Show Characters That Start With A: Unforgettable Icons

Show Characters That Start With A

In the vast world of television, characters abound with unforgettable charm, charisma, and idiosyncrasies that make them icons in their own right. From the whimsical worlds of animation to the gritty realities portrayed in dramas, many of these characters have created a lasting impact on the viewer’s mind and heart. One might find it odd to explore these characters alphabetically, but it provides an unusual and interesting perspective. So, let’s embark on an alphabetic journey of the realm of TV shows.

In this article, we will delve into the ‘A’ list, focusing on show characters whose names start with an alluring ‘A’. Get ready to rediscover some unforgettable icons, each having etched their unforgettable personas on the canvas of our popular culture.

Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)

Arya Stark is a prominent character from the HBO fantasy series “Game of Thrones,” based on George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels. Born into the noble House Stark of Winterfell, Arya is an independent and strong-willed young girl with a fierce spirit. She defies societal norms by being more interested in sword-fighting and adventuring than traditional ladylike pursuits.

Over the course of the series, Arya’s character undergoes a dramatic transformation, going from a rebellious girl to a formidable, face-changing assassin. Her journey is fraught with hardship and danger, but through it all, Arya never loses her determination or her relentless quest for justice. She becomes a symbol of survival and resilience, making her one of the most unforgettable characters in the series.

Alex P. Keaton (Family Ties)

Michael J. Fox shot to fame playing Alex P. Keaton, the conservative, Reagan-loving son in the otherwise liberal Keaton family, in the American sitcom “Family Ties.” Alex’s wit, charm, and sharp intelligence, along with his political enthusiasm, make him an interesting and memorable character.

Alex’s character was designed to be a foil to his liberal parents, embodying the 1980s rise of young conservatism in America. His struggles to reconcile his ambitious, materialistic tendencies with the more socially-conscious values of his family provide a dynamic context for his character development. Despite the ideological conflicts, Alex’s love for his family is unwavering, making him a complex and memorable character.

Archie Andrews (Riverdale)

The CW’s “Riverdale” presents a darker, more complex version of the wholesome Archie Comics character, Archie Andrews. Played by KJ Apa, Archie is the quintessential all-American teenager – a talented musician, star athlete, and a true friend, who, over time, evolves into a character with intense layers.

As Riverdale unfurls its many mysteries and challenges, Archie is pushed into adulthood and embarks on a journey that continuously tests his morals, strength, and loyalty. His character, with its strengths, flaws, and struggles, serves as an anchor in the thrilling, sometimes bizarre narrative of Riverdale, making him an engaging character to follow.

Abby Sciuto (NCIS)

Abby Sciuto, played by Pauley Perrette in the crime series “NCIS,” is the quirky, gothic forensic scientist with an unparalleled enthusiasm for her job. Abby’s character stands out because of her unique style, her infectious energy, and her exceptional scientific skills, making her one of the most beloved characters in the show.

Abby’s character adds a touch of lightness and humor to the often serious and intense atmosphere of “NCIS.” Her relationship with other characters, especially with team leader Gibbs, is endearing and adds depth to her character. Even though she is a fictional character, Abby Sciuto has inspired many real-world women to pursue careers in forensic science, underscoring the unforgettable impact she’s had.

Abed Nadir (Community)

Abed Nadir, played by Danny Pudi in the NBC sitcom “Community,” is a film student at Greendale Community College with an encyclopedic knowledge of TV shows and movies. With his unique perspective and understanding of the world through the lens of pop culture, Abed is undeniably one of the show’s most unforgettable characters.

Abed’s character represents the show’s self-aware, meta-humor, often breaking the fourth wall and providing the audience with some of the series’ most memorable moments. Despite his difficulties with social interaction and understanding people’s emotions, his genuine friendship with Troy and his relationship with other study group members make him a relatable, endearing character.

April Ludgate (Parks and Recreation)

April Ludgate, played by Aubrey Plaza in the sitcom “Parks and Recreation,” is a unique character with her sardonic humor, apathetic attitude, and distinct lack of enthusiasm. Starting as an intern at the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department, April’s character evolves over the course of the series, all while maintaining her quirky persona.

April is a character who marches to the beat of her own drum, and this individuality sets her apart in the series. Her character development, particularly her relationship with Andy Dwyer and her mentor-mentee dynamic with Ron Swanson, paints a multi-dimensional picture of a young woman navigating adulthood, making her a standout character.

Amy Farrah Fowler (The Big Bang Theory)

Amy Farrah Fowler, portrayed by Mayim Bialik in the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” is a neurobiologist with a Ph.D. who initially appears as a female counterpart to the socially awkward Sheldon Cooper. However, Amy’s character blossoms over the course of the series, demonstrating her own quirks, strengths, and insecurities.

As one of the few female scientists on mainstream television, Amy’s character is both refreshing and influential. Her relationship with Sheldon, including their slow and unconventional romance, is one of the highlights of the series. Despite her oddities, Amy’s intelligence, loyalty, and emotional growth make her a memorable character.

Andy Dwyer (Parks and Recreation)

Andy Dwyer, played by Chris Pratt in the sitcom “Parks and Recreation,” begins as a lazy, unemployed musician but evolves into a beloved character known for his childlike enthusiasm and heart of gold. He might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but his positivity, loyalty, and musical talent as ‘Mouse Rat’ frontman make him unforgettable.

Andy’s character showcases significant growth throughout the series. His relationships, notably his marriage to April Ludgate and friendship with Ron Swanson and Ben Wyatt, exhibit a softer, compassionate side of his character. His transformation from April’s immature boyfriend to the cheerful shoeshinist and aspiring police officer is heartwarming and makes him an endearing character.

Alice (The Honeymooners)

Alice Kramden, played by Audrey Meadows in the classic sitcom “The Honeymooners,” is the patient and sharp-tongued wife of bus driver Ralph Kramden. Despite the series airing in the 1950s, Alice stands out as a strong, independent woman who isn’t afraid to stand up to her husband.

Alice’s character is the voice of reason in contrast to Ralph’s get-rich-quick schemes and his neighbor Ed Norton’s naïveté. Her sarcastic retorts and no-nonsense attitude, coupled with her loving and forgiving nature towards Ralph, makes her a strong, unforgettable character in television history.

Adrian Monk (Monk)

Adrian Monk, played by Tony Shalhoub in the detective series “Monk,” is a brilliant San Francisco detective with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. Monk’s phobias and quirks, along with his exceptional detective skills, make him a standout character in the realm of crime dramas.

Monk’s character showcases a unique blend of comedy and drama. Despite his humorous idiosyncrasies, the character’s underlying struggle with personal tragedy and his quest for justice lend a depth to his character that is seldom seen. His distinct personality and the way he overcomes his limitations to solve baffling crimes make Adrian Monk an unforgettable character.

Alf (ALF)

ALF, short for Alien Life Form, is the titular character of the 80s sitcom, portrayed by puppeteer Paul Fusco. This cat-eating, radio-wave surfing alien from the planet Melmac, takes up residence with the suburban Tanner family after crashing into their garage. ALF’s outlandish humor and unusual habits make him an unforgettable icon in television history.

ALF’s character offers a unique perspective on human life and culture as he learns to adapt to earthly norms. His unpredictable actions and frank, often sarcastic, remarks result in hilarious situations that underline the show’s charm. With a strong, distinct personality and the ability to tug at heartstrings despite the comedic facade, ALF is an iconic character that still resonates with audiences today.

Al Swearengen (Deadwood)

Al Swearengen, portrayed by Ian McShane in HBO’s Western series “Deadwood,” is the foul-mouthed, brutal, yet oddly charismatic owner of the Gem Saloon. Swearengen, with his ruthless pragmatism and powerful presence, is a character that viewers find fascinating.

Al’s character is a complex blend of villainy and vulnerability. He isn’t just a simple antagonist, but a nuanced character with his own set of principles and loyalties. His influential role in the lawless town of Deadwood and his intricate relationships with other characters make Swearengen an unforgettable part of this gritty Western drama.

Annie Edison (Community)

Annie Edison, played by Alison Brie in the sitcom “Community,” is a former high school overachiever with a deep-seated desire to succeed. As the youngest member of the study group at Greendale Community College, Annie’s enthusiasm, competitiveness, and occasional neuroticism make her an engaging character.

Annie’s character, with her youthful idealism and occasional naivety, is a stark contrast to the cynicism and eccentricities of her fellow students. Her personal growth, demonstrated through her evolving perspectives and relationships within the study group, particularly with Jeff Winger, lends depth and relatability to her character, making Annie a memorable part of the “Community” ensemble.

Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel)

Angel, portrayed by David Boreanaz in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and its spin-off “Angel,” is a vampire cursed with a soul. This curse leads him on a path of redemption, making him a complex and unforgettable character in the realm of supernatural television.

Angel’s character stands out due to the constant battle between his innate vampire nature and his re-instilled human conscience. His relationships, particularly his star-crossed romance with Buffy Summers, are engaging and poignant. With his dark past, struggle for redemption, and brooding charisma, Angel remains a captivating character in the “Buffyverse.”

Alicia Florrick (The Good Wife)

Alicia Florrick, portrayed by Julianna Margulies in the legal and political drama “The Good Wife,” is a woman who re-enters the legal profession after her husband’s scandalous incarceration. Alicia’s journey from a humiliated politician’s wife to a powerful attorney and then to a political figure herself is both empowering and inspiring.

Alicia’s character represents resilience, intelligence, and the complexity of balancing personal and professional life. Her transition is not just professional; she undergoes significant personal growth as she navigates various trials and tribulations. With her robust character development and unyielding spirit, Alicia Florrick remains an unforgettable icon in television history.

Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars: The Clone Wars / Star Wars: Rebels)

Ahsoka Tano, introduced in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and later appearing in “Star Wars: Rebels,” is a former Jedi Padawan of Anakin Skywalker who left the Jedi Order. Ahsoka’s character stands out due to her resilience, wisdom, and adeptness at making difficult choices, making her one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars animated series.


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Ahsoka’s journey from a headstrong apprentice to a wise but disillusioned former Jedi provides a unique perspective on the Star Wars universe. Her compelling character arc, along with her engaging personality and incredible lightsaber skills, make Ahsoka Tano a remarkable and unforgettable character in the Star Wars franchise.

Artie Abrams (Glee)

Artie Abrams, portrayed by Kevin McHale in the musical series “Glee,” is a wheelchair-bound member of the New Directions glee club. Despite his physical limitations, Artie’s musical talent, determination, and positive attitude make him an inspiring character.

Artie’s character gives viewers insight into the life of a differently-abled person, showcasing his dreams, struggles, and accomplishments. His character growth, particularly his forays into directing and his relationships with fellow glee club members, creates a complex, relatable character. With his tenacity, humor, and heart, Artie Abrams remains a memorable character in “Glee.”

Angela Moss (Mr. Robot)

Angela Moss, played by Portia Doubleday in the psychological thriller “Mr. Robot,” is a childhood friend of the protagonist, Elliot Alderson. Initially working as a businesswoman, Angela’s character evolves significantly as she becomes more embroiled in Elliot’s world of hacking and corporate espionage.

Angela’s character navigates a path laden with moral ambiguity, facing numerous personal and professional dilemmas. Her journey from a naive account manager to a crucial player in the fsociety’s plan against E Corp demonstrates her adaptability and resolve. With her complex evolution and engaging storyline, Angela Moss is an unforgettable character in “Mr. Robot.”

Alan Shore (Boston Legal)

Alan Shore, portrayed by James Spader in the legal drama “Boston Legal,” is a talented but ethically flexible lawyer with a razor-sharp wit. Alan’s unique blend of brilliance, irreverence, and unpredictability makes him one of television’s most intriguing characters.

Alan’s character often challenges legal and moral norms, yet his underlying compassion and loyalty, particularly in his unconventional friendship with Denny Crane, paints a multi-dimensional picture. With his eloquent closing arguments, complex relationships, and candid humor, Alan Shore remains an unforgettable figure in the television legal genre.

Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks)

Audrey Horne, portrayed by Sherilyn Fenn in the cult classic “Twin Peaks,” is the sultry, mischievous, and intelligent high-schooler with an inclination for detective work. Audrey’s fascinating persona, along with her infatuation with FBI Agent Dale Cooper, make her an unforgettable character in this enigmatic series.

Audrey’s character is multifaceted – she can be manipulative yet vulnerable, impulsive yet clever. Her transformation from a rebellious teenager to a key player in the series’ central mystery showcases her resourcefulness and determination. With her distinctive style, complex personality, and captivating story arc, Audrey Horne remains an iconic character in “Twin Peaks.”