The Best Video Game Series

Cyberpunk Edgerunners

The main difference between a movie and a game is the degree to which the viewer or player is involved in the story. Whereas in a game, be it casino games Canada or more elaborate titles, you control the story and are its creator, the movie’s plot leads you through its own labyrinths. How to screen the game and not scatter the viewer’s attention? We find out by the example of 3 TV series.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

The anime series is set a few years before the events of Cyberpunk 2077, where Keanu Reeves has an iron hand and an eternally smoldering cigarette butt in his teeth. The game earned a controversial reputation because of the ruthless number of bugs that were not fixed in time for the 2020 release, although the premiere date was postponed 3 times, and because of its unsuitability for consoles. Nevertheless, the version of the game on the PC received rave reviews, where special attention was paid to admiration for the detailed development of the world and characters – the same takes the series from Netflix. In a joint project between the Polish and Japanese animation studios, the classic anime story about an underdog forced to fight for survival in an anti-humanist dystopia is put on a Japanese scene-building philosophy. Explosive episodes of gunfights and chases are suddenly replaced by static shots of the characters’ thoughts: whether in the scorching desert of psychosis or the airless tranquility of the lunar surface.

Knight City is ruled by sinister supercorporations and criminal gangs. Unfortunately, David Martinez belongs to neither. His mother is a medic, working day and night to pay for her son’s studies at the prestigious “Arasaka” academy, but, accidentally caught in an ordinary city shootout of cyber bandits, Gloria Martinez dies, leaving her son with a pile of debts and an experimental military implant of unknown origin. Without thinking twice, David decides to try the technology on himself. But it soon turns out that the implant has an owner. He meets a group of cyberpunks – super-technological mercenaries, operating in the city at the request of competing corporations, and joins their ranks to make extra money. Everyone can earn extra money at by playing their favorite cyberpunk games and many others.


In the distant future, humanity has spread far beyond the Milky Way, populating many universes. The united government of Earth in case of rebellion of some rebellious planet has created an elite unit of genetically modified warriors-spartans, to which the main character belongs – Master Chief, or John-117. During a routine mission to suppress a rebellion on the planet Madrigal and a showdown with aliens from the interstellar alliance Covenant, following a command assignment, Master Cheif finds a certain artifact in the caves that awakens erased memories in the perfect soldier.

Microsoft’s first-person sci-fi shooter has a long history of screen attempts. In 2004, the screenplay was written by Alex Garland and later rewritten by D.B. Weiss. Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Toro and Neill Blomkamp, who later incorporated his ideas, born while working on Halo, into District 9, managed to sit in the project’s director’s chair. Due to disagreements between the studio and Microsoft, the movie never happened. But the franchise’s iconic status never left the minds of studio bosses, and in 2022 the story made its way to audiences on Paramount+. At first pretending to be an action movie, the TV series gradually slips into a kind of “Mandalorian” version because of overly intrusive details like a defenseless young ward and a helmet. Only instead of traveling through our beloved universe and the exciting adventure-missions of “Mandalorian” in Halo, we get a costumed political drama in the entourage of a spaceship.

Resident Evil

New Raccoon City is once again in disarray. These days, Jade and Billy move with their father to a newly built city owned by the mysterious Umbrella Pharmaceutical Corporation, their father’s place of employment. Unwilling to sit still and try to adapt to their new surroundings, the girls prefer doing schoolwork to playing detective. In search of answers, they go straight to the headquarters of “Umbrella”, where they find not the most pleasant details of their father’s work, the company’s activities and even their own origins. At the same time, Jade from 2036 investigates the T-virus that has turned most of humanity into voracious zombies, but she is constantly hindered by the corporation’s pursuers and mercenaries.

Just a month after the release of Resident Evil on Netflix, the platform decided to close production, although the survival horror series Resident Evil instantly broke into the first position of popularity on the platform. However, it did not last long there and received a lot of negative reviews, causing disappointment among loyal fans of the game universe.