Disney Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

Disney Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

‘X’ is not the most common letter for a name, but in the world of fantasy and marvel that is the Disney world, there are a few choices. So let’s have a look at some of the most iconic names and see how many you can name without looking!

1. XR (Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)

Disney Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

With the initials standing for Xperimental Ranger), he’s a robotic space ranger character with the similar color scheme of green, purple and white colors to Buzz Lightyear.

With the handy skill of self-repair, he has shown to be able to rebuild himself even if partially destroyed.

After destruction by Zurg’s Warp Darkmatter, he took on a human personality after being rebuilt. XR also becomes enamored with beautiful women and anything luxurious, a wink to his human elements.

2. XL (Buzz Lightyear of Star Command)

Disney Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

XL is the brother of XR, a failed prototype created by the Little Green Men, deactivated once his flawed operation became apparent. XL stands for extra large, as he is huge.

Zurg turns XL back on, and XL then takes it upon himself to destroy Star Command and Commander Nebula, becoming the villain. 

Having to be rebuilt from various spare parts, he has a multi-colored appearance and extra abilities. Due to his programming, he has a hard time understanding the subtleties of human speech, and his emotions seem to swing wildly.

Eventually he comes around, and is transformed into a copier machine for Star Command.

3. Xyla (Doc McStuffins)

Disney Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

Alma’s ladybug-shaped xylophone, she is mostly made of wood and has two sets of wheels instead of legs. Unsurprisingly, she is a big fan of music.

She has a constantly loose xylophone key that needs to be replaced and found as it falls off at inopportune times, but thankfully Doc is generally there to help with it.

4. Xerxes (Aladdin TV Series)

Disney Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

Mozenrath the sorcerer’s familiar, Xeres appears as an ocean creature that looks like a lamprey, complete with a toothy grin.

With the ability to fly, he is a useful sidekick to Mozenrath. He loves to fight and gets off on being evil. Like Iago, he speaks his own mind too much and gets punished for it.

5. David Xanatos (Gargoyles)

Disney Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

The mysterious founder and CEO of Xanatos Enterprises, he is rich beyond measure and part of the Illuminati.

He has patrician taste, loving the fine arts and being very dedicated to his family. On top of being a business genius, he is also extremely proficient in martial arts and magic.

Having transported Castle Wyvern and reconstructing it atop his New York skyscraper, he was fundamental in waking up the Wyvern Clan from their frozen sleep.

After the gargoyles realized he wasn’t quite the ally he appeared to be, Goliath and the rest of the crew made it their mission to ensure he ended up in prison or dead.

However, Xanatos’ greed saw him needing to make amends to defeat Demona, showing that he has a very pragmatic personality, even if it is sometimes turned inwards a little too often.

6. Xavier (Tangled: The Series)

Disney Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

A swarthy and muscular blacksmith in Corona, he is also well-versed in history who loves to tell legends and myths of old. Xavier is very much aware of the existential threats posed to the kingdom by supernatural forces.

His realization of the power of Rapunzel’s necklace and further reveal that she has been lied to, leads to the both of them understanding that a scheme is afoot to destroy Corona by the Separatists of Saporia.

Xavier also is well-versed in magic techniques, making the sleeping potion used on Little Big Guy, a pink infant dragon that Nigel wanted to subdue.

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