Anime Characters that Start with A: Iconic Names

Anime Characters that Start with A

Anime, a vibrant facet of Japanese culture, has crossed international boundaries with its eclectic mix of art, storytelling, and character development. The alphabetically vast universe of anime characters often serves as a testament to its diversity and creativity. As the first letter of the alphabet, ‘A’ has a significant representation in this universe, introducing us to a plethora of fascinating personalities.

This article delves into the intriguing world of anime characters that start with ‘A,’ capturing their unique identities and the impact they’ve made in their respective series. From adventurous protagonists to antagonists who’ve left us in awe, let’s embark on an alphabetic journey through the animated multiverse, starting with these iconic ‘A’ names.

Akira Fudo (Devilman)

Akira Fudo, the protagonist of the “Devilman” series, is a sensitive and caring high school student. He undergoes a dramatic transformation after merging with the demon, Amon. As Devilman, Akira retains his human heart and mind, struggling to balance his new-found demonic abilities with his humanity.

Akira is one of the best anime characters starting with ‘A’ due to the compelling way his character arc is portrayed. His internal struggle between his human morality and demonic instincts is profound, leading to memorable storytelling. His tale is both tragic and powerful, making him an unforgettable character in the anime world.

Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Asuka Langley Soryu, the second child and pilot of Unit-02 in the seminal series “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” is a complex character. She appears brash, confident, and sometimes arrogant, but underneath her tough exterior, she is vulnerable and deeply affected by her traumatic past. Her German and Japanese heritage adds a multicultural element to her character.

Asuka stands out for her depth and development throughout the series. She battles not only the Angels that threaten humanity but also her internal demons, painting a realistic portrait of trauma and resilience. Her journey is fraught with emotional challenges that add a compelling dimension to her character, making her one of the most iconic ‘A’ characters in anime.

Alucard (Hellsing)

Alucard, the powerful vampire protagonist of “Hellsing,” serves the Hellsing Organization to eradicate other vampires. He’s menacing, ruthless, yet surprisingly complex. With a mysterious past and overwhelming power, Alucard is both awe-inspiring and terrifying.

Alucard earns his place among the top ‘A’ anime characters due to his profound character complexity. His seeming ruthlessness is coupled with an unexpected sense of justice, leading to engaging dynamics with other characters. His ambiguous morality and striking presence, combined with a deep, dark history, make him a compelling character in the anime realm.

Allen Walker (D.Gray-man)

Allen Walker is the main protagonist of the “D.Gray-man” series. He’s a kind-hearted and polite character who carries a heavy burden. As an Exorcist, he fights Akuma (demons) with his cursed eye and arm, showcasing bravery in the face of adversity.

Allen stands out as a beloved ‘A’ character due to his strong moral compass and selfless nature. Despite his tragic past and hardships, he remains compassionate and self-sacrificing. These aspects, coupled with his determination and development throughout the series, make him an inspiring and well-rounded character.

Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)

Armin Arlert is a key character in the critically acclaimed “Attack on Titan” series. Initially seen as physically weak and timid, Armin possesses an incredibly sharp mind. His strategic brilliance proves instrumental in humanity’s fight against the Titans, and his character development is one of the most significant in the series.

Armin’s journey from a timid boy to a strategic mastermind makes him one of the best ‘A’ characters in anime. His transformation demonstrates that strength comes in many forms. His growth, intelligence, and courage make Armin an impactful character who has resonated with many fans worldwide.

Astro Boy (Astro Boy)

Astro Boy, originally known as Tetsuwan Atom in Japan, is the robotic protagonist of Osamu Tezuka’s groundbreaking manga and anime series “Astro Boy”. Built in the image of a child, Astro possesses superhuman abilities and a highly advanced artificial intelligence system that closely mirrors human emotions.


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Astro Boy’s significance as a character extends beyond the confines of the series due to his iconic status in the anime world. As one of the earliest examples of the medium, Astro’s character combines child-like innocence with extraordinary powers to tackle social issues. His exploration of what it means to be human resonates deeply with audiences, making him a significant ‘A’ character in anime history.

Akane Tsunemori (Psycho-Pass)

Akane Tsunemori, the protagonist of the dystopian series “Psycho-Pass”, is a police inspector in a future Japan. She starts off as a naive rookie but evolves into a mature officer who questions the system she’s a part of. Akane’s resolve and idealism shape her into an influential figure in the Public Safety Bureau.

Akane is one of the top ‘A’ anime characters due to her significant character growth throughout the series. Her transformation from a timid novice to a confident and wise inspector reflects her inner strength and conviction. She navigates a morally gray world with firm ideals, making her character arc both fascinating and inspiring.

All Might (My Hero Academia)

Toshinori Yagi, better known as All Might, is the Symbol of Peace in the “My Hero Academia” universe. A beacon of hope and strength, All Might inspires a generation of heroes with his unwavering smile and determination to protect and serve. He’s also a mentor to the series protagonist, Midoriya Izuku.

All Might stands out due to his portrayal as a symbol of hope and the exploration of his vulnerabilities. His strong sense of duty, inspiring charisma, and resilient spirit, combined with his fatherly mentorship to Midoriya, create a multifaceted character that fans admire. His struggles with maintaining his persona and health humanize him, making All Might an iconic ‘A’ character in anime.

Akame (Akame ga Kill!)

Akame, the titular character of “Akame ga Kill!”, is a trained assassin turned rebel. Known for her stoic demeanor and deadly combat skills, Akame is driven by her desire to overthrow a corrupt government. Despite her cold exterior, she cares deeply for her comrades.

Akame’s character shines due to her lethal skills contrasted with a strong sense of justice and empathy. Her journey, filled with battles and loss, reflects her resolve and strength. This duality between her deadly assassin persona and her tenderhearted nature makes Akame a deeply engaging ‘A’ character in anime.

Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Alphonse Elric, the younger of the Elric brothers in “Fullmetal Alchemist”, is bound to a suit of armor after a failed alchemical experiment. Despite his imposing exterior, Alphonse is gentle, empathetic, and thoughtful, displaying a maturity beyond his years.

Alphonse is a remarkable ‘A’ character due to his emotional depth and unwavering optimism. His struggles with his unique situation—being a soul tethered to a suit of armor—add a poignant element to his character. Despite his hardships, Alphonse maintains his kindness and morality, making him a heartwarming and inspiring character.

Arale Norimaki (Dr. Slump)

Arale Norimaki, the main character from Akira Toriyama’s “Dr. Slump,” is a quirky android with superhuman strength and childlike innocence. Despite being a robot, Arale is known for her upbeat personality, enthusiasm, and whimsical antics that often lead to hilarious situations in the Penguin Village.

Arale’s character shines for her endearing naivety and extraordinary powers. She represents a delightful blend of comedy and adventure, making her a memorable character in the world of anime. Arale’s ability to turn everyday life into an exciting adventure with her joyful approach makes her an outstanding ‘A’ character.

Aoshi Shinomori (Rurouni Kenshin)

Aoshi Shinomori from “Rurouni Kenshin” is the serious and skilled leader of the Oniwabanshu, a group of ninjas. He’s driven by a strong sense of duty and loyalty towards his comrades. Aoshi’s character undergoes a significant transformation throughout the series, from an adversary to an ally.

Aoshi is a compelling ‘A’ character due to his unwavering determination and exceptional combat skills. His internal struggle, growth, and redemption arc paint a complex portrait of a man grappling with his sense of duty and guilt. His character’s depth and evolution contribute significantly to the series, making him a noteworthy character in anime.

Akemi Homura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Akemi Homura, a significant character in “Puella Magi Madoka Magica,” initially appears cold and distant but is revealed to have a tragic and complex backstory. Her character arc is intricately linked to her unwavering devotion to protect Madoka, the protagonist, at all costs.

Akemi Homura stands out as a character for her dedication and resilience in the face of despair. Her love for Madoka and her struggles as a magical girl are poignantly depicted, making her a highly empathetic character. Her complexities and determination render her an iconic ‘A’ character in anime.

Accelerator (A Certain Magical Index)

Accelerator, a pivotal character from “A Certain Magical Index,” is initially introduced as an antagonist. Known as the most powerful esper in Academy City, he exhibits a ruthless demeanor. However, following a life-altering event, Accelerator embarks on a path of redemption, showing a more compassionate side.

Accelerator shines as a character due to his powerful abilities and layered personality. His transition from a villain to an anti-hero offers compelling character development that grips the audience. His struggle to atone for his past actions and protect those he cares about makes Accelerator a fascinating ‘A’ character in anime.

Annie Leonhart (Attack on Titan)

Annie Leonhart from “Attack on Titan” is a complex character with a dual role as a military member and a Titan. Known for her exceptional combat skills and stoic demeanor, Annie’s character unfolds through a series of shocking revelations, adding complexity to her character.

Annie’s character stands out due to her resilience, skills, and the moral ambiguities she embodies. Her deep-rooted sense of duty, combined with her internal conflicts, create a captivating and multidimensional character. Despite being an antagonist, her personal struggles and motivations evoke sympathy, making her a striking ‘A’ character in anime.

Ainz Ooal Gown (Overlord)

Ainz Ooal Gown, the protagonist of the “Overlord” series, is a character caught between two worlds. Once a normal human in the real world, he is now an incredibly powerful skeletal mage in a game that has become his reality. Despite his terrifying appearance and power, Ainz often demonstrates a sense of justice and strategic brilliance.

Ainz’s character stands out due to the duality of his existence. His transition from a regular human to a ruler in a game world presents numerous challenges, and his attempts to navigate these while maintaining his morality are a high point of the series. His imposing presence, coupled with a tactical mind, makes Ainz a fascinating ‘A’ character in anime.

Atsuko Kagari (Little Witch Academia)

Atsuko Kagari, also known as Akko, is the main character in “Little Witch Academia.” An ordinary girl with no magical background, Akko enrolls in Luna Nova Magical Academy to fulfill her dream of becoming a witch. She’s a bundle of positivity and determination, often overcoming obstacles through sheer willpower.

Akko’s character shines due to her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering determination. Her journey symbolizes the essence of ‘hard work beats talent’ and her development throughout the series is inspirational. Her resolve to chase her dream, despite numerous hurdles, makes Akko a delightful and relatable ‘A’ character in anime.

Ash Ketchum (Pokémon)

Ash Ketchum is the protagonist of the widely popular “Pokémon” series. A trainer from the town of Pallet, Ash embarks on a journey to become a Pokémon Master. He is adventurous, fiercely loyal to his Pokémon, and continually learns from his experiences to become a better trainer.

Ash stands as a beloved ‘A’ character in anime due to his enduring spirit and growth. His relationships with his Pokémon and how he learns to nurture and battle with them is a significant aspect of his character. His commitment to his dream and his bonds with his Pokémon make him an iconic figure in the anime world.

Ayumu Aikawa (Is This a Zombie?)

Ayumu Aikawa from “Is This a Zombie?” is a high school boy turned zombie by a necromancer. Despite his undead status, Ayumu retains his consciousness and personality. He’s often seen struggling to lead a normal life while dealing with supernatural events and entities.

Ayumu’s character stands out due to the unique circumstances of his existence. His struggles to balance his daily life with his undead status lead to many comedic and emotional moments. His laid-back personality, coupled with his resilience in the face of bizarre situations, makes Ayumu an entertaining ‘A’ character in anime.

Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)

Asuna Yuuki is one of the main characters in “Sword Art Online.” Known for her skilled swordsmanship and speed, Asuna begins as a fearful solo player but eventually becomes a brave fighter and a leader. Her relationship with Kirito, the protagonist, is a crucial aspect of her character.

Asuna shines as a character due to her evolution throughout the series. From a scared player to a strong, confident fighter, her development is inspiring. Her strength, determination, and ability to form deep relationships make Asuna an influential ‘A’ character in anime.