loot that can be obtained.

You can now turn to the Skycoach service and order Ghosts of the Deep Carry – a service that will allow one of the first to get the best guns from potential loot with a guarantee of anonymity and fast dungeon farming speed.

Skycoach service can help you in two ways:

  1. You transfer the account to the service employee under the guarantee of anonymity and security of personal data, and then the fireteam will ensure the passage of the Ghosts of the Deep raid, and you will track the status of the order online on the Skycoach website. After completing the service, you will only have to check whether everything was done correctly, inspect the reward, change the password and continue to enjoy Destiny 2.
  1. You join a fireteam directly and complete a raid under the guidance of an experienced professional player. Your task is to clearly follow all his commands so that the raid does not end in failure. When the finishing stage is going on, the group will scatter so that you can pick up not only the drop, but also all the experience that would otherwise be divided among all the players participating in the raid.
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New rifle with different perks

For a long time already in Destiny 2 there was no good and new trail rifle with a stand effect, which makes this weapon, if not special, then definitely worthy of attention within the current Lightfall update.

The name of the weapon is Stand Trace Rifle and it has some interesting new perks:

  1. Weft Cutter – allows you to deal stable and strong damage that breaks through the armor of one target.
  1. Weave of Protection – allows you to shoot at an ally to increase your own and their protection for a short period of time.

This is a great weapon for support classes, especially the Warlock – the ability to combine offensive potential, buff allies and good sustained damage will make your class a great addition to any group.

Thanks to perks, you can also reduce the attacking potential of your enemies, which will be useful in raids and in PVP format, for example, Trial of Osiris.

A set of new weapons in Ghosts of the Deep for Destiny 2

In addition to the aforementioned rifle for Destiny 2, several new types of weapons will be added that will definitely come in handy for various classes and roles:

  • stasis rocket launcher,
  • stasis grenade launcher,
  • solar submachine gun,
  • Sun glaive.

All these weapons have a close connection with the restoration ritual and are made in blue and white colors.

The recovery ritual allows the character to quickly reload weapons in critical situations, moreover, the skill is constantly cooled down even with constant use, and thus you will always have a fast reload.

The reload speed noticeably returns after resurrecting an ally, or finishing off an enemy.

As a result, you get two superfast reloads and two more in reserve for critical situations – that doesn’t sound bad.

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Stasis grenade launcher

An excellent weapon due to one shot for dealing damage in an area and a lot of power-ups and perks in case you hook several enemies at once.

The Demoman will allow you to delay the explosion of a fired grenade and undermine enemies that have arrived in time, and the Merciless will allow you to start regenerating health in case of hitting several enemies at once.

Also, the grenade launcher has two bonuses at once – the ability to accumulate increased damage and gradually implement it and immediately inflict additional damage to heavily armored targets.

Solar glyph

Allows you to combine shield and energy effects for various offensive and defensive use cases.

When you deal damage over long distances, your shield accumulates energy.

By combining two skills – attack and defense, you can hold a blocking shield and fire and then, with the accumulated energy, go into a counterattack on your enemies.

Solar submachine gun

An excellent weapon in which the average attack power is compensated by high speed and accuracy, and due to the rapid release of a bullet in a game minute, you can achieve a much more destructive effect on the enemy than other heavier rifles.

The bonus for the weapon will be a rapid increase in attack speed and accuracy, as well as the accumulation of a quick recovery effect for finishing blows against a target with a small supply of health.

Stasis Rocket Launcher

One of the strongest weapons in the current update for Lightfall, it has the ability to increase its offensive potential and becomes the strongest weapon in Destiny 2 at the moment.

You can use the Pulse Booster to increase projectile speed and reduce your weapon’s reload time.

Bipod is a brand new perk that offers an interesting combination of pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide whether to give preference to such a skill.

You can temporarily increase the ammo and the number of missiles to launch at the same time, but sacrifice the overall hit damage of such projectiles.

You can choose the format of imposing a slowdown on all targets that will be hit by missiles, or a cluster bomb – which will scatter additional sources of damage around the epicenter of the explosion and impose a negative effect.

Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon

For completing all the main tasks related to the new dungeon and the entire season, as always, you will receive memorable symbols and marks – an exotic crow, an emlem and a title, which will mean that you are among the first players to master the key points of the new Ghosts of the Deep dungeon
The more tasks and assignments you manage to complete within the season and general quests, the more likely you are to get a unique rifle, which we described at the beginning of the guide – Exotic Strand Trace Rifle.