Top Fan-Favorite Hunter x Hunter Heroes and Villains

Hunter X Hunter

The Hunter x Hunter series by Yoshihiro Togashi is loaded with fascinating characters and captivating storylines. It has a small main cast but a huge number of supporting characters. The plot has succeeded in introducing a few antagonists and protagonists whose vibe captures the audience and tickles their interest. 

But what distinguishes the series from other animated films?  It’s because the characters are unique and well-written. Every hero and villain in this anime has a unique story to share.  So, which Hunter X Hunter character is your favorite? If you want to look back at the whole series, you can watch it on streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and more.

In this article, you’ll find out which Hunter X Hunter heroes and villains are most admired by fans. Let’s begin!

  1. Killua Zoldyck

Killua is Gon’s best friend and the main character of the Zoldyck family. Due to his character growth, he became one of the most popular characters in Hunter X Hunter. From being hopeless, broken, and alone to being understanding and caring. Fans adored Killua’s personality transformation and were attracted by his attitude. 

Although Killua had a lot of darkness inside of him, he found his true goal and purpose when he met his companion Gon while taking the Hunter Exam. All he ever wanted was to be loved, despite all the bloodshed and battle. He also wanted to take care of people in need.

  1. Hisoka Morrow

Hisoka Morrow is one of the Hunter X Hunter’s top opponents and a member of the Phantom Troupe. He is a slim guy with a hilarious personality, which is how he gained popularity through his unusual initiatives. Hisoka is renowned for his brutal, deadly, and intelligent fighting style. 

Given that he is intelligent, self-assured, and unpredictable, fans are drawn to him from the beginning to the end. He accepts every interesting challenge in life and enjoys engaging in combat with powerful opponents. Everything about him is strange but occasionally humorous.

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  1. Gon Freecss 

Gon Freecss is Hunter x Hunter’s main character. He is a charismatic, athletic, and innocent young man. Even though Gon can be selfish at times, that is just who he is and makes him a fantastic character. Fans have loved him since the beginning as he constantly has a smile on his face and is so cheerful. 

His transformation from a naive who was searching for his father turns into something like a monster seeking revenge on his mentor shows how incredible his character growth has been. The most outstanding quality that makes his fans fall is his freedom of thought and his capacity to adjust to any situation.

  1. Kurapika

Kurapika was one of the Kurta Tribe members massacred by the Phantom Troupe four years before the Hunter Exam. His need for revenge stemmed from the death of his family when he was just 12 years old. Despite having a heart filled with hatred, he possesses a very loving and devoted nature toward his friends.

His appealing personality plus his deep affection and respect for his allies, are the major reasons his fans love him. Kurapika is definitely one of Hunter X Hunter’s most powerful characters.

  1. Meruem 

As the Chimera Ant King, Meruem is regarded as one of the strongest characters in the entire series. He wants to rule the entire world and believes that power is the only thing that matters. He is a specialist with exceptional skills and an intimidating presence that can cause most individuals to surrender when they are around him. 

Following his incredible character growth in Hunter X Hunter, Meruem evolved to become one of the most beloved characters among fans. He is a fantastic example of a villain who has attracted fans’ attention since he is initially being a great villain, then he eventually had a change of heart after befriending a human girl once more.

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Final Thoughts

Various characters from Hunter X Hunters are particularly well-liked and interesting. Owing to the characters’ incredible character development, powers, and design, they gained popularity among the fans. Many of the characters have unique storylines that range from heartwarming and tragic to amusing and exciting. Definitely, fans can develop a sense of pleasure in facing their uncertainties and moving forward despite the misery and fear each character encounters in the series.