Hunter X Hunter Order of Watching: The Complete Guide

Hunter X Hunter Order of Watching: The Complete Guide

Hunter x Hunter is a popular animation series that was adapted from a manga with the same name. Unfortunately, the manga series is currently on an extended hiatus with no news of a possible comeback. However, the 2011 anime somewhat had a possible conclusion to Gon’s story.

Hunter x Hunter has two anime adaptations, the original 1999 version, and the 2011 version. So, if you’re watching the 2011 version, then the series already covers the old anime and the OVAs in proper order. But, if you watch the old anime, then you might want to watch the OVAs as well.

For those opting to watch the original 1999 version, you can follow this watch order:

Hunter x Hunter (1999)

Hunter x Hunter: Spider OVAs

Hunter x Hunter Greed Island OVAs

Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island Final OVAs

Hunter X Hunter (2011) Episode 76 onwards

If you’re watching the 2011 anime, you get to see what happens after the Greed Island Arc. Then, starting episode 76, our heroes begin the Chimera Ant Arc, an arc not covered by the original release of Hunter x Hunter. I’ll go through the old anime and other releases in detail next.

Hunter X Hunter (1999)

Hunter X Hunter Order of Watching: The Complete Guide

On his quest to find his father, Gon Freecss sets out to take the Hunter Exam; by passing the exam, he can travel without restriction and maybe find his father. On his journey, he becomes good friends with Killua, Leorio, and Kurapika, all with varying intentions of becoming a hunter.

The 1999 anime stops at the Yorknew City Arc, also called the Phantom Troupe Arc. This arc focuses on Kurapika’s involvement in the Mafia as he tries to retrieve the Scarlet Eyes, which initially belonged to his clan. The arc is mostly in Yorknew City, where Kurapika’s mission gets complicated due to the Phantom Troupe.

Unfortunately, the original anime doesn’t finish the arc. However, you’ll be able to watch the continuation of this arc in the first OVA releases of Hunter x Hunter.

Compared to the 2011 remake, the original series had a couple of fillers thrown into the adaptation. However, fans of the series have voiced that they appreciate the added bits of fun to lighten the mood. 

Hunter X Hunter: Spider OVAs 

Hunter X Hunter Order of Watching: The Complete Guide

The first release of OVAs for the original Hunter x Hunter adaptation. The OVAs cover the remaining bits of the Phantom Troupe Arc that was left unfinished in the anime. The eight-episode OVAs also count as the original animation’s episodes 63 to 70.

In this mini-series, Kurapika manages to reunite with Gon and the other party members. He informs them of the risk he bears because of his abilities. The party soon hears word that one Spider Member has survived, and this particular member could ultimately kill Kurapika. The team then decides to hunt the last member.

Hunter X Hunter Greed Island OVA 

Hunter X Hunter Order of Watching: The Complete Guide

With the Spiders finally dealt with, Gon continues his original mission, searching for Ging. Gon and Killua attempt to purchase the game “Greed Island” but end up volunteering to complete the game for someone else instead. The two of them decide to prepare for the game by doing training.

The OVA ends without finishing the arc. Gon and Killua begin training under Biscuit Krueger, a Double Stone Hunter. Biscuit uses a bandit they have subdued to train Gon and Killua before they journey further into the game.

Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island Final OVAs

Hunter X Hunter Order of Watching: The Complete Guide

Taking off from where the last OVA ended, Gon and Killua continue their training under Biscuit. With their new knowledge and skills, the two feel ready to continue the adventure in the game. The trio continues to tackle several opponents and other players in the game.

After completing the game, Gon and Killua use the card called “Accompany” to fly to the player named “Nigg.” Gon believes that the name is just an alias that his father uses. Unfortunately, the anime ends without revealing if the person they met was actually Gon’s father. Accordingly, this episode ends at Chapter 185 of the manga.

Hunter X Hunter (2011)

Hunter X Hunter Order of Watching: The Complete Guide

For those who have not watched the original animation, you can just start with the 2011 anime and watch it to the end. For those who have watched the older anime and would like to just pick off where the old anime stopped, you can watch the end of the Greed Island Arc and the beginning of the Chimera Ant arc in the 2011 adaptation.

Chimera Ant Arc

The arc starts at Episode 76  of the new Hunter x Hunter anime. After Gon uses the card to travel to Ging, they end up meeting Kite instead. Kite talks about his past and how he is associated with Ging. He also tells them about the species the Chimera Ant.

This was the arc not animated in the original animation since the Manga hasn’t been updated in a while. The arc covers Chapter 186 to Chapter 318 of the manga and is the longest arc in the manga.

The end of the arc shows Gon at death’s door. Killua decides to travel to save Gon’s life. While this is happening, the Zodiacs, the top twelve members of the Hunter Association, begin to organize an election to choose the next president.

13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc

Hunter X Hunter Order of Watching: The Complete Guide

This arc is also simply called the Election Arc. This arc covers the events of chapter 319 to chapter 339 of the Hunter x Hunter manga.

Due to the death of Netero, the 12th Hunter Chairman during the events of the Chimera Ant Arc, a new chairman is needed. Ging Freecss leads the members of the Zodiacs to choose a new leader. 

However, all the events are just a backdrop to the real story of this arc. While the Hunters are busy with the election, Killua and his servants work together to retrieve Alluka Zoldyck. Alluka’s ability is enough to revive a now hospitalized Gon. Meanwhile, Hisoka and Illumi attempt to stop this plan due to Alluka’s power being too dangerous to release.

This arc also serves as the last arc to the 2011 anime adaptation. Gon finally manages to meet Ging at the end of the series. Viewers are also treated to a peek of what the other characters are up to at the ending.

The last episode in the Election Arc is the final arc shown to be canon. The anime had two movies that did not represent any story from the manga.

What Are the Two Movies of Hunter X Hunter?

Hunter x Hunter had two non-canon movies released in 2013. Since it’s not canon to the story, fans can watch it at any time. Filmmakers have said that watching the films in their supposed time will not make sense canonically.

Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge

Hunter X Hunter Order of Watching: The Complete Guide

The first movie released for the popular Hunter x Hunter franchise. In the film, Gon, Killua, Kurapia, and Leorio face an ex-member of the Phantom Troupe. However, after defeating the antagonist in the movie, the current members of the Phantom Troupe arrive and say they will settle the score with Kurapika and Hisoka at another time.

After some time, the main group decides to split, with Gon and Killua remaining together. While it’s not canon, the movie is supposed to occur at the end of the Yorknew City Arc. However, it doesn’t fit well with the next episode, so the filmmakers labeled this movie as Non-canon and filler. 

Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission

Hunter X Hunter Order of Watching: The Complete Guide

This movie is supposedly set after the Greed Island Arc, directly before the Chimera Ant Arc. However, the film has yet to be officially stated as canon. The movie introduces Isaac Netero, the greatest and most powerful Hunter. He sealed away a hunter named Jed, who has mastered the use of On, also known as the shadow or darkness of Nen.

At present day, On users are reappearing in the Heavens Arena Battle Olympia Tournament. Netero now needs the help of the other hunters to put a stop to Jed once and for all.

Gon manages to purify Jed’s On with his own Nen allowing Jed’s soul to finally be free. As a new day begins, the Battle Olympia Tournament is allowed to start again.

Both versions of the Hunter x Hunter anime are great. If you want something that sticks closer to its source material, it’s best to just watch the 2011 version. But if you would like to see why Hunter x Hunter was a well-loved series back in the day, watch the original; there are some things that the original did better.