Violet Evergarden: The Complete Watch Order

Violet Evergarden: The Complete Watch Order

We can always count on Kyoto Animations to create visually stunning anime with compelling stories. One of those stories that I thoroughly enjoyed was that of Violet Evergarden. Because she was exposed to the harshness of war from a tender age, Violet is devoid of emotions, but all of that is about to change.

The anime is her story, how she learns how to feel and empathize with people again. Violet tries to understand what it means to love someone through the series because the words “I love you” are foreign to her. Thanks to other people’s stories, she learns about herself and a world filled with kindness and love.

It’s recommended to watch this anime in chronological order. In this article, I’ll list down the recommended watch order of the anime Violet Evergarden. There have been no talks of another season, but just in case a season 2 will happen in the future, it’s good to be updated with the current anime.

Violet Evergarden (Episode 1-4)

Violet Evergarden: The Complete Watch Order

After the Great War, Violet wakes up in the army’s hospital. She learns that the arms she lost during the war were replaced with prosthetics. She attempts to get back to work by writing a report to her superior, Gilbert Bougainvillea. However, she learns she cannot hold a pen with her new arms. 

Claudia Hodgins comes in and tells her she was to be brought somewhere as per Gilbert’s wishes. So she is taken to Leiden. On the trip to the city, she recalls the words Gilbert has said to her.

Curious about what those words mean, Violet becomes an Auto Memories Doll apprentice to understand the meaning behind the words “I love you.” In her new work, she has to write letters for her clients on their behalf. However, Violet finds it hard to comprehend their emotions since she is so used to war. Though she struggles with her new job, she is given a second chance and asked to attend the Doll training course.

In the Auto Memories Doll Training School, she meets Luculia Marlborough, who is also attending to become a Doll. Luculia manages to pass the class and graduates with top marks. Meanwhile, Violet could not meet the standard requirement to become a doll. 

The two friends end up talking one day about how difficult it is to convey feelings to their loved ones. Inspired by their conversation, Violet manages to write a letter for Luculia. The school instructor reads the letter and allows Violet to pass the class.

Passing the school means Violet can now take assignments for work. She is first tasked to accompany Iris back to her hometown for a job. The pair later find out that Iris’ parents sent the request so Iris would go home and find a husband.  

The party did not end on a good note, so Violet wrote an apology letter to all the guests and the parents before the pair returned home. Iris reveals she was named after a flower that was in full bloom when she was born; this triggers Violet’s memory of how she received her name.

Violet Evergarden: Kitto “Koi” wo Shiru Hi Ga Kuru no Darou (Special)

Violet Evergarden: The Complete Watch Order

The special is set after a few episodes in season 1. That is why it’s better to watch it after episode 4, or you can finish season 1 if you choose. In the special, Violet’s postal company received a request to transcribe a love letter from a person named Irma Felice. Violet Evergarden accepts the task and moves to visit Irma. 

According to her request, the letter is for a soldier missing in action; however, every other detail from Irma is too vague. As a result, Violet ends up with numerous letters that do not satisfy Irma to the point even Violet’s colleagues get involved in writing. 

But even their versions are inadequate. Irma’s conductor Ardu eventually tells Violet that Irma is using her to write the lyrics for her next opera song. Violet decides to stay on the job and understand Irma’s feelings.

Violet Evergarden (Episode 5-13)

Violet Evergarden: The Complete Watch Order

Understanding her job a bit more, Violet is now requested to write a public love letter for the princess addressed to the prince of a neighboring kingdom. The relationship between the two opposing kingdoms relies heavily on their wedding. With everything going smoothly and the two kingdoms united, Violet can now return to her office.

Upon her return, she encounters Gilbert’s brother Dietfried who could not believe she became a doll after everything she was trained for. Throughout the series, Violet meets several people with whom she will get to write for and work with.

While she is doing her job, she recalls her past as a soldier and can now understand her feelings with more clarity. In addition, through the people she meets, she comes to understand the feelings she holds for Gilbert.

In episode 12, Violet decides to follow a special envoy sent to sign a peace treaty. While on the train, anti-peace rebels decide to make a move. While Violet does put up a fight, she refuses to kill anybody. Dietfried manages to rescue Violet, and the two argue about Gilbert. 

While the two are talking, a rebel fires a rifle grenade at them. Violet manages to deflect it using her prosthetic arm, causing the arm to break off. Violet then loses the other arm trying to remove the bombs from the rigged bridge. The train manages to reach its destination, and the peace talks continue.

As a thank you, Dietfiried invites Violet to visit his and Gilbert’s mother. The mother assures Violet that she does not blame her for the loss of her son. Upon her return, Violet decides to write a letter addressed to Gilbert.

In the letter, she tells Gilbert that she is learning a lot about being a doll and hopes to keep living. She also expresses that she wants to meet him again and tell him that she finally understood what he said to her. Even though she hopes to see him through the letter, she comes to terms that he is gone.

Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou

Violet Evergarden: The Complete Watch Order

As a request, Violet Evergarden gets sent to a girls school to assist Isabella York to become a debutante. However, Violet notices that Isabella is not interested in learning any skills or lessons required to become a proper aristocrat. In addition, she is seen to be weak in health.

After spending time with Violet, Isabella decides to tell her the truth. She tells Violet that she is actually Amy Bartlett, an illegitimate child of the Yorks. The York family approached her and offered a better life for her and her younger sister, Taylor, if she would pose as Isabella.

Isabelle then requests Violet to write a letter for her sister Taylor. After her job is complete, Violet returns home to Leiden. Three years later, Violet gets to meet Taylor, who is hoping to get hired as a postman. She tells Violet that she would want to become a real postman and deliver happiness to people, especially her sister when she gets older.

Violet Evergarden: The Movie

Violet Evergarden: The Complete Watch Order

In the movie, we are finally given closure about Gilbert’s and Violet’s love story. The movie starts with Daisy, Anne Magnolia’s granddaughter, who stumbles upon the letters written by Violet Evergarden for her grandmother. The story then takes us back to the tale of Violet.

Claudia Hodgins receives a letter one day. While he doesn’t recognize the address, he recognizes the handwriting as Gilbert’s, who everyone assumed was dead. He manages to track the letter to the remote island of Ekarte and decides to bring Violet with him.

Claudia finds Gilbert alive but missing an eye and an arm. The two talk, and Claudia offers to take him to see Violet. Gilbert declines the offer due to feeling guilty for leaving her. Before Claudia and Violet leave the island, Violet writes one more letter for Gilbert to read.

After reading her letter, Gilbert decides to chase Violet as she boards the ship. The two finally meet and decide to stay together. Violet resigns from her Postal Company and stays with Gilbert on the island.

The final movie seems to be a good closure for fans, and it seems like there doesn’t need to be a last season. But if the studio decides to release more OVAs that are meant to happen before the movie, I’m sure fans would still love to watch and listen to more of the letters written by Violet Evergarden.