Tengen Uzui’s Wives: Who They Are and Why He Has 3

Tengen Uzui’s Wives ,Who They Are and Why He Has 3

Tengen Uzui is a character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba’s and he is best known as someone who has 3 wives. He is a flamboyant character with a lot of charisma and charm, so it is not hard to imagine this hunk having 3 wives.

This is explained by Tanjiro who said that Tengen’s family practices polygamy. Polygamy means that a person is in a relationship or married to more than one person. Uzui family’s head chooses 3 wives for their males when males turn 15.

More information about Tengen’s wives will be shared, such as their names, personalities, their looks, and their relationships with Tengen Uzui.


Tengen Uzui’s Wives ,Who They Are and Why He Has 3

Makio is a kunoichi and one of the wives of Tengen Uzui. Kunoichi is a term used for female ninjas, so Makio is very skillful in ninjutsu. Makio is young, her height is average and her body type is voluptuous while her eyes are golden and large that are framed by big eyelashes. Her hair is black with golden-brown bangs.

Makio wears a sleeveless striped dress that shows her cleavage and that dress is red and short.

Makio is known for her headstrong personality. She is determined and knows what she wants. She is proud of herself and has very strong confidence. Makio is not completely insensitive, as she could be seen worrying about Tengen’s health.

She does not have any superhuman abilities but she was born in a shinobi family, thus Makio has the same abilities as a ninja.

An interesting fact about Makio is that she is a distant cousin of Tengen Uzui.


Tengen Uzui’s Wives ,Who They Are and Why He Has 3

Suma is also young with a voluptuous body, she is short and her hair is black and shoulder-length and the bangs are short. Suma’s eyes have a color of sapphire. She looks like someone who is very friendly and like a woman who is enjoying every aspect of her life.

Suma is wearing a short sleeveless dress that shows her cleavage and her dress is secured with an obi that is of a light color.

Suma’s personality is a bit annoying, as she loves to exaggerate her reactions regarding the situations in which she finds herself. Unlike Makio Suma is not sure of herself especially when she is in a battle as she can be seen crying. This was mostly seen during the fight with the Obi Demon. Suma has the same reaction when she is being praised by Tengen.

She is a female shinobi too, but her personality has a great impact on her skills as the fear and uncertainty take a toll on her skills.

A fun fact about Suma is that she is a bisexual.


Tengen Uzui’s Wives ,Who They Are and Why He Has 3

As you might have guessed by now from Tengen’s preferences, Hiantsuru is a young woman, but her appearance is different from those of the two other women who were previously mentioned.

She is of medium height, slim and her hair is black and long. She looks kind and gentle with her big almond-shaped eyes and a unique mole that is located just below her left eye.

Hiantsuru is wearing a short lavender sleeveless dress that shows cleavage just like with other wives and brown fishnets that reach to her thigh.

Hiantsuru is best known for her calm demeanor and a genuinely nice personality as well as for her patience. She has also been considered loving to her husband. During battles, Hiantsuru has a strategic mind and a rational way of thinking. Those go really well with her fearlessness.

Just like his other wives, Hiantsuru is a shinobi. This enables her to be better than regular humans, due to her training. Still, she does not have any superpowers.

The fun fact about Hiantsuru is that she comes from a second powerful.

Tengen Uzui’s treatment of his wives

Tengen Uzui’s Wives ,Who They Are and Why He Has 3

Tengen has a large amount of respect for his wives, as when he was about to join the Demon Slaying Corps, he asked his wives if they were ok with that decision. Another thing is that Tengen cannot stand when someone insults his wives which shows that he is very protective of them.

Tengen respects all of his wives, but the question is if he loves them all at the same level. The answer is as it cannot be determined with certainty. Some claim that he loves Suma the most as she was the wife who he had chosen as his first. Others disagree, as they think that Tengen and Hiantsuru have the best husband-wife relationship in the manga.

One thing is certain though and that these ladies can be lucky with a husband like Tengen Uzui.

Why he has three wives

The family Uzui has a tradition in which every man must be married to 3 wives and even though these wives are chosen by the head of the family, a man needs to agree with it. The wives are chosen by their compatibility with the male of the Uzui family. The reason why Tengen Uzui has three wives is simple. It is because it is a family tradition of the Uzui.

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