What to Study in College to Become an Anime Show Animator

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Anime is a highly sought-after genre in Asian cinema and it has been gaining even more popularity recently. As a result, there is an increasing number of students who are interested in pursuing a career in animation within the Japanese film industry. While there are various paths to enter this field, it is essential to meet the minimum educational requirements. For those who are passionate about anime and seeking guidance, you might also be thinking, “Can someone write my essay for me?” If you are a skilled student who is contemplating which college degree to pursue and how to gain practical experience for a career in creating anime, continue reading for more information.

The qualifications needed to become an anime creator

In order to pursue a career in animation, it is necessary to obtain a degree. There are various college programs available that can provide the necessary skills for this profession. Some recommended four-year degrees to consider are:

  • Graphic Design;
  • Computer Graphics;
  • Fine Arts;
  • Comic Art;
  • Visual Arts;
  • New Media.

The program’s title may differ depending on the institution, but the key requirement is to include coursework on animation. The program should primarily focus on providing technical skills and artistic knowledge in animation. It’s important to note that anime programs initially require hand-drawn animation but may eventually incorporate 3D animation. The aim of obtaining a college degree in this field is to acquire various skills.

In addition to developing technical skills, animation degree programs also provide students with training in using different software applications. This includes both fundamental programs such as Adobe and Final Cut Pro, as well as more advanced software like Maya, which are all essential in the creation of animation.

Breaking into the Anime Industry

Although anime has a significant fan base in Western countries, there are only a limited number of creative studios creating anime content outside of Japan. The job market in Asian animation is highly competitive, particularly within major production companies. As a result, aspiring students aiming to pursue a career in this industry must fulfill certain requirements.

Learn Japanese Culture

Before starting a career in anime, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of its history. It is important to dedicate some time to familiarize yourself with the social norms, relevant topics, and current trends associated with this art form. Doing so will provide valuable insights into the development of your own stories and characters. Additionally, since numerous production companies organize Japanese language competitions for animators, acquiring proficiency in the language will give you a competitive edge.

Become a Mangaka

The chances of a production company turning your original ideas into anime are doubtful. In order to have a shot at it, you need first to create manga, which is the comic book form of anime, and make it available to the public. Depending on your skill and how the community responds to your work, you may have the opportunity to enter the film industry.

If there is a manga that you believe should be acknowledged, you have the opportunity to participate in a contest. Various production companies are open to receiving submissions in languages other than their own. Those who win these competitions are offered employment opportunities. Additionally, it is possible to publish your book independently. Utilizing social media for marketing purposes can attract attention to your artistic creation.


In order to get started in anime creation, it is important to gain experience in the film industry. This can be achieved by applying for internships or apprenticeships. There are often opportunities available, and many experienced mentors are open to working with recent graduates who may have limited experience.

During the internship, you will establish a professional portfolio and build valuable connections to pave your way into the industry. The utmost priority is to acquire extensive knowledge about the industry while working in the internship.

Create a Professional Portfolio

Having a well-developed portfolio of professional anime creations increases the likelihood of being hired. This portfolio demonstrates to potential employers that you have ample experience in the anime genre. The contents of your portfolio can be acquired through coursework and projects completed during an animation program. It is common for instructors to require students to create a portfolio as part of their graduation requirements. In situations where assistance is needed, there are professional services available, such as essay writing services, that can help in creating portfolios.

Take Additional Courses

While a college degree may not be mandatory in the field of animation, possessing one can enhance your prospects of securing employment. Enrolling in additional courses that focus on Anime creation further enhances your qualifications. If feasible, consider traveling to Japan to participate in specialized manga and anime short courses.

Learn from Seasoned Artists

Anime Expo holds annual conventions for creators, fans, and aspiring artists. Participating in these conventions provides an opportunity to gain insights from experienced animators. It is recommended to ask targeted inquiries regarding improving one’s skill set and obtaining employment. Seasoned animators possess the knowledge and expertise that cannot be acquired solely through a college education.


Creating anime can be a highly profitable profession. In order to thrive in this field, acquiring a college degree in a related discipline is essential. While a degree in animation would be ideal, any art program would suffice. It is crucial to gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the Asian film industry right from the beginning.

In addition to obtaining a college degree, it is necessary to enroll in supplementary classes. Acquiring skills in software utilization, Manga drawing, and marketing is crucial. By receiving proper education, individuals can establish a stable profession in the field of Japanese animation.