Who Killed Daki and Gyutaro in Demon Slayer 

Who Killed Daki and Gyutaro in Demon Slayer

Daki and Gyutaro are two members who share the title of Upper Moon Six of the Twelve Demon Moons. They have finally met their end in the anime Demon Slayer. The Siblings’ epic fight with the protagonists was featured in Episode 10 of Season 2 of the anime Demon Slayer. With everything happening so fast, who was responsible for the death of Daki and Gyutaro?

Gyutaro was killed by Tanjiro and Tengen, while Daki was killed by Inosuke and Zenitsu. Both siblings were separated in battle and then were decapitated simultaneously. Eventually, their severed heads disintegrate by each other’s side. Nevertheless, the two remained inseparable, even in death.

Killing someone in the ranks of the Upper Moon Six is a big feat achieved by our heroes. How did they accomplish this? I’ll also discuss Daki and Gyutaro’s final moments and the vision Gyutaro had while he was disintegrating.

How Did Gyutaro Die?

Who Killed Daki and Gyutaro in Demon Slayer 

When the two demon siblings were successfully separated, Tanjiro desperately tried to take on Gyutaro by himself. However, when Tanjiro looked like he was about to lose, a previously knocked-out Tengen regains consciousness to aid Tanjiro in the battle.

Tengen and Gyutaro have an intense battle, and in the heat of it, Tengen calls out to Tanjiro to jump. Tanjiro does as ordered and manages to decapitate the demon; however, Gyutaro poisons Tanjiro by stabbing him through the jaw before he was decapitated.

At the same time, Daki is also decapitated, and their heads roll towards each other. The two heads eventually disintegrate.  

How Did Daki Die?

While Tanjiro and Tengen try to fight off Gyutaro, Zenitsu and Inosuke are left to deal with Daki. While Zenitsu and Daki are launching lethal attacks on one another, Inosuke rushes to assist Zenitsu. Previously it was believed that he would die, but it turns out he was able to protect his heart by rearranging his organs. He also revealed that poison has no effect on him. The two manage to decapitate Daki’s head, while Tanjiro successfully decapitates Gyutaro, preventing the demon siblings from rescuing each other.

What Was Daki’s and Gyutaro’s Final Moment?

The two heads simultaneously fell to the ground and faced each other. While their heads began to disintegrate, the two siblings started to argue with each other. When Daki’s eyes began to water, a saddened Tanjiro steps in and covers Gyutaro’s mouth.

Tanjiro urges the siblings to stop fighting with each other since the two of them only have one another in this world. Before her head finally disintegrates, she wails at her brother to save her. Gyutaro yells out her birth name and recalls their lives as humans. 

After he recalls their life as humans, Gyutaro finds his original self facing the afterlife. Ume, Daki’s real name, appears beside him and asks where they are going. Gyutaro tells her to turn the other way. Still, Ume refuses and apologizes for getting mad at him when they lost. The siblings then travel to the afterlife together.

Who Were Daki and Gyutaro When They Were Still Human?

Who Killed Daki and Gyutaro in Demon Slayer 

After Daki’s head disintegrated, Gyutaro started to remember his life before he turned into a demon. In a flashback, he remembered his mom constantly trying to kill him and herself. She left Gyutaro alone since she couldn’t afford to keep him fed. He was ridiculed for his appearance, voice, and poor hygiene by everyone in the entertainment district throughout his childhood.

When Ume was born, Gyutaro grew a sense of pride with how beautiful his sister was, even as a child. Ume, however, was hated by her mother due to the color of her hair and eyes, and Ume’s mother would also try to kill her. Gyutaro eventually came to his sister’s aid, and their mother started to distance herself from her children. This left Gyutaro to raise Ume by himself.

Eventually, their mother died from the same sickness she named her daughter. Ume was popular in the Entertainment District, even earning herself the nickname “Shiraume” because she was beautiful. She was eventually recruited to work in a high-class brothel. She was trained to be an Orion in the brothel, so she received good food and education. Meanwhile, Gyutaro became a collector and collected debts done by customers of the brothel.

The two siblings were starting to live a good life till Ume poked out the eye of one of her customers. As payback, the samurai had her bound and burned in a ditch. By the time Gyutaro returned, Ume was barely clinging to her life. Gyutaro killed the samurai and Ume’s manager for attempting to kill them.

The pair eventually met Doma, who offered the siblings the gift to become demons. He challenged the siblings to become strong enough to join the Twelve Kizuki.

How Did Tanjiro, Tengen, Zenitsu, and Inosuke Survive?

Who Killed Daki and Gyutaro in Demon Slayer 

After that fierce fight, it looked as if Tanjiro and his gang would have died due to the poison or some other lethal wound. Tanjiro is shown to be the first to regain consciousness. Still, he briefly wonders about the effects of the poison since he doesn’t remember who healed him. He goes off to search for the rest of his comrades with the help of Nezuko.

He hears Zenitsu first and rushes towards him. It turns out Zenitsu is okay, though severely injured. Zenitsu tells Tanjiro that he can hear Inosuke’s heartbeat get weaker and points to where he knows Inosuke is.

Tanjiro rushes over to Inosuke to discover that his heart is weaker. The poison also seems to be spreading in Inosuke’s body. Tanjiro realizes that it may be too late to save Inosuke from dying. But when he loses all hope for his friend, Nezuko comes up, touches Inosuke, and sets him on fire. Tanjiro immediately notices that the flames are healing the exposed poisoned parts of Inosuke. Inosuke suddenly wakes up and declares he is hungry.

Meanwhile, Tengen seems to have accepted the fact that death will come and take him soon. He tries to relay his final words to his wives, but due to their loud bickering and wailing, he could not speak a word as the poison has already started affecting his tongue. 

Nezuko suddenly appears in the middle and proceeds to do the same thing she did with Inosuke. However, instead of acting amazed, the wives are horrified since they do not notice the healing effects right away. Finally, Tengen decides to speak up and announces that the poison has left his body, reassuring his wives that Nezuko was the one who helped him.

An unsure Tanjiro tries to explain that Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art has the ability to remove the poison from their bodies. This would explain why Tanjiro, despite being poisoned, woke up without feeling its effects. 

Once he was sure that everyone was alive, He and Nezuko went and collected the blood from the Upper Rank and searched for their heads. Tanjiro wanted to make sure that they were really decapitated before allowing himself to rest.

He finds both heads next to each other, arguing about their defeat. Then, saddened for the demons, he urges the both of them to reconcile because they only have each other left in the world.

With the threat of the bottom of the Upper Six Moon finally gone, the Demon Slayer Corps still have the rest of the upper elite demons to deal with.