10 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

10 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Baki is arguably the most famous martial arts anime and manga artwork ever made. Having made its debut back in 1994, it is one of the longest-running anime in production, despite its disjointed storytelling style. What makes it unique from other anime similar to it is its ludicrous art style and remarkable detail of martial arts.

Naturally, a martial arts anime as popular as Baki will often bring about a discussion about who are the strongest characters and how they are ranked. This article will help provide some insight into this discourse, and ultimately I will do my best to rank the top ten strongest Baki characters and explain why.

10. Jack Hanma

10 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Age: 21

Height: 7’11” (243 cm)

Weight: 443lbs (201 kg)

Fighting Style: Pit Fighting and Goudou

What better way to start a Baki power ranking list than with an entry of a Hanma. Jack Hanma is the illegitimate child of Yujirou Hanma and Diane Neil. When Diane schemes to seize and kill Yujirou, he discovers this and rapes her, then leaves her alive, which results in the birth of Jack.

Jack’s desire to avenge his mother and destroy Yujirou is what fuels him to start his training from a very young age. Just like his father, Jack’s strength is absurd. He can obliterate a polar bear with his fists and after receiving the steroid drug X4, his fighting style is comparable to a berserk animal that does not know when to stop.

9. Kaoru Hanayama

10 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Age: 20

Height: 6’3″ (191 cm)

Weight: 366lbs (166 kg)

Fighting Style: Street Fighting

Kaoru Hanayama is the second generation boss of the Hanayama group and is commonly referred to as the strongest Yakuza in Japan. A proud, Stoic fighter, Kaoru would rather choose to die than fall in a fight. His signature ability is raw physical power and grip that is powerful enough to explode an opponent’s arm, as seen when he exploded Yuri Chakovsky’s arm.

Kaoru’s strength has been compared to that of a Triceratops dinosaur, which can weigh 6 to 12 tons. His pain tolerance is also extremely high, as he has been shown to take extensive damage from punches and even sword attacks.

8. Izou Motobe

10 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Age: 51

Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)

Weight: 176lbs (80 kg)

Fighting Style: Motobe-ryuu Jujutsu and Kenjutsu

An old Japanese Jujutsu master, Izou Motobe was the first person to train Baki in preparation to fight Junichi Hanada, a former student of Motobe. Portrayed as a calm, dull man, Motobe is a pragmatic fighter whose vast knowledge of martial arts makes him a formidable opponent. Initially considered a weak opponent, this opinion quickly changed when all fighters realized his battle IQ was incredible, as he was able to hold his own against a brute like Jack Hanma.

In a fight with weapon restrictions like Maximum Tournament, Izou is bound to struggle, as he is far weaker than most of his opponents. However, in a free-for-all no rules fight, Izou quickly gains the upper hand on his opponents as he is extremely deadly when using weapons.

7. Biscuit Oliva

10 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Age: 45

Height: 5’11” (180 cm)

Weight: 330lbs (150 kg)

Fighting Style: Brute Force

Biscuit Oliva is an assassin who works for the US Government. Known as the strongest man in the USA, he stays in the Arizona Prison and is usually contracted by the government to seize and kill criminals or dangers too powerful to be dealt with by conventional law enforcement. A cavalier fighter who is more brawn than brains, Oliva heavily relies on his size rather than skill.

Oliva has an incredible pain tolerance and, coupled with inhuman endurance and stamina, he almost seems invulnerable to any form of physical attack. He has also been shown to possess inhuman regeneration when he managed to heal scars received from shotgun pellets just by consuming a steak.

6. Nomi No Sukune II

10 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Age: 25

Height: 6’11” (210 cm)

Weight: 550lbs (250 kg)

Fighting Style: Ancient Sumo

Nomi no Sukune II is a professional sumo wrestler who is a descendant of Nomi no Sukune, a fighter whose grip strength was incredible enough to grind coal and transform it into a partial diamond. He is a sturdy, brawny man who, unlike most Baki fighters, is modest and speaks calmly.

Nomi’s grip strength surpasses his ancestors as he is able to completely grind coal into a fully formed diamond, implying that his grip strength is no less than 100 tons of pressure. His most remarkable accomplishment comes when he faces Oliva and grabs him by the ribs and breaks them all by pulling them upwards.

5. Kaiou Kaku

10 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Age: 146

Height: 5’11” (155 cm)

Weight: 88lbs (40 kg)

Fighting Style: Chinese Kenpo

The greatest and most renowned Supreme Grandmaster of Chinese Kenpo, Kaiou Kaku is an experienced martial artist whose knowledge essentially covers everything. He is one of the few people alive that can battle toe-to-toe with Yujirou. His central technique, Shaorii, allows him to absorb the whole bodyweight of his aggressor.

4. Pickle

10 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Age: 200 million

Height: 8’0″ (245 cm)

Weight: 441lbs (200 kg)

Fighting Style: Brute Force

Pickle is a prehistoric gargantuan man who was frozen while fighting a dinosaur and is somehow still alive after millions of years. A man who could kill and eat T-Rexes without using weapons, Pickle is more of a force of nature than man. Extraordinary raw endurance and stamina, Herculean strength, and inconceivable speed all allow Pickle to defeat martial artists that possess infinitely superior martial skills than him.

3. Baki Hanma

10 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Age: 18

Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)

Weight: 168lbs (76 kg)

Fighting Style: Mixed Martial Arts

The titular protagonist, son of Ogre and half-brother to Jack Hanma. That barely covers Baki, a teenage boy whose strength never seems to stop growing. Initially shown to be at the same level as Mount Toba, Baki grows so much that his strength now nearly rivals Yujirou.

Baki seems to keep racking up wins in his belt. Having defeated Dr. Kureha, Jack, Muhammad Alai Jr., Retsu, and many more, his current challenge is going against Oliva and Pickle, and it is becoming more and more apparent that he will finally face and defeat his father.

2. Musashi Miyamoto

10 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Age: > 350

Height: 5’11” (180 cm)

Weight: Unknown

Fighting Style: Niten Ichi-Ryuu

Reincarnated from the legendary samurai of the same name, he is a direct, ambitious samurai who seeks his former recognition. His swordsmanship is unrivaled, and his grip strength is comparable to Kaoru. He is blinding fast to the extent of making an afterimage or moving fast enough to appear as if he teleported.

When you combine this with his battlefield genius, Musashi is near unbeatable, and the only justification for why he is rated higher than Baki is that he draws blood from a serious Yuujirou.

1. Yujirou Hanma

10 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Age: 37

Height: 6’3″ (190 cm)

Weight: 265lbs (120 kg)

Fighting Style: Various Martial Arts

The primary antagonist of the Baki franchise, the father of Baki Hanma and the ‘Strongest Creature on Earth’, trying to describe Yujirou’s strength seems impossible. He works as a highly paid mercenary for different governments and organizations around the world.

Just to name a few of Yujirou’s feats; he pushes back 100 riot officers, completely eliminates the tectonic shifting of an earthquake by punching the ground, thumps craters in a concrete wall, effortlessly knocks out a giant elephant, not even tanks could hurt, trims glass with his fingers, and grinds a piece of coal to dust.

Yujirou is undefeated and until Baki levels up to match his strength, this monster will remain at the top of this list for a long time.

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