Netflix Plan To Launch New Squid Game Slot Machine

Netflix Plan To Launch New Squid Game Slot Machine

It’s a common boast today to see people talking about how they could have easily won the squid games. Well, Netflix, the producer of this thriller series, is giving bettors a chance to make good on this claim. Squid Game will soon be making its debut on the gambling scene as a slot game with the backing of Netflix.

Naturally, there’s a lot of anticipation, as the hype for Squid Game is still strong. Some people are also wondering if Netflix will botch this, as this is their first licensing deal in the casino industry. 

Hence, this article gives some rare insight into this game and also answers whether bettors will see it in casinos, like Big Baazi and other huge casino platforms across the globe.

What is Squid Game?

Before we break the ice on this exciting news, a recap of what Squid Game is all about is necessary. In 2021, Netflix released the Korean thriller series Squid Game. The movie starts innocently enough, with many down-on-their-luck individuals being contacted for a life-changing opportunity. All they have to do is compete in a children’s game and one of them gets to go home with approximately $38 million. However, these 456 players quickly come to learn that there’s more to this game than meets the eye, as death is around every corner.

What Can Bettors Expect from the Squid Game Slot?

We’ll be breaking the anticipation surrounding this game with some key pieces of information. Below are some of the things that bettors can expect when this game is released.

1. Squid Game Will Be Developed by Light & Wonder

Light & Wonder is a software developer that was established in 2018 and has 158+ games to its name. This company is also known by its former name, Scientific Games.

Netflix’s choice to collaborate with this developer is no mistake, as it’s known for its slot games. Light & Wonder is the company behind popular games like Rainbow Riches, Book of Fusion, and Raiders of Fortune.

2. Squid Game Slot Will Be a Slot Machine

This means that the game will be housed in a cabinet, like most slot games that bettors see in a casino. In the words of a spokesperson for the game’s developer, this will be a jumbo cabinet with a large screen. There will be a 75-inch screen in the cabinet, with a smaller 27-inch touchscreen and dual play buttons for controls.

3. Bonus Rounds Will Incorporate the Special Games in Squid Game

It has been confirmed that this casino slot will offer three bonus rounds and these will be:

  • Tug of War
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Glass Tile

Players who are looking to relive the authentic Squid Game experience can look forward to this.

4. The Top Prize Will Start from $200,000

Sure, it’s not $38 million like in the series, but it’s a decent prize for any player. This is not the price ceiling either, as Light & Wonder has confirmed that the maximum prize will be $400,000.

5. Game Symbols Will Feature Characters from the Series

As a movie-themed game, the Squid Game slot will have characters like Seong Gi-hun appearing as game symbols. These may be the high-level game symbols of the game, as card suits will also be present in the slot. So, punters playing this game can look forward to seeing some of their favourite characters come alive on screen.

Will There Be a Squid Game Slot for Mobile Phones?

There’s no mention of this yet, but this should be possible in the future. After all, mobile gaming is now popular in the casino industry, with each popular slot getting its mobile version.

Does This Mean Squid Game 2 Is Cancelled?

With Netflix devoting so much effort to launching this game, the rumour mill has gained some ammunition. They believe that this company is planning to abandon this series like they’ve done many others. However, this is not true, as Netflix has released a statement that Squid Game 2 is in development.


The Squid Game slot is expected to appear in casinos in 2024. This game will offer three bonus games, high-quality graphics gameplay, and a maximum prize of $400,000.

Light & Wonder operates with a licence from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement and the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. This means that bettors can be assured of their safety when they try out the new Squid Game slot.