The latest casino movies that every gambling fan must have seen

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Gambling and cinema nights are two great pastimes and every now and then you are lucky enough to have them coincide when a film is made about gambling. Whether you like to gamble yourself or are just fascinated by the gambling vibe, such films are exciting for everyone.

Many of these films from the past few years are among the top films from a variety of genres: The Oceans series or even Hangover are among the comedies, James Bond brings action into the mix and The Godfather has thriller elements at the ready. There is something of everything, and it always revolves around gambling.

So here is a list of the latest casino films that every gambling fan must have seen. But be warned: spoiler alert! If you’re not only looking to watch a film but also to gamble a little, there are plenty of great slots just for you at

The Card Counter

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The latest film in this list was released only last year and is definitely not for the faint-hearted, as it is a thriller. It is about an ex-soldier, William Tell, who now spends his time travelling the country and gambling in the casinos where he counts the cards. As long as he only bets small amounts and wins small amounts, the casinos don’t care and so he lives on until one day he meets Cirk. His father was also a soldier and tortured prisoners together with Tell.

Both were imprisoned for it, but their superior, Major Gordo, who had ordered them to do it, got away with it. Cirk wants to ambush this superior and make him pay for what he did to his father. Tell, however, would rather have Cirk along as a travelling companion and pay for Cirk’s college out of his winnings at the casino. Cirk does not stick to Tell’s plan and sets off on his own to Major Gordo.

Then, during a poker tournament, Tell learns on the news that Gordo has finished off young Cirk in combat, so it is now up to Tell to take revenge. Using the methods he learned from Gordo himself, he beats him and in the end turns himself in to the police, so that he ends up in the same prison as before.

Molly’s Game – Everything on one card

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Actually, people think that gambling is a male domain, but this film proves the opposite. Molly’s Game tells the biography of Molly Bloom, one of the women who have made it far in this industry. Molly Bloom was actually an athlete and even made it to the Olympics in skiing.

Then she suffers an injury and had to turn her back on the sport. Needing another way to earn money from then on, she starts working in California as an assistant for a man who hosts poker games.

It turns out that she is no less talented at this than she is at skiing and she quickly works her way up and hosts games for the elite. Her success displeases her colleagues and also her actual boss, so they tried to get rid of her.

Instead of resigning, however, Molly started her own business in New York, with even more exclusive games and even higher stakes. Those who know the biography of Molly Bloom know that it didn’t stop there. One day she is arrested as the FBI tries to get information about her exclusive guests, some of whom lack integrity, through her.

The film premiered in 2017 and was even nominated for an Oscar. So it’s worth taking a look.

Uncut Gems

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The plot does not take place in a casino, but since it revolves around gambling all the time and the film has been enormously successful, it undoubtedly belongs in this list.

The film begins with a time jump and shows miners recovering a black opal from a mine in Ethiopia. Two years later, jeweller Howard Ratner smuggles this rare opal into his shop in New York. Ratner is a gambler in debt and is trying to make ends meet with his shop and pay back his brother-in-law.

Just as the stone in question arrives at his shop, a well-known basketball star, Kevin Garnett, is in the shop and is thrilled by the stone. He is desperate to take it to his next game so that it will bring him luck. In return, he even pawns his championship ring with Ratner.

But as soon as the basketball player leaves the shop, Ratner trades the ring for money to bet on the game. The game ends well and Ratner wins his bet. You might think that everything will now go well, the debt will be redeemed, the stone and the ring will be returned and everyone will go on living as usual, but it’s usually not that simple in films. Ratner gets into trouble with his brother-in-law’s friends because the bet is considered invalid since he gambled with money he doesn’t actually have. The ring and the stone are then directly the next problems.

The basketball player wants the pawned ring back. To get the money, Ratner sells the stone at an auction, but finds out that it is not worth as much as he thought, so he asks his father-in-law to bid to raise the price. Of course, he ends up paying for it.

So Ratner has managed to destroy all relationships and be in debt to boot, until he learns that the basketball player is still interested in buying. He enters into the deal and now actually has enough to be even with his brother-in-law, but instead he uses the money for a bet. He wins the bet but pays for it with his life.

The film is from 2019 and has received numerous nominations and awards. Adam Sandler, who is usually known from comedies, plays the main character Ratner, so he can also do something different.


In this eclectic collection of films, the world of gambling takes center stage, offering viewers a captivating glimpse into its diverse facets. “The Card Counter” unfolds a suspenseful narrative of a former soldier navigating the intricacies of card counting and chance encounters. “The Black Diamond,” while not set in a casino, delves deep into the gambling world, showcasing the relentless pursuit of fortune. Finally, “Molly’s Game” challenges stereotypes, proving that gambling’s allure knows no gender boundaries, as it follows the remarkable journey of Molly Bloom.

These films collectively remind us that the allure of gambling extends far beyond the tables, into the realms of intrigue, risk, and resilience. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or someone fascinated by the human drama surrounding gambling, these movies offer a cinematic experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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