My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

Shonen anime are some of the most loved shows for anime fans—even for me, I started my earlier years into the anime fandom with the shonen genre. While it isn’t my favorite genre anymore, I still find myself attracted to a great series every now and then. One of the shonen series that I have kept myself up to date with is My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia takes all the elements of a good shonen to show that I love and adds its own flavor to the genre. It has its own unique way of telling the characters’ story; even the villains were given a lot of attention. 

If you haven’t watched the series and are curious about the genre, My Hero Academia is a great way to begin your journey into the shonen fandom. I’ll create a recommended Watch Guide to kickstart your adventure into this amazing series in this article. Although this is not in chronological or release order, this is an order I feel would help viewers understand the series a lot more.

My Hero Academia Season 1

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

Season 1 of My Hero Academia is 13 episodes long. Instead of starting with the prequel of the story, everything important is already explained in the first season. In this  world, almost all humans grow up with a “Quirk.” Because of the rise of Quirks, society started having problems with super-powered villains. So the heroes decided to fight for order and stability against the villains.

Izuku Midorya, a fanboy of almost every hero imaginable, is excited for the day his Quirk will reveal itself so he can begin working his way to becoming a hero like his idol All Might. But, to his disappointment, he ends up as the percentage of humans who are Quirkless.  

But right before the U.A. entrance exam, Izuku meets All Might, who decides to trust his power to the quirkless boy. 

OVA 1: (Jump Festa) My Hero Academia: Save Rescue Training!

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

The first OVA of My Hero Academia, right after the League of Villains’ attack on the U.S.J. facility. With the facility back in order, Class 1-A return for their rescue training class. Aizawa teams up with thirteen to oversee the training. However, a villain has been lurking in the training grounds since the attack. The villain manages to capture Todoroki and escape. Now, the Students of Class-A will have to figure out how to rescue their classmates.

My Hero Academia 2nd Season: Hero Notebook

This episode was aired a week before the start of the second season. The episode serves as a recap of everything that has happened in Season 1. A fan can watch it or skip it if they want.

My Hero Academia Season 2

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

25 episodes long that cover the Sports Festival and the internship Arc. Despite receiving a bad reputation for allowing villains to enter a school designed to create heroes, U.A. decides to proceed and hold the Sports Festival. This is the chance for the students to attract possible agencies they can work as interns at.

By the half of the season, all members of Class 1-A  have chosen where they will go for their internship and start training against their first set of mentors. Izuku ends up interning under one of the previous teachers of All Might, Gran Torino.

OVA 2: My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

The second OVA of the series. The students of 1-A return to school. However, instead of going back to regular classes, they are to have a special training class with Isamu Academy High School students. The students are soon to face a little zombie problem in this special.

My Hero Academia: All Might: Rising 

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

This OVA was released with the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. This is the adaptation of a one-shot manga called All Might Rising. The story is about All Might’s past when he lost his first master Nana Shimura.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

The first film of My Hero Academia. In the film, Izuku and his classmates get involved in another villain attack. This time the villains hack into a hero item exhibition called I-Expo. All Might finds himself unable to act, so the faith of everyone now rests upon the students of 1-A.

My Hero Academia Season 3

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

The students of 1-A and 1-B are supposed to have a top-secret summer training camp, with the location only disclosed to the teachers and trainers involved. However, the League of Villains are able to track them down and attack the unsuspecting students.

My Hero Academia: Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

This is a special 2 episode OVA for My Hero Academia. The students need to prepare for their Provincial License Exam. So Aizawa did a special disaster training exercise. The students need to rescue a number of dummy victims inside a damaged mall. Unfortunately, their training gets interrupted by a powerful earthquake that traps the class in the cave. Now, the class will have to work together to save themselves.

My Hero Academia Season 4

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

Class 1-A was permitted to start their Hero Studies early. Unlike the internship, the class will now take on more critical missions alongside their chosen mentor. During Izuku’s rounds with Mirio, they run into Eri and Overhaul. They later discover that Overhaul uses Eri’s Quirk to eliminate people’s quirks.

After successfully saving Eri, the rest of class 1-A is given a break and are allowed to enjoy and participate in the U.A. School Festival. The Hero’s Commission also released the ranks of the new Top Heroes since All Might has officially retired from Hero duties.

My Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes: Rising

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

The students of 1-A are tasked to go to Nabu Islands to become the temporary heroes patrolling and helping the town. However, a major villain, Nine, and his group attack the island to find a particular healing quirk among the islanders. Izuku and his classmates devise a strategy to defeat the villain by themselves to protect the island.

My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

The season starts with a friendly competition between U.A. ‘s classes 1-A and 1-B,  with class 1-A winning at the end of the exercise. After that, the young heroes get to enjoy a few days of peace before they begin their Hero Studies again. Bakugo, Todoroki, and Izuku decide to train under the new top 1 hero, Endeavor. The mentors are also instructed to prepare the young heroes for an all-out attack against the Meta Liberation Army.

The season also covers how Shiragaki and the League of Villains become strong figureheads of the Meta Liberation Army.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

The latest movie of My Hero Academia that was released in 2021. A terrorist organization is threatening to exterminate the superhuman society. So it’s time for the young heroes to show their skills by standing up against these villains. Izuku, Bakugo, and Todoroki must work together to save the civilization in danger; however, the team runs into a problem.

Izuku is now on a run because he was accused of murdering 12 people. Now the heroes are challenged to keep Izuku hidden and battle the terrorist group who vows to eliminate all quirk-users.

My Hero Academia 6th Season Announced

My Hero Academia: The Complete Watch Order

Now’s the perfect time to start watching My Hero Academia. According to, the 6th season was announced to begin airing in Fall 2022 during the Jump Festa 2022 anime and manga convention. The story is said to pick up from where Season 5 was left off.