Movie Characters That Start With U: Iconic Names

Movie Characters That Start With U: Iconic Names

Let’s explore the characters with names starting with ‘U’, see how many of these iconic characters you’ve heard of and whether you’ve seen the movies they appear in, so without much more, let’s get into it!

1. Ugo (Luca)

Movie Characters That Start With U: Iconic Names

A sea monster who is uncle to Luca, he prefers to live in the deep ocean in the darkness, a lifestyle available to him due to his bioluminescence lighting up the surroundings enough for him to survive, although he doesn’t much like the light anyway..

Living in the deep ocean off Porto Rosso, Italy, he is very wary of the surface and is used by Luca’s parents to instill the fear of the surface into Luca.

Looking like an angler fish, he has grown to have a self-generated light in front of his face and blue eyes that can see omnidirectionally.

His skin is transparent, and his internal organs are visible. This tends to scare even Luca and the other dwellers of the ocean, but at least he covers up with shorts.

Living deep down in the ocean by himself has resulted in a slightly weird personality, and he can often be found singing to himself. He likes to feed on carcasses and otherwise fills the time by talking to himself.

Ugo harbors a fear of humans due to an accident that nearly got him killed, and since then he has feared the surface and will warn anyone else about it, should they listen.

The lower pressure of the surface seems to cause Ugo to have a raft of biological issues, including his organs appearing to malfunction. A targeted hit on the organ from Luca seems to kickstart them back into action, however.

2. Ulysses (Ulysses)

Movie Characters That Start With U: Iconic Names

Ithaca, Greece is a city waiting for its hero, Ulysses. The legendary king is tough and crafty, but also cheerful and competent. He uses his gift of eloquence combined with his knowledge of the world to build alliances and become a beloved king by the people.

After the horrific Trojan War, Ulysses must return to his devoted wife Penelope but his domestic enemies look to capitalize on his absence and get her to give up on him and remarry.

Penelope shows her dedication and choice of Ulysses to pick a good woman by promising that she would remarry after weaving a large tapestry depicting her husband’s deeds of bravery. 

In Troy, Ulysses and his warriors employ the famous Trojan Horse tactic to conquer the city but also destroys the Trojans’ temple to Neptune, god of the sea.

This instead causes him more strife, as on the return home his boat shipwrecks and he’s found unconscious on a Phaeacian island beach, only the start of the perilous journey home.

3. Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

Movie Characters That Start With U: Iconic Names

Dressed all in purple and black with blue-tinged skin, Ursula is half-human and half-octopus.

Also going by the name Sea Witch, she lived in King Triton’s palace before being exiled. This was because she insisted on using dark magic as well as her defiance of orders to stop, mainly because she couldn’t say no to her own greed.

Having sworn revenge over the kingdom for banishing her, she has made it her goal to get the source of King Triton’s power, the trident, for herself. 

She is particularly strong in her hate against the merfolk, and is constantly tempting them into deals that they can’t honor, resulting in them becoming her slaves and taking their souls.

She plots from inside a massive skeleton called the Serpentine, with her garden composed of writhing polyps that are merfolk duped by Ursula.

Ursula uses a combination of deception and temptation to offer bargains to her victims that ostensibly give them what they want, only for Ursula to tip the scales in her favor in order to get her way every time.

Flotsam and Jetsam are two moray eels that help her, with Ursula acting very much like a mother towards them, treating them as her babies.

4. Uruk-hai (Lord of the Rings)

Movie Characters That Start With U: Iconic Names

The name of the brutal warriors breed in Isengard, they are the strongest breed of Orc of Middle-earth.

Bred by Saruman, they showed their power by destroying the city of Osgiliath and also killing many warriors of Men, including Boromir.

They appear much taller than regular orcs, muscle bound and fearsome warriors with both sword and shield. They also tend to show a greater degree of intelligence, stamina and fighting ability, making them fearsome especially when in a horde.

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