Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

Iconic characters abound in the many movies released over the years, so let’s go through a list containing some of the top and most recognizable names.

This list of characters starting with ‘F’ is a long one, so have a look through this curated list and see how many you recognize.

1. Falcon (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

A former United States of America Air Force pararescueman, he was trained by the military in aerial combat using a jetpack featuring articulating wings.

A close ally to Captain America, he eventually replaces Captain America on the Avengers and even receives his shield.

He uses a drone named Redwing to assist in his missions, and his replacement suit is made of vibranium.

2. Faline (Bambi)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

A female deer who is the daughter of Ena, she is Bambi’s love interest and eventual mate. Seen giggling and generally acting cutesy, she eventually matures as she leaves adolescence. 

Bambi seems immature in comparison, and Faline is always making the first move in their relationship, including in mere play or the eventual romantic pursuits when she is older.

Her maturity is also seen in her intelligence and resourcefulness, escaping from an unwanted suitor Ronno and also quickly scaling rocks after being chased by dogs.

She has blue eyes, and features an entire fur coat of light orange. Her stripes on each side under the top row of her spots are white. 

3. Fast Tony (Ice Age)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

A male armadillo who spends most of his time selling snake oil, he attempts to use the events of the land, such as floods, to sell useless items that will protect the buyer.

He also tries to sell bark and river reeds, claiming that they would grant the buyer safety from the floods or allow them to survive in the oncoming water.

When it turns out that Fast Tony is right about the upcoming changes to the environment, he initially is as shocked to find out that he is correct, but quickly brings back the mask and nods solemnly to prove that he’s not just trying to sucker people in.

He proves to be a nasty character, as upon finding his sidekick Stu’s empty shell after he got attacked and eaten by sea reptiles, he tries to sell that as well.

4. Ferdinand (Ferdinand)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

Ferdinand is a pacifist and loves flowers, but is bullied by the other calves due to his unwillingness to take part in the bullfighting.

After escaping from captivity and finding himself on a flower farm, Ferdinand grows up to a massive bull. After getting recaptured and sent to Casa del Toro, he finds out that his pacifist ways are going to buy him a one way ticket to the slaughterhouse.

Discovering a room full of bull horns, including his own father’s, Ferdinand, Lupe, and the hedgehogs steal Moreno’s truck and flee to Madrid.

After arriving, they abandon the truck and go to the Atocha train station, but Ferdinand is captured and put in the bullfighting ring. Not willing to fight even after being wounded by a banderilla, Ferdinand sits down, causing the matador to walk away. 

5. King Fergus (Brave)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

Ruling over the kingdom of DunBroch in the Scottish Highlands, he has a daughter named Merida, and three young triplet sons, Harris, Hubert, and Hamish.

A large, imposing man with a huge ginger beard and a bear cape, he has a peg leg due to his fight against the demon bear Mor’du.

An easygoing man, he is popular among his subjects and doesn’t care much for tradition, unlike his wife.

6. Ferris Bueller (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

A talented goof-off, he dislikes school and can get away with almost anything due to his quality acting skills, skill with computers and general good luck.

Taking the day off school by pretending to be sick, he sets up elaborate systems to make it seem like he is in bed sleeping, such as a mannequin that is linked to the door so that it moves, combined with a tape playing snoring sounds.

Ferris Bueller does show that he’s willing to go to bat for his friends, as after his plan doesn’t work to roll back the miles on Cameron’s dad’s car and Cameron accidentally totals it, Ferris volunteers to take the heat even though he didn’t cause the damage in the first place.

By the various newspaper reports, widespread knowledge of his ‘sickness’ and other clues, we also see that Ferris is incredibly popular in his community.

7. Fillmore (Cars)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

A smooth-talking hippie VW mini-bus, he runs a business selling organic fuel while spreading peace and love. Based on a 1960 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus, he has a green paint job with various decals such as rainbows on the side.

Often butting heads with Sarge, Fillmore runs a shop in Radiator Springs, although his products don’t often agree with most vehicles.

While fobbed off as a nutjob for his ideas about Big Oil and a criminal conspiracy, it turns out he is actually right about that.

8. Finnick (Zootopia)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

A male fennec fox often seen in his bowling shirt and large sunglasses, his deep booming voice often throws people off given his small frame.

While initially seen posing as Nick Wilde’s son, the cafe owner refuses to serve them because they are foxes, only for Judy Hopps to step in and threaten the owner with health code violations unless he serves them.

It turns out that Finnick is running scams with Nick and is found out by Judy later, and she uses this leverage to get Nick and eventually Finnick to help her.

9. Fiona (Shrek)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

Fiona is the wife of Shrek and daughter of Queen Lillian and King Harold, and as a child she was cursed by a witch so that she took the form of an ogre between sunset and sunrise. Like most curses, it could only be broken by the kiss of her true love.

Eventually, her parents decided to lock her away in a dragon-guarded castle to force someone to go rescue her, hopefully the heroic Prince Charming. However, the dragons proved stronger than initially thought, and killed many knights who made the quest.

After Lord Farquaad is told that the only way he’ll become King is if he marries a princess, so he chooses Fiona and holds a competition to find a dashing knight who can go to Dragon’s Keep for him to rescue her.

Fiona is disappointed with Shrek, as he unceremoniously pulls her out of the keep, doesn’t slay the dragon, and won’t kiss her, so she remains cursed. 

After some confusion and misheard comments, Shrek turns her over to Farquaad and they have the marriage immediately. However, Shrek realizes his true feelings for Fiona and they share a kiss, breaking the curse and the two live happily ever after.

10. Fix-It Felix Jr (Wreck-It Ralph)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

The benevolent star of the classic arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr, he uses his magic hammer to fix the damage wrought by Wreck-It Ralph.

Often seen in a typical blue worker’s uniform with a name tag and blue hat, he gets all manner of powerups from the inhabitants of the apartment building that Wreck-It Ralph is intent on destroying, such as pies.

Held up as the town hero and the poster boy for goodness, he has a raft of medals from the Nicelanders which he has used to fill a wall in his house. Charming, warm, gregarious, and well-loved by all (except Ralph), he is treated with respect by everyone.

After Ralph leaves the game, Felix realizes he has to get Ralph back to avoid the game being unplugged, showing he doesn’t have hostility towards Ralph. Felix seems to understand that they both have their roles that they have to perform.

11. Flash Slothmore (Zootopia)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

A male three-toed sloth working at the DMV (Department of Mammal Vehicles), he is the pinnacle of efficiency and speed at the standards required for government work, getting tasks done immediately and without getting distracted anymore than his other workers.

Friendly with Nick Wilde and willing to help Judy Hopps with her case, Flash also enjoys driving his car very quickly. He loves jokes although takes a while to react to them.

12. Flik (A Bug’s Life)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

A courageous yet slightly nerdy ant, Flik loves to invent things to make tasks easier for the worker ants and improve the colony. However, his inventions have a tendency to break and cause more issues than they should be solving.

This is particularly the case when his invention causes the tribute to the grasshoppers to be destroyed, and his subsequent protestations cause the quota to be doubled. 

Flik is put on trial for this, but instead convinces everyone that he will recruit bigger bugs to fight the grasshoppers. When this also falls through when Flik picks circus bugs, he then hatches another plan to build a huge bird to scare the grasshoppers away.

When this scheme also fails, Flik is despondent but faces up to the grasshoppers and exposes their scheme to kill the ant queen Atta, only for it to start raining and the ants scattering, Hopper then kidnapping Flik only to be eaten by a bird.

Flik is then accepted back into the colony, his skills finally recognized as the colony of ants begin to use his inventions to great success.

13. Flint Lockwood (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

An aspiring inventor who finds his dreams are often much bigger than his abilities, he is a young man with a massive nose and never seen without his white lab coat.

Coming up with a variety of novel inventions, he unfortunately tends to spend too much time making his inventions look cool at the expense of their functionality, which often means the testing phase often results in chaos for all the townsfolk.

His invention of food weather, a machine that shoots out food from water as it orbits above the town, starts causing many issues as the food starts to overmutate. Eventually realizing his folly, he flies into space with his flying car and manages to put a stop to it.

14. Flounder (The Little Mermaid)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

Ariel’s best friend, he is a tropical yellow fish with teal stripes. Even allowed into King Triton’s palace, Flounder regularly participates in large celebrations with the family.

Flounder is Ariel’s confidant and he is fiercely protective of Ariel and loyal to the end. This is all the more impressive given Flounder is prone to anxiety and scares easily, making his actions in defense of Ariel all the more impressive.

His distraction of Flotsam and Jetsam during the Ursula fight also shows how important a role he plays.

15. Flynn Rider (Tangled)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

A swashbuckler and a notorious thief, he is charming and quick-witted. Real name Eugene Fitzherbert, he took on the alias of Flynn Rider after reading about Flynnigan Rider, a dashing swashbuckler.

Learning to become a great horse rider, he made alliances with many criminals to further his reach as a thief, but everything changed when he met a lonesome girl in a remote tower, Rapunzel.

After realizing that she had pilfered a tiara from him, he agreed to take her to see the Festival of Lights so he could get it back as she had hidden the tiara from him. 

After realizing Rapunzel’s sad story, he helped the lost princess reunite with her parents and reclaim her throne, thereafter giving up a life of crime and married Rapunzel a few years later. 

16. Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

Raised by a single mother in the rural areas, he had to face many challenges including being a bit dim-witted and some leg issues, forcing him to wear braces on his legs.

However, his mother’s wise words guide him well, and his willingness to do anything that someone he trusts tells him to do sees him go from one amazing achievement to another. 

His amazing running ability sees him receive a football scholarship at the University of Alabama. After doing well in the United States army, he is awarded the Medal of Honor for saving many soldiers, including his Lieutenant.

After excelling at table tennis and becoming a famous endorsed athlete in another sport, he unwittingly uncovers the Watergate scandal. 

Using the money to buy a shrimping boat, he and his former Lieutenant strike it rich when their boat is the only survivor after a hurricane. After another lucky stock pick of Apple, they become millionaires.

Meeting up with his childhood friend and love interest Jenny, they have relations but Jenny leaves soon after, with Forrest taking out his frustrations by running back and forth across the United States several times, inspiring many other pivotal moments in history.

17. Francine (Ice Age)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

A white and pink ground sloth who seems to have had a past with Sid, she isn’t very happy with the offerings in the sloth community and considers dating outside.

18. Francis (A Bug’s Life Wiki)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

A male ladybug, he is very bitter about constantly being mistaken for a woman. He is aggressive but has a close bond with Slim and Heimlich.

Francis however does show he will help others when the situation calls for it, with his rescuing of Dot seeing him appointed the ‘den mother’, a slight he overlooks due to the importance of the role.

19. Dr Victor Frankenstein (Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

The brilliant doctor who creates the Creature, he has conquered death by creating life but the hideousness of his creation causes him to abandon the Creature immediately.

After Victor’s mentor Waldman is murdered by a patient, who is later hanged, the doctor recovers the murderer’s body, and combines it with a leg from a fellow student and Waldman’s brain to make the Creature.

Unfortunately, while Dr Frankenstein hopes the Creature will just die, the Creature escapes and lives in a barn for a period of time.

After realizing that the Creature is killing all of Victor’s friends and family, he is confronted by the Creature but refuses to build a bride for the Creator, causing the Creature to kill Victor’s fiance.

This results in Victor pursuing the Creature to kill it, eventually resulting in his own death in the Arctic, with the Creature then using the funeral pyre to immolate himself and his only friend, Victor.

20. Frankenstein’s Monster (Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein)

Movie Characters That Start With F: Iconic Names

The Creature learns to read and speak by observing a family, and after reading the doctor’s journal and finding out how he was created, the Creature swears revenge against the doctor by vowing to kill everyone he loves.

Constantly chased away and feared by other humans, the Creature decides that he will never forgive those who reject him for his looks.

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