Where to Watch Monster Anime Online?

Where to Watch Monster Anime Online?

Anime fans everywhere desire premium-quality content, especially when watching their favorite characters on screens. Monster is a captivating anime that requires paying close attention to each character’s facial expressions, and a good online platform provides this experience. So, where can you watch Monster anime online?

You can watch Monster on paid online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Free episodes are also available on Youtube, 9anime.to, etc. Depending on the online platform or service you use, you can watch this anime with English subtitles or an English dub.

This article discusses whether Monster is worth watching and where to watch it online. I also explore whether Monster is a horror anime and why it is underrated.

Where to Watch Monster Anime Online?

Where to Watch Monster Anime Online?

Monster anime is an adaptation of a Japanese manga written by Naoki Urasawa. The 74-episode anime has three seasons and aired from April 7th, 2004, to September 28th, 2005. Madhouse studio is responsible for turning the manga into an anime TV series.

Tatsuhiko Urahata wrote the anime, Kitaro Kosaka handled the character design, and Masayuki Kojima directed it. Thankfully, you can watch this fascinating series on the following online streaming services:


Only Japan and countries in North America can watch the Monster series on Netflix. This is because Viz Media licensed the English releases of both anime and manga in North America. Initially, there were only 15 episodes released on Netflix, but viewers can now watch the complete series.

Netflix started streaming the uncut anime series on June 20th, 2011. Monster’s huge fan base in North America ensured it got a good reception and even a nomination for the Eisner Award.

The censorship on Netflix is ‘T+’ for Teens, and the series has a TV-MA rating. Non-Japanese viewers can enjoy the series with the English subtitles on the screen, and the viewing quality is great.

Amazon Prime Video

Where to Watch Monster Anime Online?

Anime enthusiasts interested in watching Monster anime can now do so on Amazon Prime Video. It is available for download or streaming, only in the United States and Japan. You have five seasons in an English audio version (no subtitles), and the quality is commendable.

The Monster anime was first packaged in a box set with the first 15 episodes, but it didn’t sell well. As a result, Amazon Prime discontinued the box set until recently, when it started a streaming version.

The few reviews Monster anime has on this streaming service are primarily positive, and you can try it for yourself. It’s a little expensive to buy compared to watching it on Netflix, but the excellent video quality makes it worthwhile.

Viewers outside the United States can take advantage of the DVD version (part one of the series) that Amazon has. However, if you live in the US and want the DVD, check the specifications before purchasing.


Good ol’ Youtube comes to the rescue, thanks to several Youtubers. For instance, if you type “Monster anime” in the YouTube search box, you can find all 74 episodes of the complete anime series there. 

There are two playlists of the anime on youtube: one for English subtitles and the other for English dubbing (audio translation). However, the quality of the videos on YouTube may not be to your liking, so adjust your expectations before choosing to stream on this platform.

You can also watch Monster on Viz Media online platforms – in some countries, 9anime.to or 9anime.me, and Gogoanime.be. The video quality on these platforms might be poor, but you would be lucky to get a 1080p resolution.

Another downside to these online uploads is that they put up the original series in Japanese – no English audios or subtitles. Sometimes, you can watch Monster on television networks. Nippon Television was the first TV network to show the anime series, and Syfy, Chiller, and Funimation Channel have also shown it. 

If you use Netflix and Amazon Prime Video outside the US, you can use a VPN to bypass location restrictions. Essentially, your location determines the online method you will use to watch Monster. 

Is Monster worth Watching?

Where to Watch Monster Anime Online?

Monster is an award-winning anime, including the high-profile Shogakukan Manga Award. It has received an overwhelming reception. The features that make Monster a masterpiece includes:

The captivating story and characters: Monster anime is a well-crafted story focusing on the nuances and struggles of regular humans. The story is intricately woven, with twists and turns in every episode. 

It is an incredible work of art, and even the smallest details and advancements mean something. The characters are phenomenal, each depicting layers of human nature. Monster anime does an incredible job of showing the characters’ emotions.

The setting: The whole series is anchored in and around Germany and old Czechoslovakia, visible in the background’s architecture. The timeline matches and accurately depicts real-world history.

The themes: It boldly explores key philosophical and psychological questions of our age. Watching the series brings you face-to-face with concepts like the human condition, Medical ethics, Post WW2 German psyche, and nationalism vs patriotism.

If you are interested in fast-paced shows like Death Note, then the slow burn of Monster might not be for you. No 15-year-olds are saving the world or characters engaging in swordfights 30 ft in the air.

Monster will have you questioning all aspects of human nature while promoting good values. It is worth watching, and mature audiences will probably appreciate it more.

Is Monster a Horror Anime?

Where to Watch Monster Anime Online?

Monster anime falls under three genres: mystery, psychological thriller, and crime. The “horror” in it is not the outright gory stuff you see in other horror movies or animes. Instead, it is more of an atmospheric horror that remains in your mind long after hitting the stop button on the show. 

Since it deals with some heavy subjects, it is unsuitable for children or young audiences. A good movie comparison would be Silence of the Lambs.

The anime series focuses on hard-hitting themes like what it means to be human and the consequences of every action people take. It also delves into a variant of the nature vs nurture question: “are good and evil are inherent in people or fostered over time?”

Why Is Monster Anime Underrated?

To find an anime recommendation for Monster, you may have to dig deep. It is not on the lists curated by popular sites like WatchMojo. Although Tik Tok recently renewed the buzz around it, it might not become a sensation like Naruto or Death note.

Here are some reasons why it is underrated:

It is not a children’s anime: This anime falls into the “seinen” category, targeting people (especially men) between 18 and 40 years of age.

The genre: There’s no action, romance, or comedy in all 74 episodes, which may be a drawback for most people. Even the dreariest of anime for teenagers has some comedic interludes woven into it. Monster is a serious mystery/thriller.

The animation style: Considering when Monster was released, many people fresh on the anime scene may find it “old.” There is no flashy animation, magical objects, or pets fighting in tournaments. 

If you like slow-paced shows that keep you at the edge of your seat and mess with your mind, then Monster is perfect for you. Delve into the non-competitive mind games of Dr. Tenma and Johan Liebert.

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