Why Is Broly So Strong in Dragon Ball Super? Explained

Why Is Broly So Strong in Dragon Ball Super? Explained

Broly has become a fan favorite in the Dragon Ball franchise, especially after he took on official status in Dragon Ball Super after first being seen in Dragon Ball Z. While so many love Broly due to his massive power, how did he get so strong?

Broly is likely so strong due to his unique genetics, training off-world, and is also fueled by tremendous anger and frustration. He also leans into the Saiyan instinct very naturally and learns from his opponents, changing tactics mid-fight.

Let’s explore everything about Broly’s powers and find out why he is so strong, what his abilities and powers are, and what we can expect from any battle with Broly.

Power and Abilities of Broly

Why Is Broly So Strong in Dragon Ball Super? Explained

Broly is so powerful that when a scouter was used on him, it maxed out and the Freiza force immediately recruited him. Even Vegeta didn’t want him anywhere near him, and exiled him so that he could never show up the weaker Vegeta.

The exile to a distant planet, however, just gave Broly chances to fight against massive game and hone his skills, while getting additional training from his father. He grew closer to a giant serpentine creatures called Ba, but this was killed, causing him to get angry.

While initially a non-canon character due to him not being introduced by the original creator Akira Toriyama, Broly was one of the most powerful characters when he first appeared in Dragon Ball Z.

His popularity amongst fans eventually saw Toriyama create Broly officially for Dragon Ball Super.

A fight between Broly and Vegeta was not even close, with Goku having to step in and use not only Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan God mod, but all the way up to Super Saiyan Blue to stop Broly.

Broly did have to transform into his Wrath form, but during this battle he showed an amazing aptitude to learn from his opponents, figure out their weaknesses, and truly harness his Saiyan instincts to overcome Vegeta.

However, further actions by Freiza, including killing Paragus, meant that Broly hit heights he never had before, being able to take on both Goku and Vegeta in their full Super Saiyan Blue powers with ease, even beating Golden Frieza.

It was only the combination into Gogeta that saw Broly lose, but even then it wasn’t exactly unexpected given the massive power scaling that happens when a fusion warrior is created.

Broly can demolish a planet with a single attack, and has used this power many times, including destroying the entire South Galaxy.

Broly’s powers are so apparent that he finds it hard to hide them, particularly an issue given that Vegeta and others are hunting for him.

Why Is Broly So Strong in Dragon Ball Super? Explained

Broly can use physical- and energy-based moves with ease, and is very durable, having shown on multiple instances that he can take attacks from Super Saiyans with ease.

Super Saiyan Goku has sent a Kamehameha his way, with Broly not even seeming to take any damage.

This is part of Broly’s strength, as he can immediately counter with moves like Lariat; rushing at the enemy at high speed and then grabbing his opponent and slamming them into a wall to leave a massive crater upon impact, revealing the force of the slam.

Broly has shown he can go into the Super Saiyans A, B, and C-types with ease, showing control over the Ki, thought to be from his emotions that are burning inside him.

However, sometimes these forms are only available through the actions of others, such as A-type due to Paragus using mind control on Broly. His hair and his eyes take on a different tint whenever he transforms into a Super Saiyan in this manner.

Broly’s B-type is superior than other Super Saiyans, with Broly easily beating Super Namek Piccolo, Super Saiyan Fourth Grade Gokū, Super Saiyan Fourth Grade Gohan, Super Saiyan Second Grade future Trunks, and even Super Saiyan Second Grade Vegeta.

Broly also increases in power after recovering from critical wounds, meaning he can even take on Gohan in his Super Saiyan 2 form.

He has the usual powers including flight, Ki manipulation, super strength, durability and speed, as well as special moves including the Full Blast, Eraser Blow, Eraser Shot Volley, Wrathful Charge, Gigantic Charge, Trap Shooter and many more.

He also has special abilities such as Rage Power, Saiyan Power and Mimicry.

Broly has the Great Ape, Wrate State, and various types of Super Saiyan he can transform into, giving him flexibility when he fights and making him one of the most powerful characters in the franchise. The change into the Wrath State causes water to boil.

He uses an Attack Ball for interstellar travel, and loves Senzu Beans for their rejuvenation properties.

Reasons Why Broly Is So Strong

Why Is Broly So Strong in Dragon Ball Super? Explained

Broly is likely a mutant Saiyan, meaning his genetics are a level above in terms of strength.

He can fire beams without needing to go into the traditional firing stance, and can quickly change his style to react and adjust to his opponent.

It is thought that he maxed out at 10,000 power level when a baby, and is guessed to be around 1.4 billion as an adult. Goku has stated that he is likely even more powerful than Lord Beerus.

Broly also seems to undergo a transformation personality wise, seeming to become more brutal, ruthless and even regress emotionally in Saiyan mode, making him extremely powerful and unpredictable.

This emotional immaturity only serves to cause massive destruction, with Broly’s father Paragus even going so far as to put a remote controlled shock collar on him.

This collar shocks him once a day to keep him in line, although it does also cause him emotional distress, unintentionally meaning he gets even angrier and out of control.

This uncontrolled power was useful on Vampa, although it did mean Broly was highly unstable, constantly vaporizing the animals around him even if he didn’t mean to.

He does have some weaknesses, however these tend to only be exploitable by very experienced and powerful enemies, and he will also be a lot weaker when his rage hits its limits.