‘Initial D’ Simplified: Your Guide to Chronological & Release Date Watch Order

Initial D watch order

For fans of street racing and anime, “Initial D” stands out as an iconic series. Tracing the adrenaline-fueled journey of Takumi Fujiwara, a young street racer, the anime combines thrilling races with gripping character development. With numerous seasons, OVAs, and movies, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. Let me help you with a straightforward guide to watching “Initial D” in both release date and chronological order.

Initial D in Release Date Order

If you want to experience “Initial D” as it was presented to audiences, watching it in release order is the way to go. Starting with the “Initial D First Stage” released in 1998, it introduces you to the world of Takumi Fujiwara, an 18-year-old high school student discovering the exhilaration of street racing.

Move on to the “Initial D Second Stage”, which ran from 1999 to 2000. After this, you’ve got the “Initial D Extra Stage” OVA released in 2000. Dive deeper into the story with “Initial D Third Stage”, a movie that came out in 2001. From there, follow the list with “Initial D Battle Stage”, “Initial D Fourth Stage”, and so on until “New Initial D the Movie: Battle Digest” in 2022.

Are All Initial D Seasons & Movies Connected?

Yes, all the seasons are interconnected, offering a continuous narrative of Takumi’s street racing journey. The movies, however, are mainly retellings of the anime, with some new scenes sprinkled in. By following the release date order, you’ll get a comprehensive view of Takumi’s evolution as a racer and the changing landscape of street racing in the anime world.

Chronological Watch Order of Initial D

Luckily, the chronological order of “Initial D” aligns with its release date order. Starting with “Initial D First Stage”, where we first meet Takumi, the story flows naturally into subsequent seasons and OVAs. The three movies titled “Initial D Legend: Awakening”, “Racer”, and “Dream” serve as a recap of the series with fresh animation. They don’t add new plot details, but if you’re looking for a summarized version, this trilogy is perfect.

Where to Watch Initial D?

For a vast collection of anime, Crunchyroll is the top recommendation. It hosts the “Initial D” series, making it a reliable spot for fans. If you’re more into Apple products, AppleTV+ offers four seasons of “Initial D” along with the movie trilogy. Hulu has a limited collection with only two seasons available. Unfortunately, the latest “New Initial D the Movie Battle Digest” doesn’t have a consistent platform yet.

Will There Be More Initial D Content?

As of now, there’s no official news about any new “Initial D” seasons or movies. But given the release of “New Initial D the Movie Battle Digest” in 2022, future content isn’t out of the question. Until then, fans might need to be content with the existing episodes and movies.

“Initial D” is more than just an anime about racing; it’s a tale of passion, growth, and the challenges life throws our way. Whether you’re re-watching or diving in for the first time, this guide ensures a seamless journey with Takumi and his racing adventures. Grab some snacks, and may your “Initial D” binge be as thrilling as a ride down Mount Akina!