Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

There are a range of iconic characters to choose from for this list, including aliens, queens, hyenas, mammoths and many more.

So join me as we go through this list from famous movies and get a bit of backstory on them all. We’ll look at both live action, animated and puppets in this list but the one thing they all share? Names starting with ‘E’!

1. ET (ET the Extra-Terrestrial)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

An alien left behind on earth and befriended by Elliott, a young boy. As scared of humans as ET is of them, he runs in fear whenever coming across a human.

Having an ability to transmit his feelings and thoughts to Elliott, such as Elliott feeling surprise in another room when ET startles himself, ET eventually reveals he has many powers including being able to levitate balls, heal wounds, and revive dead flowers.

Eventually building a communication device out of household objects, ET successfully contacts home but is slowly dying on Earth’s atmosphere, causing Elliott to also slowly die.

2. Ed (The Lion King)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

A high-ranking member of Shenzi’s clan, along with his companion Banzai, Ed is a male hyena.

Exiled from the Pride Lands, they are hired by Scar to murder Mufasa via instigating a stampede. Taking the opportunity to eat Simba as well, they fail but report back that they were successful.

Ed shows little loyalty, with him and the other hyenas eventually turning on Scar.

Ed often is found laughing maniacally, although he spends most of his time being mute and just communicating with grunts, pantomime and nodding. He is quite clueless and unintelligent, sometimes found gnawing on his own leg.

3. Edna Mode (The Incredibles)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

A fashion designer who helps create the costumes for Supers and a close friend of the Parr family, she is very fashionable and often seen in all black with large black-rimmed glasses.

Half-Japanese, half-German, she loves calling everyone ‘darling’ but is very protective of her de facto monopoly of making suits for the Supers. However, there is no doubt she is very talented and also offers good advice, such as eschewing a potentially dangerous cape.

4. Eduardo (Rio 2)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

A blue Spix’s Macaw, he is the father of Jewel and lost a daughter to logging, although he eventually realizes that she is not dead.

Eduardo is very suspicious of humans, and doesn’t trust anyone who uses anything created by humans, bringing him into conflict with Blu.

Eduardo is an intimidating bird. He’s passionate about his flock, as well as protecting the Amazon and the Sanctuary he found for his fellow birds.

5. Edward Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

An artificial humanoid creature named Edward, his creator died before finishing him, leaving him with various scissor blades instead of hands. He appears in all black leather and has very pale, white skin.

After meeting a local saleswoman, she realizes he is alone and adopts him and he is generally accepted by the surrounding community.

His skills with the blades are revealed when he shows an amazing ability to create topiaries out of hedges, trim dog’s hair and even do stylish human haircuts. However his inability to get a loan and false rumors being spread about him start causing issues for his life.

His feelings for the daughter of the family that brought him in bring him into conflict, especially with her jealous boyfriend, and after some misunderstandings and assaults by the townsfolk, Edward retreats to his mansion to live alone again.

6. Dr Egon Spengler, PhD (Ghostbusters)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

A former professor of paranormal studies at Columbia University, he founded Ghostbusters, Inc. and has designed and built nearly all of their equipment, including the PKE Meter, Proton Pack and the Storage facility to keep all the various ghosts and spirits captured.

Appearing as a well-dressed, serious man with glasses, he is often the voice of reason and speaks in a monotone voice.

His knowledge of paranormal phenomena means that he is very useful when trying to determine whether someone saw a ghost or they’re just being delusional. He will take the lead in the initial questioning to work out what they’re dealing with.

Egon has developed quite the sweet tooth, and Ray rewards him with chocolate bars whenever he wants to bribe him or recognize a job well done.

7. Elastigirl

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

Real name Helen Parr, she is a Super that can stretch her body like elastic, even being able to mold into shapes as she pleases.

Marrying Mr Incredible, she is mother to three children and tries to keep everyone in line, especially seeing as Supers are outlawed. Often being the voice of reason and the most composed, she has her hands full with her busy life.

Apart from elasticity, she is basically invulnerable and can also modify her density, even able to survive explosions and glide through the air by creating wings.

She’s not above using her superpowers to help wrangle the kids, although she does worry about setting a bad example that powers can be used at anytime without regard to the law.

8. Ellen Ripley (Alien)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

A warrant officer aboard the Nostromo, a spaceship en route to Earth, she and the rest of the crew are in stasis for the long journey home. After receiving a transmission from a nearby planet, they check it out only to realize that something is killing them one by one.

Ripley makes solid decisions throughout the attacks, even initially refusing the entry of Kane once he is attacked by a facehugger, but gets overridden. 

Ripley eventually becomes the commanding officer as the rest of the crew is killed off, and Ripley discovers that one of the crew members, Ash, was tasked with making sure the alien makes it back to Earth intact, and he is actually an android.

Eventually realizing that escaping on a shuttle is the only choice while initiating the self-destruction sequence on the Nostromo, Ripley then discovers that the alien has got onto the shuffle. Finally ejecting the alien through the airlock, Ripley goes back into stasis sleep.

This experience hardens Ripley, and she finds that she has to deal with further alien infestations throughout her life as other humans are so obsessed with getting a live specimen.

9. Ellie (Ice Age)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

A female mammoth, Ellie is part of a herd of different animals, eventually become a mate to Manny. After surviving the floods, Ellie and Manny had a daughter, naming her Peaches.

After being separated from her mammoth herd when younger, she was adopted by a possum, who raised her. Eventually, she is convinced by Manny that she is indeed a mammoth. She is a kind mother and very loving.

10. Elsa (Frozen)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

The daughter of Agnarr and Iduna, she can manipulate ice and snow.

After accidentally hurting her sister Anna with her powers Elsa grew afraid of her powers and was unable to control them properly. 

Shutting herself away so as not to hurt anyone, eventually her powers were revealed at a coronation ceremony, which led her to spend more time on controlling her powers and thus rekindle her relationship with her sister.

After a journey to the Enchanted Forest, Elsa became the fifth spirit, joining nature and humanity. She corrected the curse on the forest, saving the inhabitants within as well as Arendelle.

11. Emile (Ratatouille)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

Remy’s gluttonous older brother, he loves to eat and is larger than his brother. With light brown fur, he is very friendly and understanding.

This link with his brother means that Remy is open with him about his dreams of working as a chef, as well as his ability to read and watch TV.

12. Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

An accomplished mariner, he loves to be aboard ships in his own fleet and is a skilled helmsman. A handsome man with a head of black hair, he is a good man who takes his royal responsibilities seriously.

Often out at sea, he partakes in many voyages ranging from a fishing expedition to sea battles. His servant and personal confidant Grimbsy is a solid rock for him to bounce ideas off.

With his father keen for him to marry, he is constantly presented with women but is not keen on any of them, eventually falling for Ariel when she rescues him from a shipwreck. 

Eric searches for her in vain and eventually meets her again, but she’s lost the ability to speak due to Ursula’s trickery. While a kiss would keep her human, Ursula dispatches her eels to flip the boat and then takes on the disguise of a beautiful woman to marry Eric.

13. Eric Cartman (South Park)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

The incredibly spoiled, potty mouth of the group, Cartman comes from a broken home where he is waited on hand and foot.

Bigoted and dense, he manipulates and bullies all around him, and cooks up schemes to get back at people who have wronged him. Never taking responsibility for his deeds, he will use crocodile tears and pathetic attempts at emotional blackmail to get what he wants.

Despite his flaws, he is very wise to the world and is always looking to score more food to add to his already huge waistline. He is often seen with a blue and yellow beanie, red jacket and brown pants. He has brown hair under his beanie.

14. Ernesto De La Cruz (Coco)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

The main antagonist of Coco. He was a famous singer and musician who also had amazing good looks combined with a sultry charm.

Ernesto is trapped in the Land of the Dead following his death, and so Miguel embarks on a quest to find Ernesto, who he thinks is his long-lost great-great-grandfather but is actually the murderer of Miguel’s true great-great grandfather, Hector.

Ernesto is actually a talentless musician, and stole Hector’s songbook after poisoning him, becoming famous off the back of the songs originally created by Hector. 

Ernesto is revealed to be selfish, cowardly, vain, fame-hungry, and desperate, so much that he killed Hector just because Hector wants to return to his family who he left behind to become a musician.

15. Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

A young Romani woman and humanitarian, she is targeted by Claude Frollo due to her desire to help the hunchback and generally for fighting for better conditions.

Being verbally powerful, very streetwise, positive, moral and smart, she is also full of cunning and often outsmarts her enemies.

16. Ethan (Ice Age)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

Part of a group of teenage mammoths called The Brat Pack that includes Katie, Steffie and Meghan, Ethan is laid back and has a thing for Peaches.

However, Ethan seems to suffer from close-mindedness, criticizing Peaches for being half-possum. But his feelings for Peaches make him reconsider the insult, and he is later shown to be feeling guilt for such utterances.

Acting reckless at times, he narrowly outruns a deadly landslide, only to look back on it as a fun activity.

17. Eva (Rio)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

A Keel-billed Toucan, she has 21 chicks with Rafael. With a grating and strong-headed personality, she does strike fear into others due to her loud and demanding attitude, but is really just starved of attention and appreciation.

She has a terrible singing voice, although Rafael will never tell her that.

18. EVE (WALL-E)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

With her name standing for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, she is sent to Earth to find  any signs of life, with an ability to fly at high speeds.

Appearing as a white robot with an ergonomic shape and black screen for a face, she also has an inbuilt scanner and morphable fingers to mimic human dexterity in manipulating objects. 

EVE also has a powerful plasma cannon equipped in her right arm.

While initially suspicious of WALL-E, he does save EVE from a dust storm and she at least tolerated him for a time. After showing a plant to EVE, EVE takes the sample and deactivates, before being eventually picked up to be taken back to the mothership.

19. Queen Elinor (Brave)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

Queen of the Scottish kingdom of DunBroch with King Fergus, she is also the mother to Merida and the triplets Harris, Hubert, and Hamish.

Carrying herself with grace, she is wise beyond her years and a good queen. Expert at diplomacy and fiercely loyal to her kin and queendom, she sometimes finds it hard to juggle the many conflicting forces she is in control over.

Queen Elinor is a determined woman who sees that her overbearing personality shifts into a more compassionate and understanding one, but still is fiercely loyal to her family and kingdom.

Briefly turned into a bear, she returns to normal after Merida apologizes.

20. The Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Movie Characters That Start With E: Iconic Names

A beautiful woman who becomes insanely jealous upon finding out that she is no longer the most beautiful in the land, she eventually disguises herself as an old woman to give Snow White a poisoned apple.

Ruthless, jealous, vain and obsessive, she destroys her own beauty by transforming into the old woman, and uses captromancy to find out the answers to questions, such as which woman is the most beautiful in the land.

After forcing Snow White to wear rags and slave in her castle, a chance encounter with the Prince, who is intoxicated by Snow White’s amazing singing, leads the Queen to order the Huntsman to take her into the forest and kill her.

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