Thor Vs Scarlet Witch: Who Would Win & Why

Since his introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor Odinson has become a regular fan favorite and one of the greatest powerhouses of the Avengers. Scarlet Witch is probably the only character within the Avengers team that can take on the Asgardian God, as we have seen her hold off the Mad Titan on her own. So naturally, one must wonder if the two Avengers were to clash, who would come out victorious and why?

Thor would undoubtedly win in a fight against Scarlet Witch because his raw power has been shown to be able to kill beings that are at least abstract tier level and have omniscience. Scarlet Witch’s reality-warping abilities are exceptional but unlike Thor who is a God, Scarlett Witch is a human.

Now, this is not an easy conclusion to come to, and to ensure that I make a fair case for both of the Avengers, I will focus on their most powerful versions within the comics. The most powerful version of Scarlet Witch is House of M Scarlet Witch, whereas the most powerful version of Thor is Rune King Thor. In this article, I will go through their complete capabilities and show how I arrived at this conclusion, and as always, beware of spoilers.


Asgardians live substantially longer than human beings do, but they are not true immortals. Thor’s lifespan would number in the millennia, but he does age. Both Thor and Odin ate the Apples of Idunn, which can extend an Asgardian’s already incredible lifespan even further.

Asgardians have tissues that are three times denser than that of a physically comparable but ordinary human being and Thor, in particular, stands 6′ 6″ and weighs 645 pounds. This makes the Asgardians much stronger and sturdier than human beings. The average Asgardian male is capable of lifting 35 tons over their head, so the average Asgardian would be hundreds of times stronger than their average human counterpart.

As far as other physiological capabilities, the average Asgardian is faster and more agile than an elite, Gold Medal level human Olympic athlete. They need to eat, drink, rest and sleep just like any ordinary human being, but they recover from physical damage more quickly than human beings do. Thor is an elite Asgardian, so all these capabilities are further magnified in him.

Scarlet Witch is a human whose physical capabilities, despite being quite exceptional, are still not honed to the peak of human potential, comparable to someone like Steve Rogers. Once an opponent gets past the magical barriers that Scarlet Witch wields, they can inflict lethal and even fatal physical damage on her. Her speed can also be matched by most superhumans meaning she would have a difficult time outrunning most of her opponents.

In a battle of endurance and physical durability, Scarlet Witch is no match for the Asgardian God, and Thor wins this one easily.

Score: Thor 1 Scarlet Witch 0


For the most part, Thor is not a scientific genius like his fellow team members, Tony Stark or Bruce Banner. However, he has been described to have a very high IQ. Some of the few pointers that show Thor is highly intelligent are:

  • Spider-man remarks that ‘For a Viking, he knows his Nuclear Physics.’
  • Thor is proficient at speaking multiple languages.
  • He has the ability to perform complex surgeries and even a cricothyrotomy.
  • He is well-versed in Asgardian history.
  • Furthermore, he is capable of devising complex strategies to deceive his opponents (as seen during his battle vs. Malekith).

Thor’s intelligence is often concealed by his goofy nature, and that works to his advantage since most opponents view him as a dumb brute until he turns the tables on them.

Scarlet Witch is exceptionally intelligent, as she thought to line the walls of the Hex with runes to defeat Agatha Harkness and devised a plan to capture America Chavez. In addition, Scarlet Witch trained under other magicians and spellcasters to become proficient in the use of magic, which manifests from incantations and spells. To this end, she has become one of the most proficient sorceresses on Earth, showing a significant level of intelligence.

Thor’s years of experience have made him a more intelligent superhero than Scarlet Witch, and his alien origin makes his level of knowledge much higher than that of a mutant human.

Score: Thor 2 Scarlet Witch 0

Powers and Abilities

Rune King Thor is an all-powerful version of Thor who can wield Odinforce and Rune magic. His abilities are:

  • Invulnerability
  • God-Tier Strength
  • God-Tier stamina
  • Immortality
  • Nigh-Omnipresence
  • Nigh-Omniscience
  • Supernatural Sensory System
  • Nigh-Omnipotence
  • Mind Control
  • Telepathy

House of M (House of Magnus) is a Marvel storyline where Scarlet Witch suffered a mental breakdown and tried to alter the fabric of reality to recreate her lost children. This version of Scarlet Witch is regarded to be the most powerful version and her abilities are:

  • Witchcraft
  • Chaos Magic
  • Divine Sources
  • Spells and Phrases
  • Astral Projection
  • Biological Manipulation
  • Clairvoyance
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Probability Manipulation

When you compare their abilities, both seem equally matched and it’s hard to distinguish them from this.

Score: Thor 3 Scarlet Witch 1

Greatest Feats

Thor goes on a journey of sacrifice to gain the knowledge of the past and ancient runes to prevent the Ragnarök cycle and emerges as Rune King Thor. His feats as RKT are incredible, namely:

  • Erased Mangog from existence – When he teleported to Valhalla, the first monster that attacked him was Mangog, a being with the strength of a billion souls. Thor stops him with his one bare arm, an Odin-level beast with his one arm. He then erased him from existence effortlessly.
  • Defeated Loki’s army – He destroyed Valhalla, killed Loki’s army, and defeated the God of Mischief. Thor proceeds to separate Loki’s head from his body but still keeps him alive. Note at this point Thor became so powerful that even Odinforce couldn’t guess what was going on in his mind.
  • Battle of Ragnarök – After taking down the ruins of Asgard, Thor soon teleports to Yggdrasil to end the Ragnarök Cycle. Thor meets with The Norns, female beings who rule the destiny of gods and men.
  • Ending Ragnarök Cycle – Those Who Sit Above In Shadow offered him to join them as he knows how to end them. However, Thor refused their proposal and destroyed the Tapestry of Fate, ending the Ragnarök Cycle.

Later, it was revealed that Those Who Sit Above in Shadow were celestial beings who lived off the great energies generated by the lives of Norse gods. These beings are gods to Odin as Odin is to humans, and this puts them at the Beyonders tier level.

In House of M, Scarlet Witch creates a world where Magneto is the ruler of the Earth and mutants reign supreme. Her greatest feats are:

  • Healing and restoring Charles Xavier’s legs – Some of the smartest minds in the Marvel Universe had already stated that there wasn’t anything they could do to restore Professor X’s leg movement.
  • Rewriting reality – Scarlet Witch rewrote reality itself to a new world where Magneto was the king.
  • “No more mutants” – Scarlet Witch decided to end the House of M with three words: no more mutants. Immediately, everything went back to normal, but there was one major difference: 90% of the mutants of the world no longer had their powers, which resulted in numerous deaths across the globe. This event came to be known as M-Day and was one of the most catastrophic days in Marvel history.

No More Mutants is one of the craziest feats in all of Marvel History, but unfortunately, it doesn’t top Rune King Thor’s feat to end Those Who Sit Above in Shadow.

Score: Thor 4 Scarlet Witch 1

Thor Vs. Scarlet Witch: Who Wins?

As stated earlier, Thor wins this fight, and the facts back this verdict as his physical strength, speed, and overall durability are way too much for The Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch is not an opponent anyone would want to find themselves facing, but even she has some opponents she would rather not face. In fact, in the comics when she and Havoc fought Thor and tried to decapitate him, they both failed, and she admitted that the only thing she could do here was to remove him from the battle.

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