Crazy Time slot from Evolution Gaming

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This exciting gambling entertainment has gained popularity among fans of games of chance due to its variety of multipliers, numerous bonus rounds, and thrilling spins of the wheel of fortune. The show, developed by Evolution Gaming, offers high potential for significant wins and a constant feeling of excitement. The meticulously crafted design and variety of levels keep participants’ attention constant, making them eagerly anticipate each next move.

One of the key features of the slot is the interaction with live dealers, creating an atmosphere of a real casino and attracting those who seek authentic feelings of excitement. The process resembles classic entertainments: users are given limited time to place bets, after which the host starts spinning the wheel. The wheel itself contains eight main sectors, divided into 54 cells. Of these eight sections, four are equipped with multipliers, while the rest trigger bonus mini-rounds.

Key characteristics of the live game include:

πŸ’» Studio developerEvolution Gaming
🏷️ TypeLive show
🎲 RTP95.5%
πŸ’° Maximum prize moneyx25000.00
πŸ’² Betting range0.1- 1300

An interesting point in the show is that gamblers have no direct influence on the outcome of the wheel spin; after making a choice, they can only watch the development of events. Cameras located in the studio provide a complete overview, making it possible to follow every action of the dealer without any restrictions on the visual field.

About the developer of the game Crazy Time

Evolution Gaming, a recognized leader in providing high-quality online casino games with live dealers and additional services, enjoys high demand among operators worldwide. Their software, available on a variety of devices, including computers and mobile phones, supports different operating systems.

One of the key advantages of the provider is its flexibility in adapting to customer needs and the ability to provide comprehensive solutions. The company operates eight state-of-the-art studios for online broadcasting, located in various corners of the world. The studios’ equipment with modern HD cameras, set at various angles, allows users to immerse themselves in the game more detailedly and realistically.

Evolution Gaming also offers extensive customization options for its services. Operators have the opportunity to customize many aspects, including working hours, design, interior, 3D graphics, card designs, screen images, and even employee uniforms. In addition, the hosts can communicate in various languages, improving interaction with users, making it more convenient and understandable.

How to play live show

Experienced fans of Crazy Time often prepare for bets in advance, recognizing the importance of understanding the features, rules, and mechanics of the game to increase their chances of success. At the center of the entertainment is a large, brightly colored wheel of fortune, divided into 54 segments with numbers (1, 2, 5, or 10) and symbols of four bonus rounds, distributed unevenly, affecting the probability of their occurrence.

The process of participating in the game includes several stages:

  1. Launch. Users enter the Live Casino Studio by Evolution Gaming, where they can feel the atmosphere of excitement and watch the spinning of the wheel and the host, who comments on all actions and manages the bonus rounds.
  2. Bet selection. The show features eight betting options. Gamblers can make bets on one or several outcomes simultaneously, using convenient control buttons.
  3. Spinning the wheel. After placing bets, the host starts the wheel. Participants follow the spin and prepare for possible winnings.
  4. Multiplier determination. In each round, an additional multiplier is set on the top slot. If the wheel stops on this segment, the bet is multiplied by the specified coefficient.
  5. Winnings accrual. After the round ends, prizes are credited to the participants’ accounts. They can decide to continue playing or end the session.

Understanding the rules and features of the entertainment helps increase the chances of success and enhance the enjoyment of the spinning process.

Crazy Time entertainment payout table

In the game, different sectors offer various theoretical return to player (RTP) percentages and payouts, depending on which sector the bet was placed on:

  • The number 1 sector has a theoretical RTP of 96.08%.
  • The number 2 sector has a slightly lower RTP, at 95.95%.
  • The number 5 sector offers an RTP of 95.78%.
  • The number 10 sector is characterized by an RTP of 95.73%.

Crazy Time live players can expect different payouts depending on the segment they bet on:

  • The segment numbered 1 leads to a payout of 1:1.
  • The segment numbered 2 doubles the bet with a payout of 2:1.
  • The segment numbered 5 brings prize money at 5:1.
  • The segment numbered 10 brings a reward at 10:1.

In addition, bonus cells such as Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time offer significantly higher prizes, reaching up to 20,000x the stake.

Bonus rounds in Crazy Time

Crazy Time includes a series of exciting mini-rounds, each adding an additional element of excitement and offering opportunities for large wins:

  • Coin Flip. In this mini-game, a real coin is tossed using a special device in the studio. Multipliers are randomly determined for each side of the coin. The side that lands face-up determines the prize amount.
  • Cash Hunt. Gamblers see a huge screen with 108 different multipliers hidden behind various symbols. After shuffling the symbols, participants choose the target they want to bet on.
  • Pachinko. Participants are taken to a massive Pachinko wall with physical pegs. A puck descending down the wall can land on a multiplier or on the β€œDouble” segment, which doubles all coefficients and provides another attempt.
  • Crazy Time. Participants go through a mysterious red door into a virtual world reminiscent of Tivoli. At the center is a huge wheel, and users choose one of three flappers (blue, green, or yellow) before its spin. The prize is determined by the multiplier indicated by the chosen flapper.

Each mini-game offers unique opportunities for bettors looking to win big prizes and test their luck in this thrilling live show.

How to win at Crazy Time

To increase the chances of success in Crazy Time, gamblers can resort to various effective betting strategies:

  • Minimal Risk. Suitable for those looking to minimize risks and gradually increase their deposit. Bets are made on sectors with low multipliers (x1, x2, x5), which make up over 75% of the wheel, thereby increasing the likelihood of returning the bet in most rounds. Using the top slot with multipliers can significantly increase winnings and contribute to building up the bankroll.
  • Medium Risk. Here, players make minimum bets on all segments, which requires a sufficient bankroll. Small wins partially compensate for the main losses, and the chances of participating in bonus rounds, where multipliers can reach up to x20000, increase, which can offset previous losses.
  • High Risk. Users make large bets exclusively on bonus sectors, which can lead to significant prizes. This approach requires significant financial resources and a high degree of readiness to take risks.

Using these tactics requires a deep understanding of the rules and readiness for various outcomes. It is important to remember that none of the methods guarantees consistent success, and Crazy Time slot should be perceived as entertainment, not as a way to earn money.