The best Hollywood scenes filmed at casinos

The best Hollywood scenes filmed at casinos

Hollywood has always had a relationship between movie stars and the slots, creating the most shocking scenes for its viewers. For these reasons, we want to show you this exciting side of the seventh art, so you can enjoy some of these movies if you have yet to see them.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is one of the 5  best James Bond movies ever ranked, and this saga of the most famous agent in the world (our respects also to the super-agent 86) gave us, in 2006, a Poker scene. 

Our agent plays in a frantic game against Le Chiffre to catch him because the mission is to catch this villain hiding in the Casino Royale, and Bond goes undercover with funds from the British government.

The Hangover

If you like fun and adrenaline, this saga will meet your expectations. There we can see the adventures of 4 madmen in action, who defy logic and the value of friendship, thanks to a misunderstanding between drug dealers.

The casino scenes in this movie vary, but without a doubt, the most emblematic one is when Alan joins a blackjack table to win some money to get back Doug (his kidnapped friend). 

You can see a lot of calculations going on in his mind (as a beautiful mind) to try to win that thing! They also explain how you can build a winning formula. So, it is worth having a look at this movie!

Rounder’s Poker

If you like to see what happens when great players cross paths in the same game, this movie is for you. The most iconic scene is when a dazzling high-stakes game occurs, with John Malkovich playing the irrepressible poker baron that Matt Damon must try to defeat. 

The film is driven by brilliant performances like Edward Norton, authentic depictions of poker strategy, and the table banter players sometimes engage in. It is certainly one of the few films about gambling that has been explicit and successful.

Run Lola Run

In this movie, the chance appears as part of the chaos that Lola generates to solve her affairs. Lola has to get an excessive amount of money in German marks in just 20 minutes to pay her boyfriend’s debt on time and thus pay off her debt. 

The scene in question comes to life when Lola has several attempts to get the money, restarting the film each time she fails to do so, and her boyfriend dies. 

In one of these “races,” Lola decides to leave everything to chance and goes to a casino where she decides to gamble it all on the roulette wheel and bet it all on the 22nd square in a bet of, literally, life or death.


And I love you! Yes, I love you!! Ohh, I love you!!!! How can we forget that classic theme song from this spectacular movie? But we were going to talk about something else. Let’s talk about one of the scenes from Casablanca that describe the nature that inspired this Hollywood classic. 

One of its most famous scenes occurs in a roulette game in Mr. Rick Blaine’s casino. Seeing so much pain and tragedy for so many people, he decides to fix the game so that a young couple can get enough money to flee to the United States. 

We must remember that this movie is inspired by that city (Casablanca, capital of Morocco), where many people arrived fleeing from the Nazis who, by that time, dominated more than half of Europe.

We hope you have enjoyed this review of the world of casinos and the wonders that usually occur in the minds of the best Hollywood directors.