Educational Video Games For Children

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Learning through games puts a positive imprint on the mastering of the material. New skills are acquired more quickly by the child, and the mood is always in order. Due to the active development of IT technologies, and the widespread use of computers and mobile devices, children are offered exciting games. They are adapted for computers, smartphones, and tablets. They have educational and developmental functions. The most popular projects are presented in the article.

Benefits of Educational Video Games 

You shouldn’t scold your child if he tends to spend time on the computer or smartphone. It is better to choose optimal projects for him that will help him learn new skills without disrupting his psycho-emotional state. According to studies, games have a positive role:

  • the child becomes more diligent, attentive, and focused. This will help in their further studies;
  • quests and puzzles develop logical thinking and help consolidate success in multitasking;
  • working with a keyboard, joystick, and mouse improves fine motor skills;
  • as the child overcomes levels, he/she learns to determine its complexity and analyze his/her actions. This will help assess life situations as he grows up;
  • thanks to the variety of storylines and genres, it develops horizons and imagination.

To find the right game, you do not need to test all the projects on your own. It is enough to read the reviews and make a decision for yourself. For example, for adults of legal age, there are descriptions of Casiqo casino and other establishments to choose a place of leisure. For children who are not yet able to play on slot machines because of age restrictions, there are sites with a review of the most popular arcade, puzzles, and other projects. 

Variety of Educational Games

Thanks to the variety of games on offer, there will always be an option that will be interesting to your child. Projects from leading developers attract attention not only by their plot, but also by their excellent implementation. The most popular games and the companies that created them are presented in the table below.

DreamsMedia Molecule
Keep Talking and Nobody ExplodesInc. & Steel Crate Games
Animal Crossing: New HorizonsNintendo EPD
It’s Quiz TimeSnap Finger Click & Vision Games Publishing Ltd.
Letter Quest: Grimm’s JourneyBacon Bandit Games
Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal CollectionFrontier Developments

If you are interested in what these games are about and what benefits they bring, check out the reviews below. This will help you choose an option for your child’s leisure time. If you want to have a great time yourself, then pay attention to the reviews of slots by Max Bet(an author of the gambling review website SlotsUp), which will help you find an exciting project with a high RTP rate. The child will be busy learning the game, and you will enjoy spinning the reels.


This is a sandbox, released in 2020. Its main advantage lies in the realization of the child’s creative potential. Here you can create your own drawings or perform interactive tasks, as well as develop your own games. Thanks to the wide possibilities of the project, any idea, even the most complex one, will be realized. As for children, the game is interesting for them because they will express any creative idea in the empty space.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The game was released in 2015. The goal is to defuse an explosive device. The task is performed by several participants, so your child will learn teamwork skills during the passage. The point is that one player gets the bomb, and the other gets the disarming instructions. You need to clearly communicate to the owner of the explosive device how to eliminate the problem. Children will have fun interacting with each other and improve their communication skills.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The game is a life simulator. It was released in March 2020. It’s about living in a cozy town where the main characters are anthropomorphic animals. The goal is to live and enjoy every day, furnishing your home, going fishing or searching for insects. Players will learn how to handle money, communicate with others, and work as a team.

Retrieving fossil remains can be donated to a museum. At the same time, detailed information will be provided about each skeleton or creature. Children will learn many interesting facts about dinosaurs, fish, insects, etc.


The popular computer game has become an extension of tabletop entertainment. The project is designed not only for children but also for adults. Here it is necessary to make a word out of the available letters. The longer it is, the more points are awarded. The game is great for developing a child and enriching the vocabulary. You can find more details about it at

It’s Quiz Time

Originally, the game was a fun party game. But after transferring it to the virtual world, it has become a great educational project for children. The game can be used to test general knowledge.

The rules are simple enough. Gamers need to answer questions from different categories one by one. At the same time, in some cases, it is required to choose the correct expression. In others – place several answers in the required order. For convenience, you can mark a certain area, for example, to improve geography, history, or other disciplines.

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey

The arcade invites players to try on the role of the cartoon Black Reaper. His goal is to free the virtual world from formidable monsters. However, you will have to act not by force but by word. At each level, players are given a set of letters. They have to compose the maximum number of words.

Some time is allotted to complete the task. The longer the word is, the more damage is inflicted on the enemies. This encourages players to be active. They strive to compose longer words while enriching their speech and memorizing the peculiarities of the spelling. 

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection

Zoo Simulator is considered to be one of the best in its segment. It was released in October 2017 and adapted for PC and X-One. Players are invited to become the owner of the zoo, which they need to develop and equip. The great thing is that everyone is free to walk around the territory, approach the cages, and learn interesting facts about the animals.

With the game, your child can visit the zoo more often, albeit virtually. The developers have created a tutorial, so children will become kinder and understand that the animal world must be protected. Also, in the game, you need to think about management and planning which is indispensable for a successful future.