Valorant 5.07 Patch Notes

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Patch 5.07 is out, and there have been some noticeable changes for agents and the Fracture map. What should players expect from the update?

With the opening of a new Act, players expect significant and essential changes to the game. Many agent rebalancing and map changes will definitely impact how gamers play in their Valorant accounts. Check out the following changes for Patch 5.07. 

Valorant Agent Changes 

The main highlight of Valorant 5.07 is the various agent changes, which involve tons of buffs and nerfs. Some of these minor changes have a significant impact on their kit. This patch emphasizes duelists with flashes, who see a lot of improvement in her kit.  

Devs have noted that Initiators have more substantial 1v1 capabilities than Duelists with flash abilities. This update will rebalance this current meta by empowering Duelist blinds while fitting Initiator flashes more for team play. These tweaks will affect how effective these agents are for ranking up their Valorant accounts. Here are all the character updates in the game: 


  • Flash/Drive (Default Q Ability)
    • Underhand throw’s (RMB) flash max duration has been lessened to 1.25s from 2s. 
    • Overhand throw’s (LMB) flash max duration has been increased to 2.25s from 2s. 
    • Re-arming and Unequipping Delay from these flashes have been raised to 0.85s from 0.6s. 


  • Leer (Default C ability)
    • Delay for near sight effect has been decreased to 0.4s from 0.6s. 
    • The range restriction on Leer has been removed. 
    • Nearsight unequip delay has been lessened to 0.5s from 0.7s. 
    • Leer Duration has reduced to 2.0s from 2.6s. 


  • Guiding Light (Default E ability)
    • The flash duration now scales from 1s to 2.25s with a 0.75s charge-up after the initial cast. 
    • Guiding Light can no longer be damaged or destroyed. 
    • Guiding Light gains new VFX, UI, and sound cues to communicate new gameplay intent properly.  
    • Re-arm delay out of Guiding Light has been increased to 0.85s from 0.75s. 


  • Blindside (Default Q ability)
    • Duration increased to 1.75s from 1.5s. 
    • The hologram body marker has been reduced in size when dead bodies are turned off. 

Other General Ability Updates 

  • Visual Updates: Visuals for players flashed by Blindside will indicate if the allies and enemies are fully flashed or if the blind is starting to fade. 
  • The assist award on flashes, nearsights, and concusses now has an increased window from 1 second to 3 seconds once the debuffs start to fade.  

Map Changes in Valorant

Aside from several tweaks to some Agents, Fracture also received some slight rework. Several areas on the map have been altered to improve the quality of game life. There are significant and minor changes, so players should expect Fracture to be a bit different than before. Here are all the changes for this map: 

  • A Rope will now have a ledge instead of just having the entrance. This will give defenders more options for defending or retaking A Site. 
  • A Drop will provide a bit more cover for attackers coming from Dish. Instead of just one drop, the ledge will now be shaped like an L, providing players more options on how to assault the site. 
  • Dish received the most significant rework, with the far path now being covered by debris, making it impassable. This leaves only one way for players to make it through this area unto A drop. These changes were made to encourage both teams to use this area more often. 
  • A Site’s glowing outline for the elevated platform and below has been removed. 
  • The corner in A Halls has been removed to create a more fluid assault from the attacking side.  
  • The small cubby from the Defender’s Spawn has been removed to improve retake capabilities. 
  • The entrance from B Generator has been tightened to help smokes block lines of sight more effectively. 
  • B Site’s platform on the right has been changed into a ramp to allow more fluid movements in this spot.  
  • The path in Arcade has been significantly widened to give attackers more options on how to engage enemies. 

Other Updates 

Some changes have been implemented that will affect the Collection in the player menu. These tweaks are minor quality-of-life improvements that the community can appreciate. Here are the other updates for this aspect of the game: 

  • Players can now tag Weapon Skins, Player Cards, Sprays, Gun Buddies, and Account Level Borders as their favorites, making it easier to locate. 
  • Added the “Random Favorite” option for weapon skin, which will randomize which favorite gun cosmetic will be used in the next match. 
  • A Collection Filter has been added for Weapon Skins and Player Cards. 

These are the major updates from this game after the latest patch. Players should remember them so they won’t be surprised the next time they log in. Check the Valorant Shop for the new skins and battle pass available for this Patch 5.07.