6 Fall Fashion Trends That are Celebrity Approved

Fall Fashion Trends That are Celebrity Approved

Are you looking for the newest fall fashion trends that are celebrity approved? If so, stick to this

As the leaves start to change and the temperatures start to fall, our favorite celebrities are the
best people to go to for inspiration. They have their finger on the pulse of what’s popular this
season, from comfortable knitwear to bold accessories. 

In this article, we will explore the world of fall fashion trends seen from different celebrity’s

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1. Cozy knitwear


Nothing keeps you warm and fashionable like cozy knits during the fall. Chunky knits, cardigans,
and sweater dresses are hot this season, and all of your favorite celebrities have been seen
wearing them. And we are guessing you are one to be left out of the picture, even if you are not
a celeb. 

Kendall Jenner has been spotted wearing a warm knit dress, and Hailey Bieber has been
spotted wearing an oversized knit sweater. Who can forget Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well”
performance at the SNL 40th Anniversary Special with its famous sweater dress moment? 

By wearing a knit dress over tights and ankle boots or by wearing a chunky knit sweater with
skinny jeans and boots, you can easily pull off this celeb-approved look. We promise you; you’re
going to slay in it.

There is a comfortable knitwear available for everyone, whether you favor desaturated colors or
vivid colors. Get ready to cuddle up in style by stocking up on your favorite knitwear!

2. Statement coats

Celebrities are obsessed with statement coats in vibrant motifs and hues, and it’s easy to see
why! There are countless alternatives to pick from, like animal patterns, plaid, and vibrant
colors, to upgrade your fall clothing. 

Both Zendaya and Bella Hadid have been spotted wearing eye-catching statement coats. The
best thing, though? These striking coats keep you warm and comfortable throughout the chilly
fall days in addition to making a fashion statement. 

Let your outerwear do the talking by pairing a statement coat with an understated outfit, such as
jeans and a turtleneck. So this fall, don’t be scared to take chances and get a statement coat
that will give your wardrobe some personality.

3. Leather everything


This fall, leather is making a comeback, and we are loving it! Celebrities, including Gigi Hadid
and Dua Lipa, have been spotted wearing neutral-colored leather skirts, pants, and jackets. Not
to mention the legendary leather trench coat that stole the show on the runway. 

While wearing leather, you can instantly dress up in any outfit, whether you’re trying for a dressy
or casual appearance. For an effortlessly cool look, wear a leather jacket with jeans and boots,
or dress up a leather skirt with a shirt and heels for a night out. There are countless

Moreover, Leather clothing is a wise investment for your wardrobe because it is ageless and can
be used season after season. Now, don’t be scared to rock some leather and channel your
inner rocker!

4. Knee-high boots

A timeless fall wardrobe essential that never goes out of style is knee-high boots. Elegant and
chic knee-high boots in suede or leather have been seen on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. 

These boots keep your legs warm on chilly fall days in addition to giving your outfit a touch of
beauty. Knee-high boots can be worn with skirts or dresses for a stylish, feminine look or with
leggings or skinny jeans for a more laid-back appearance. 

Moreover, knee-high boots are available in a range of designs and colors, so you can choose
the ideal pair to complement your own style. 

What do you think about this? We would say you snatch this opportunity by investing in a chic
pair of knee-high boots and embrace your inner celebrity!

5. Monochrome outfits

A classic design trend that is very popular in fall is wearing monochrome clothing. Selena
Gomez and Victoria Beckham are examples of celebrities who have been seen wearing all-
white, all-black, or all-grey ensembles, demonstrating that sometimes less is more. 

Monochrome outfits appear elegant and stylish. It’s possible to mix and match various textures
and materials, such as a cashmere sweater with leather pants or a silk blouse with fitted

Moreover, you may simply include a statement item, such as a colorful bag or a pair of striking
earrings, to give a splash of color to your monochromatic look. So, hop on the monochrome
trend and channel your inner celeb to keep things simple and fashionable.

6. Statement accessories

The ideal way to spruce up your fall outfits and inject some character into your appearance is
with statement accessories. Celebrities like Rihanna and Zendaya are renowned for wearing
bold jewelry and large hats.  

Making a statement with distinctive pieces that stand out is the focus of this season’s statement
accessories. Consider adding a splash of color and texture to your look with bright scarves,
striking belts, and chunky earrings. Don’t forget about statement bags too, such as micro bags
or large totes, which can elevate any outfit. 

Also, you can use accessories to give more traditional looks, like a little black dress or a basic
turtleneck sweater, a bit of edge. Have fun with your accessories this fall and let them speak for
themselves. Who knows, you might end up setting the next big trend!

Final Words

The fall fashion trends that are celebrity approved this season are all about creating a statement
but still feeling cozy and at ease. 

These trends, which range from statement jackets to warm knits and knee-high boots, are the
ideal way to revamp your wardrobe for the upcoming season. Don’t forget to accessorize with
bold accessories that give your outfit a spark of individuality. 

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