Who Is Yoriichi, Is He a Demon & What Are His Powers?

Who Is Yoriichi, Is He a Demon & What Are His Powers?

Demon Slayer isn’t new to adding mysterious characters into their plot. Even if said character is someone who had already passed on. Yoriichi Tsugikuni remains to be a mystery to most anime fans. Who is he, and is he a demon in the anime?

Yoriichi is not a demon and has never become a demon in the Demon Slayer manga or anime. In fact, he was said to be the strongest Demon Slayer who lived 500 years before the story. He also created the Sun Breathing Style.

The confusion about him ever becoming a demon is probably because there is someone who looks like him who joined the Twelve Kizuki. That person is actually his twin brother, Michikatsu Tsugikuni. In this article, I’ll talk more about Yoriichi and his abilities, as well as the history of his twin brother.

Who is Yoriichi Tsugikuni?

Who Is Yoriichi, Is He a Demon & What Are His Powers?

As mentioned before, Yoriichi is a legendary Demon Slayer who lived during the Sengoku Era, the Golden Age of Demon Slayers. Accordingly, he is one of the strongest Demon Slayers and was the one who created the Sun Breathing Style.

He and his twin brother Michikatsu were born in an era where twins are said to be a bad omen. Their parents assumed Yoriichi was the bad twin due to being born with an odd birthmark on his forehead. His father even declared to kill him. However, both parents agreed to send him to the temple to become a monk once he reached the age of ten.

Unknown to his parents, the mark actually granted Yoriichi incredible strength and the ability to see beyond the natural eyes. While the twins were growing up, they were treated very differently, with Yoriichi always getting the shorter end of the stick.

When the twins were 7, Yoriichi declared that he would become a samurai after watching Michikatsu practice his sword swings. Michikatsu’s teacher decided to humor him and teach Yoriichi some stances. Unfortunately, Yoriichi managed to hit the teacher, shocking his twin, who had never landed a blow on the man. From then on, he decided that he did not want violence and gave up his former declaration about being a samurai.

Yoriichi left their home in secret on the night of their mother’s death. However, instead of going to the temple, he decided to run away. He eventually met a girl named Uta, who he fell in love with and married. Uta eventually became pregnant with their kid but unexpectedly died during a demon attack while Yoriichi was away.

Because of the unforeseen death of his wife and unborn child, Yoriichi decided to train as a Demon Slayer. He eventually joined his brother again. The two became powerful Demon Slayers, even creating other Breathing Styles that other Demon Slayers can use to suit their strengths.

The twins parted ways again, only to meet 60 years later. By this time, Michikatsu has already become a demon due to his desire to surpass his younger twin brother. As the two battled to the death. Yoriichi dies due to his old age before landing the finishing blow. 

What are Yoriichi’s Abilities?

Who Is Yoriichi, Is He a Demon & What Are His Powers?

According to the Demon Slayer Wikia regarding his abilities: His Demon Slayer Mark drastically improves his abilities, making him more agile and stronger. Unfortunately, the mark is cursed, stating that the bearer will die at the age of 25. However, Yoriichi was able to live up to 85.

Yoriichi also has the ability called Transparent World. This allows him to see his opponent’s muscles, blood flow, and joint movements. This was an ability he had had since he was born, which may be why he knew how bad his mother’s illness was.

As a child, even without training, Yoriichi has shown skills when it comes to wielding a sword. He was capable of striking a trained swordsman even if it was his first time wielding a sword.

He is also said to be extremely fast. Against Muzan, who has inhuman speed, he managed to deliver near-fatal injuries to the Demon King. Even when Muzan divided himself into 1800 flesh pieces to escape, Yoriichi reduced the pieces to 500 in a matter of seconds.

Even at his old age, Yoriichi is still capable of fighting and killing demons despite his blindness. 

Yoriichi is also the creator of the Sun Breathing Style and the other first set of breathing styles that the Demon Slayers Utilize to kill demons. In later years, the Kamado family used the Breathing Style in a ritual ceremony where the users will offer a dance to the Fire God to ward off threats and diseases.

Why Did Michikatsu Become a Demon?

Michikatsu had a long inferiority complex with his younger twin, even when the two worked together as Demon Slayers. Eventually, he grew frustrated since he could never surpass his brother. He also feared his own life ending due to awakening his Demon Slayer Mark, which would cause him to die by the age of 25.

Muzan managed to convince Michikatsu by stating that by becoming a demon, he will avoid death caused by the demon slayer mark and will continue to become stronger due to his never-aging body. He also noted that Muzan will gain a demon with a Breathing Style.

After Michikatsu agreed to become a demon, he gave up his old name, taking the name Kokushibo instead, and later gained the title of the Upper-Rank One of the Twelve Kizuki.

Are Yoriichi and Tanjiro Related?

Who Is Yoriichi, Is He a Demon & What Are His Powers?

While the two look somewhat the same and share other similarities, the two are not related. Yoriichi never had a family member to pass down his Breathing Style or his Hanafuda earrings to. Instead, he taught his Breathing Style in the guise of a dance that was called the Hinokami Kagura Dance.

Meanwhile, the Hanafuda Earrings are passed down to members of the Kamado Family who have mastered the dance. In Tanjiro’s Flashback, he recalls his father reminding him of the importance of the dance and the Hanafuda Earrings.

Who Was the First Kamado to Use the Sun Breathing Style?

Sumiyoshi was the first of Tanjiro’s ancestors to use the Sun Breathing Style. He is a close acquaintance of Yoriichi, being saved by him at some point in his life. If you look closer and Sumiyoshi, he bears more resemblance to Tanjiro over the first Sun Breathing Style user. 

People will get to see Sumiyoshi during the time Tanjiro was sleeping after his fight against Daki and Gyutaro. In his dream, Tanjiro saw a glimpse of a memory he inherited from Sumiyoshi. In the memory, he sees Sumiyoshi interacting with Yoriichi.

It is implied that Sumiiyoshi was the first to use the Sun Breathing Style and perhaps inherited the Hanafuda Earrings. After learning the Hinokami Kagura from Yoriichii, he began passing down the steps and the earrings to his descendants who had learned the dance.

Was the Style Passed Down in Modern-day Japan?

Who Is Yoriichi, Is He a Demon & What Are His Powers?

While it wasn’t revealed in the manga, according to the Kimetsu No Yaiba Second Fanbook, the Hinokami Kagura is still alive and performed by the Kamado Household. The fanbook states that both Sumihiko and Kanata Kamado are capable of performing the dance. They perform it as a yearly tradition at a shrine that is managed by the Ubuyashiki clan. However, the two are unaware that the dance is a sword form used to defeat demons.

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