15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

My Hero Academia may not be a beauty contest, but no rules prevent us from staging one. While most people love to rank their favorite anime characters based on power, cuteness is another lovable characteristic. So here are 15 of the most attractive characters from the My Hero Academia universe.

1. Momo Yaoyorozu

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

Momo is a massively underrated character from MHA when it comes to physical beauty. While she’s not intended to be the character that receives the most attention, her personality is simply alluring. Couple her physical looks with her natural selflessness, and you’ll understand why she’s a perfect character.

Momo is easily the tallest female student in Class 1-A, standing at 173 cm tall. The smile that constantly beams from her face complements her height perfectly, and her hero’s costume is pretty revealing.

She is the most popular female character in the franchise, and that’s partly due to her alluring beauty. In Japan, however, Uraraka and Toga are regarded as more attractive, but that’s normal; beauty standards change across borders.

2. Ochaco Uraraka

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

Since there is no objective measurement for cuteness, Momo and Ochaco are in contention for the top position amongst fans. While MHA fans from Asia tend to prefer Ochaco, Momo is the fan-favorite for fans in most English-speaking countries.

You can easily argue that Ochaco was intended to be the series’ cutest female character, given her prominence and relevance. Ochaco Uraraka has been set up for attention with a relatively rare gravity quirk from the beginning of the series.

While Uraraka might not be the most powerful character in the series, that’s not a requirement for cuteness. The love story between Ochaco and Deku is cute, and her willingness to help others makes her even more likable.

3. Todoroki Shoto

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

Kohei Horikoshi didn’t do enough justice to male characters in MHA, but some managed to stand out. In a popularity contest, Todoroki Shoto practically stole the show from the protagonist, receiving more votes than all other characters. Even though this isn’t something the anime fandom is proud of, everyone knows physical appearance plays a huge part in these votes.

The closest thing to Shoto in the anime fandom would be Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto if he wasn’t so edgy. While Sasuke could’ve stolen the show, Shoto did steal the show, earning him respect as the cutest male character. His lovable personality and character growth also play a huge role in the support he receives from the fandom.

4. Hitoshi Shinsou

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

If you love characters designed to be cool and standoffish, you’ll find Shinsou particularly attractive. Shinsou doesn’t only have a cool personality; he also has a cool quirk that makes him popular among the franchise’s fans. Almost throughout the entire series, Hitoshi Shinsou has always been perceived as a villain when he is a hero.

Hitoshi’s brainwashing quirk is hated by many, as he uses it to get others to complete tasks for him. That doesn’t take from his cuteness, which is exceptional compared to other male characters. The fact that he has a complex matter doesn’t make him likable, making him come across as a villain.

You’ll be hard-pressed to see Shinsou smiling or even talking. However, if you’re a cat person, you may like the fact that he’s constantly linked to cats in the fandom. There are claims that he has over 1,000 cats, but that’s just an uneducated guess.

5. Nejire Hado

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

While Nejire Hado debuted a bit late into the series, she was bedazzling when she did. With her hair reaching down to her knees, it’s obvious why fans fawn over her. Her hero costume is also one of the best in the series, consisting of a skin-tight bodysuit with a collar.

Unlike most other cute female characters in the anime, Nejire Hado is pretty strong. With her wave motion quirk, she can take down villains easily, even if it’s fatiguing. Unfortunately, due to her late appearance in the anime series, Nejiro Hado doesn’t usually get the attention she deserves.

6. Melissa Shield

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

Although Melissa shield was born without a quirk, she was born with beauty. Being one of the main characters in the MHA franchise guarantees attractiveness on its own, but Melissa is special.

Melissa Shield is of average height with blonde hair and a round face. Her blue eyes and pale skin work perfectly with the rest of her appearance and outfit. Her wristwatch and pink glasses also give her a smart look, shooting her to the top of most popularity contests.

7. Izuku Midoriya

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

Most Shonen protagonists are stupid and witty; they’re not usually designed to be ugly. Therefore, it’s not very surprising that Izuku makes the list of the cutest characters in his story. However, everyone can also agree that he doesn’t deserve to be the top-ranking for obvious reasons.

Born without a quirk, Deku didn’t inherit the usual outgoingness of most other Shonen protagonists. However, as disadvantaged as he was in My Hero Academia terms, he’s smart and calm, giving him an attractive personality. His cool hairstyle and well-designed outfit are some other reasons why he’s regarded as attractive in the MHA-verse.

However, it’s important to note that he can only be regarded as cute compared to other MHA characters. Since he’s a yardstick for how My Hero Academia characters should look, referring to him as ugly will sound problematic.

8. Mina Ashido

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

Mina Ashido is a class 1-A student of U.A. High School with qualities you can’t help but love. While she isn’t the cutest character in the series, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a scene where she isn’t smiling. The constant smile on her face and her cheerful personality make her an attractive character overall.

Mina has lilac-colored skin, a trait that sets off arguments concerning her race. However, her hair is pinker than lilac, and both colors match perfectly to create an odd color scheme for Mina. The weird coloration that defines her results from her acid quirk, which takes a pinkish color naturally.

While Mina has a humanoid-like appearance due to her skin color, it doesn’t hide her attractiveness. While her dress isn’t as revealing as that of most characters designed to be attractive, she’s simply good-looking overall.

9. Mei Hatsume

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

Mai Hatsume is popular for getting so engrossed in her work that she becomes unaware of her surroundings. While that may be her standout quality, her bedazzling beauty is another reason why many fans pay attention to her.

She’s part of the support group in U.A. High, and her simple outfit only makes her task easier. She also wears a sophisticated pair of goggles that holds her medium-length hair in place. Even though she’s cute, her assertive attitude usually makes people around her uncomfortable.

10. Himiko Toga

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

If you’ve watched One Punch Man, you’d expect this list to be almost filled with heroes. However, Kohei Horikoshi doesn’t only design good-looking heroes; the villains can also be visually appealing. Himiko Toga, an insanely cute MHA villain, proves this idea.

While she has a crush on the main character, she also derives pleasure from draining blood off her victims. Toga behaves very oddly since she was introduced, and her odd behaviors have only made fans like her better. With partial thanks to her beauty and insane acts, she can grow to become the most iconic villainess in the story.

11. Kyoka Jiro

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

While Kyoka Jiro is undoubtedly beautiful, you can argue that she’s a lot stronger than she is beautiful. However, if you’re more into badass girls, you’ll find the personality of Jiro attractive. She’s so much into music that her quirk is named “headphone jack.”

The headphone jack might sound harmless in real life, but My Hero Academia isn’t real life. In the MHA-verse, Kyoka Jiro can channel the sound of her heartbeat through the headphone jacks to launch a violent vibration attack.

12. Yuyu Haya

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

At first glance, Yuyu Haya may look like your typical male anime character, but she’s female. Therefore, fans usually ship her with fellow girls, thanks to her resemblance to a male character. However, unlike most other characters on this list, she’s a student of class 3-A at U.A. High.

She didn’t make many appearances in the anime, but she was impressed with her beauty the few times she appeared. Interestingly, you’ll find Yuyu Haya somewhat attractive, regardless of whether you prefer female or male anime characters.

13. Kinoko Komori

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

Kinoko is a student of class 1-B at U.A. High, learning to become a pro hero like most other characters. Her hair is cut into a fringe that hangs over the upper part of her face, leaving only her mouth. While we don’t get to see most of her face, she’s still pretty cute.

However, her quirk in the series is pretty weird. Dubbed the mushroom, it allows her to emit spores that allow different kinds of fungi to grow anywhere, even on people! The expression on her face makes her come across as shy, and her actions show that she’s also kind.

14. Katsuma Shimano

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

Kids are always cute, aren’t they? While there aren’t many kid characters in My Hero Academia, Katsuma Shimano is pretty attractive. Just like his sister, Mahoro, Katsuma is short and shy, and he respects heroes, hoping to be one someday.

Katsuma is usually seen in a white outfit covered with blue overalls and a pair of light blue to match. He also wears a large rim hat and hangs a messenger bag over his arm. Unfortunately, since he typically avoids confrontations, we don’t know much about his personality other than his timid nature.

15. Itsuka Kendo

15 Cutest My Hero Academia Characters (Ranked)

While Itsuka Kendo made a pretty late appearance in the show, she became a sensation since her first appearance. She quickly became the most popular class 1-B girl in the show, even with her late introduction to the series.

While the writer tried showing that she was popular due to her leadership skills, her beauty played a huge role. The fact that she almost won the fashion festival at U.A. High shows how beautiful she is in MHA terms.

Outside her beauty, she’s a bright and assertive leader, earning her the position of the class representative of class 1-B. She’s slim and of average height, and she usually ties her long orange hair into a long ponytail.