20 Best Uncensored Anime: A Dive into Raw, Unfiltered Storytelling

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In the vast world of anime, there’s a spectrum of storytelling that ranges from the sugar-coated tales of friendship and fantasy to the raw, unfiltered narratives that challenge conventions and bare it all. The latter, often found in uncensored anime, offers a genuine, no-holds-barred experience, granting viewers a direct ticket into the creators’ unadulterated vision. The best uncensored anime’ not only celebrate the audacity of these creators but also introduce fans to a realm where boundaries are pushed, and art is presented in its purest form. Dive with us into this compelling world of unfiltered storytelling.

Berserk (1997 & 2016)

This dark fantasy series revolves around Guts, a wandering mercenary burdened with a traumatic past. Delving deep into intense themes like friendship, betrayal, and the cruel nature of humanity, “Berserk” presents its raw and gritty narrative without any filters, making it a standout in the uncensored anime category.

Elfen Lied

At the intersection of horror and psychological drama lies “Elfen Lied.” The series presents the story of Diclonii, mutated humans with horns and telekinetic powers. With its notorious opening scene and subsequent graphic content, the series takes an unflinching look at societal prejudice, cruelty, and the fine line between innocence and malevolence.

Tokyo Ghoul

A gripping tale of a young student, Kaneki, who turns into a half-ghoul after a chance encounter. As he grapples with his new identity and hunger for human flesh, “Tokyo Ghoul” portrays the societal divide between humans and ghouls. The uncensored version gives full expression to its dark themes and graphic battles, emphasizing the internal and external struggles faced by its characters.

Terra Formars

Set in a future where humanity tries to colonize Mars, they find the planet dominated by evolved humanoid cockroaches. “Terra Formars” is filled with brutal battles and intense gore. The uncensored episodes are unapologetic in showcasing this raw violence, reinforcing the desperation and primal fight for survival.

Deadman Wonderland

Following a young boy wrongly imprisoned for murdering his classmates, “Deadman Wonderland” introduces viewers to a twisted amusement park prison. The inmates are forced to participate in deadly games, with graphic battles and dark themes galore. The uncensored version only amplifies the inherent brutality, offering a more authentic experience of the story’s gravity.

Highschool of the Dead

In a world overrun by zombies, a group of high school students fights for survival. “Highschool of the Dead” skillfully combines horror, action, and fan service. Its uncensored portrayal emphasizes both the visceral nature of zombie onslaughts and the interpersonal dynamics among the survivors.

Black Lagoon

Set in the crime-infested Southeast Asian seas, this anime follows a group of mercenaries as they navigate through constant danger. “Black Lagoon” is renowned for its mature themes, intense gunfights, and deep character development. The series’ uncensored nature brings out the true colors of the underworld it depicts.


After dying in a subway accident, the characters find themselves in a room with a black sphere, directing them to hunt down and kill aliens. “Gantz” is not for the faint of heart; its explicit content, both in terms of violence and adult themes, makes the uncensored version an intense watch.


When alien parasites begin invading Earth, one such creature fails to take over its human host’s brain and instead melds with his hand. This anime is a profound exploration of human nature, identity, and coexistence. Its uncensored scenes present the unsettling transformations and battles in vivid detail.


A gripping horror mystery, “Another” is set in a class cursed with a calamity where students and their close ones face death. As the story unravels, the suspense is accentuated by gruesome deaths and chilling atmospheres. The uncensored nature ensures that viewers experience the full weight of the series’ eerie ambiance and shocking twists.

Hellsing Ultimate

This anime revolves around the Hellsing Organization, led by Sir Integra Hellsing, as they battle supernatural threats, especially vampires. At the center is Alucard, an ancient and powerful vampire bound to serve the Hellsing family. The uncensored version of “Hellsing Ultimate” accentuates its gory battles, dark themes, and deep lore, making it a favorite among fans of vampire action and horror.

Afro Samurai

Starring Samuel L. Jackson, “Afro Samurai” chronicles the journey of Afro, a samurai seeking revenge for his father’s death. The animation is stylish, blending traditional samurai themes with hip-hop culture, and the uncensored cuts give full play to its intense swordplay and mature narrative.

Shigurui: Death Frenzy

A hauntingly brutal portrayal of samurai life, “Shigurui” is not for the faint-hearted. It delves into the lives of two warriors from their early days to their final duel. The series is known for its meticulous attention to detail, slow-burn narrative, and unapologetic display of violence in its uncensored form.


A chilling tale of a young assassin seeking vengeance, “Kite” showcases the dark underbelly of urban crime. It’s a blend of action and drama, with graphic scenes that make the uncensored version particularly intense, painting a stark portrait of vengeance and corruption.

Devilman Crybaby

A modern retelling of Go Nagai’s classic, this series delves into the life of Akira Fudo, who becomes Devilman after merging with a demon. Themes of love, humanity, and despair are front and center, and the uncensored content, which includes graphic violence and profound emotional moments, heightens the impact of its dark narrative.

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

This psychological thriller follows Yukiteru Amano, a loner who finds himself in a deadly game where participants use diaries predicting the future to eliminate each other. The uncensored aspects underscore the series’ dark and twisted events, making each twist even more shocking.

Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi

A unique blend of supernatural and detective genres, this anime follows Rin, an immortal detective, through various eras. The series is known for its mature content, from graphic violence to sensual scenes, making its uncensored version a deep dive into its rich and intricate world.


Ryouta Sakamoto, a top player of the Btooom! game, finds himself on a deserted island, forced to play the game for real. The series combines psychological tension with intense action, and its uncensored content vividly brings to life the game’s life-or-death stakes.


Set in an academy training women with unique powers to battle alien invaders, “Freezing” combines battles with interpersonal drama. The uncensored version amplifies its action sequences and also highlights the challenges and traumas faced by its characters more explicitly.

Goblin Slayer

In a world plagued by goblins, a man known only as the Goblin Slayer dedicates his life to exterminating them. While the series is an action-packed fantasy, it’s also renowned for its controversial and graphic content. The uncensored version lays bare the brutal nature of the Goblin Slayer’s quest, making it a debated yet beloved series for many anime enthusiasts.