Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

With so many amazing stories and films out there, the cast of characters that have had iconic performances and appearances is large. Join me as we go through the many choices among characters with names starting with ‘V’.

1. V (V for Vendetta)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

A masked vigilante who wears a Guy Fawkes mask, he spends his time rescuing those from the oppressive Norsefire regime that rules over Britain.

Often using similar tactics to the real Guy Fawkes, he uses bombs to destroy Old Bailey and even hijacks state television to get his message out.

A seemingly morally ambiguous character, it is hard to tell whether he is a hero or insane.

After surviving the torture at Larkhill Resettlement Camp (where he is in room five, or V), he develops amazing physical abilities and supreme mental powers, including an amazing ability to fill his sentences up with words starting with ‘V’.

He starts killing the authoritarians in power, with the end goal of killing the High Chancellor. 

After distributing the same type of masks to the populace, he reveals his plan of sending a train full of explosives via the defunct London Underground, resulting in the destruction of parliament among the chaos of hordes of people descending to it.

2. Van (Cars)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

A vehicle based on a Chauncey Motors Cavalcade XXL painted dark green, he is the wife of Mini and completely obsessed with travel although not too good with maps or finding the right way to get somewhere.

After Lightning McQueen’s need to repair the road he destroyed, he comes across Mini and Van in Radiator Springs, with them saying they’re lost and looking for Interstate 40. 

Their next appearance is in the desert again, and again lost, with Van stating he doesn’t need to use maps or consult them because he has an amazing GPS.

Van hates asking for directions, as he considers himself somewhat of a professional traveler,  and Van is not willing to compromise on the map thing despite his buggy GPS, meaning he seems to spend more time being lost than taking in the sights.

Later on in the film, Van likely has seen the light, as at the Radiator Springs Grand Prix Mater’s flyby causes maps to come flying out as he gets startled.

3. Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-it Ralph)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

One of the glitches in the game, she lives alone on the inside of Diet Cola Mountain due to this status, although not is all as it seems. The other racers are worried that if she takes part in a race, she will cause the game to crash, causing them to become ‘unplugged’.

Vanellope is part of the game Sugar Rush and uses the Candy Kart. After becoming best friends with Wreck-It Ralph, she realizes that her glitch ban is the result of the king of Sugar Rush modifying the coding of the game.

It turns out that Vanellope is actually the true monarch of the game, and she was removed along with her memories. The fake king realizes that if she ever did enter an official race, it would undo the modifications he made and restore the original coding. 

She is seen in a green outfit with striped pants, combined with sparkles and confetti in her hair. After being restored as the rightful princess, she insisted that everyone refer to her as the president instead, as she hated the title of princess.

4. Vanessa (The Little Mermaid)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

Initially thought to be a love rival for Ariel in regards to Prince Eric, Vanessa instead was Ursula in disguise. Presenting as an extremely attractive woman, she tried to woo the prince to ensure Ariel couldn’t fulfill her promise.

To confuse the prince and further endear herself to him, Vanessa appears to have features similar to, if not based on, Ariel. She has flowing dark hair, amazingly colorful eyes in a vibrant purple, an elegant cream colored dress, and a ravishing figure.

Hoping to capitalize on the visions of Ariel that rescued him when his boat ran into issues, Vanessa takes on a form engendering similarity to Ariel, due to him not being fully conscious throughout the ordeal.

Vanessa gets her personality from Ursula, and so she is duplicitous: when she attempts to win over the prince, she is loving and sultry; but quickly shows her true colors in a destructive and malicious way when she doesn’t get everything she desires. 

5. Verne (Treasure Planet)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

Part of John Silver’s crew, he is an alien pirate.

Featuring lizard feet in the form of suction cups, a fish tail, and demon horns and spikes with a large mouth.

Seen first raiding Benbow Inn, he follows Silver’s orders even when they involve violence and intimidation, showing him to be of low moral character.

After following a command by John Silver to chase after Jim, Amelia, and Doppler, he disappears through a hole and is never seen again, with exposed electrical wires likely causing his final death.

6. Victor (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

A close friend to Quasimodo. He is a gargoyle who speaks in an upper class British accent.

Often nervous and a bit of a coward, he nonetheless is the most intelligent of the three gargoyles and takes decisive action to protect his friends, although due to his manners he will apologize for causing pain.

The gargoyles all encourage Quasimodo to leave the cathedral and experience the wider outside world, showing that they care and want the best for him.

7. Victor Hugo (Cars 2)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

Criminal mastermind of the Hugo Family Lemons, he nonetheless can’t maintain his own condition and always breaks down all the time.

Luckily, he has several tow trucks he depends on to get him where he needs to go. 

Running a sizable criminal network, Victor is working together with other evil cars such as Gremlin, Pacer, and Trunkov, helping run a scheme to force dependence on oil resources that they control.

By coming up with a scheme to use an electromagnetic pulse generator to conk out the engines and thus cause crashes and issues in the World Grand Prix, he enables more profits to his group and the rest of the criminals.

A modified version of a Yugo GL, referred in Cars universe as a 1983 Volgar Hugo NG-1, he is painted with a fading pale yellow paint job.

8. Victoria Rivera (Coco)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

The great-aunt of Miguel, she was formerly a shoemaker when alive, and specialized in a type of traditional sandal called huaraches.

Always on the ball and aware of what is happening around her, she was the first of all of Miguel’s relatives to realize that Miguel hasn’t properly passed into the Land of the Dead, as he is not dead.

Victoria Rivera doesn’t like what Miguel says, such as him not believing in the Land of the Dead and his aspirations to play music.

She is clothed in a dress with a tight bun of black hair. She is stongwilled on everything.

After finding out that Hector was murdered by Ernesto, she is willing to go against the rule of no music and even exposes Ernesto’s past to the audience.

Victoria uses Ernesto’s own words to reveal what actually happened all those years ago, being the main force that gets Miguel to return to the Land of the Living.

9. Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

A hitman and associate of Marsellus Wallace, he has just got back from Amsterdam which has brought him a newfound perspective of what life is like in the United States of America.

A laid back and laconic character, he nonetheless finds it hard to follow orders from someone he doesn’t respect.

After surviving a close call, poor gun safety leads to an accidental killing of an informant, forcing a quick detour and an appointment with the Wolf, a cleaner. Vincent shows he likes to rile people up and have things down in a particular way, despite causing the original issue.

Vincent is not particularly good at reading the room, nearly getting them both killed by a trigger happy pair of thieves Ringo and Yolanda. 

After being tasked with looking after Wallace’s wife, and knowing that if anything gets out about it he will be dead, he takes her out for a good time only for her to accidentally snort the powder she finds in his coat thinking it was cocaine.

The immediate heroin overdose leaves Vincent in a tricky situation, and he manages to use an adrenaline syringe to avert further disaster, showing his ability to take charge when it really counts.

Vincent eventually sees his demise due to pulp fiction and a poptart, being gunned down by Butch. 

Vincent is also very annoyed about a miscreant who keyed his car, revealing his sense of justice would see an instant death penalty met out to the perpetrator. 

10. Vincenzo ‘Vinny’ Santorini (Atlantis)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

Instantly recognizable by his large mustache, he loves bombs and explosives but doesn’t believe a word about the Atlantis’ supposed magical forces. While not the biggest fan of Milo, he does warm up to him and becomes a vital part of the team.

As a demolition expert, he joins the expedition but his motives are in question given the fact he was sprung out of jail through the good graces of Mr Whitmore.

Never wanting to do anything except use explosives to solve issues, he is more than willing to destroy parts of Atlantis to create paths, such as knocking over columns.

Vinny was bribed to help steal Atlantis’ crystal but instead thinks that Milo’s ideas about saving Atlantis are better, and tries to save Atlantis.

11. Vinnie (Bolt)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

A green pigeon and the leader of the pack, he often gets stuck in awkward situations, such as his first time meeting Bolt with his head shoved in a grate.

With his home base being a giant billboard of Bolt, he doesn’t make the connection with the dog he is talking to, which about sums up how helpful they are, e.g. quite useless.

Vinnie realizes that their lies about an abusive cat may get Mittens killed, only to realize that given that Mittens is not exactly making their life pleasant, Vinnie and his friends look forward to the rest of the day after turning Bolt onto Mittens

12. Violet (Violet)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

Violet, a 32-year old film executive, realizes that her attempts to manage risk in her life has led to an entire life of mundane actions and sterility. After realizing that these fear-based decisions are actually the product of an internal voice that is lying to her, she takes action.

Taking control of her life, she realizes that sometimes the hardest choice is defying conventional wisdom, but it has to be done when you’re making better decisions for yourself and your own situations.

Her internal voice is male and doesn’t seem to be on her side, ruining her professional and personal relationships, as well as making her think that she should go back to an abusive family.

13. Violet Parr (The Incredibles)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

The eldest of the three Parr children.

Having invisibility and protective force fields among her powers, she is socially awkward.

A red unitard with black bottoms and an ‘i’ insignia on the chest gives her a great looking Super uniform. She complements this with an orange belt, black gloves, black boots, and a black eye mask.

Being very protective of her family, especially her two siblings, she matures and thereafter uses her powers to explore the world and help out others more.

Her willingness to take responsibility is clear in her actions to bring everyone together to help rescue her parents and Frozone.

14. Vito Corleone (The Godfather)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

Founder and Don of the Corleone family, he builds up a criminal empire after coming to America as an immigrant. He shows absolute ruthlessness when dealing with his enemies, including seeking revenge for murders of his family from decades previous.

Showing incredible foresight and planning, Vito helped by funding smart neighborhood children, expecting them to one day grow up to be influential people in society, which would in turn give Vito many options when he needed some help.

15. Vixey (The Fox and the Hound)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

An attractive red fox, Tod falls for her but his lack of street smarts (or rather, forest smarts) causes him to fail in basic tasks.

While Vixey sometimes teases him, causing Tod to get angry and lashing out, Vixey’s later defense of Tod shows she does care for him and doesn’t take his insults personally.

Amos Slade and Cooper’s determination to kill the foxes causes Vixey and Tod to work together.

16. Virana (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

Fang’s chief and the mother of Namaari, she protects the Fang territory from invaders.

Always aware of the threat the Druun pose, she tries to get all the lands to work together.

Virana is eventually revived alongside Sisu, showing her talents in diplomacy and nation building; she helps reunite the various clans.

17. Voldemort (Harry Potter)

Movie Characters That Start With V: Iconic Names

An evil wizard, Voldemort attempts to murder the boy Harry Potter who is propheiszed to be the one who’ll take him down, but instead kills his parents, who in a final act of love, protect him from death.

Hating non-pure wizards, he has killed many Muggles (non-magical beings, or humans).

He is leader of the Death Eaters, and often appears as a sort of alien lizard, also missing a nose.

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