Disney Characters that Start with E: Iconic Names

Disney E

Disney has always had a wide array of colorful and iconic characters, starting with any letter of the alphabet. There probably isn’t a letter that Disney hasn’t covered. For this article, we’re looking at Disney characters starting with the letter E.

If you’re looking for a character that starts with the letter E, there’s a chance they might be included in this list.

Earl (The Good Dinosaur)


You wouldn’t think dinosaurs would have fancy names, but they do. Earl is part of a gang made up of Velociraptors in the movie The Good Dinosaur. The leader of the gang is another Velociraptor named Bubbha.

Edgar ‘E’ Gore (Frankenweenie)


Edgar is one of the main antagonists in the film Frankenweenie. He heard that Victor managed to resurrect his dog Sparky through electricity and wanted to do the same. Edgar also bears a resemblance to a fictional character named Ygor in the Son of Frankenstein.

Edna “E” Mode (The Incredibles)


A lot of superheroes owe their life to this fashion designer. Edna specializes in creating custom-made superhero outfits that complement their powers and allow them to look appealing to the public eye. She has a strong distaste for adding capes to the outfits she creates.

Eeyore (The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)

Eeyore 1

Christopher Robin has a great number of iconic enchanted stuffed animals that he owned throughout his childhood. One of these stuffed animals is the pessimistic and gloomy donkey named Eeyore. Eeyore depends on his owner a lot to reattach his tail.

Einstein (Oliver & Company)


Sadly, this Great Dane didn’t make it in the House of Mouse, but Disney fans can still watch him in Oliver & Company. Einstein is one of Fagin’s dogs and is the biggest one among them. Like the usual Great Dane, Einstein is playful and silly despite being a giant.

Elena (Lilo & Stitch)


Elena is one of Lilo’s Hula classmates and is usually shown beside Mertle. The series and the second movie explore her personality a bit more. Among Mertle’s gang, she seems to be the one who likes Lilo’s company the most and even wishes for everyone to get close to her.

Eli La Bouff (The Princess and the Frog)


Eli is regarded as the most influential individual in all of New Orleans. He is the father of Charlotte La Bouff. He also shares a father-daughter-like relationship with Tiana.

Elsa (Frozen)


Elsa is the former queen of Arendelle, giving up her crown to her younger sister Anna so she can remain in the forest and watch over it. In the first movie, she was only learning how to control her powers. She even chose to run away from her palace.

Emcee (Coco)


She is only a minor character in the show but has a loud presence. Emcee is one of the many residents of the Land of the Dead. She hosts several musical talent shows to keep things in the area “lively.”

Erik (Frozen)


Erik is one of the bodyguards of the Duke of Weselton. He is hired to serve and protect the duke at all costs.

Eric (The Little Mermaid)


Eric is the featured prince in The Little Mermaid. He is a young prince of a seaside kingdom who has a hobby of sailing. On one of his trips, he nearly drowns but gets saved by Ariel. He immediately falls in love with her and tries to search for his savior.

Ernesto de la Cruz (Coco)


Ernesto is said to be the pride of Mexico due to his contribution to music. In the first part of the movie, Miguel believes that Ernesto is his great-great-grandfather. However, it turns out Ernesto took the credit of another musician.

Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)


Esmeralda is a gypsy who is a humanitarian, making her constantly fight for Quasimodo’s rights.

Ester (Bolt)


Ester plays the role of the Animal Control Officer in the film Bolt. She is a minor antagonist in the film.

Eudora (The Princess and the Frog)


Eudora is the mother of Tiana. She is praised for being a really talented seamstress in New Orleans, especially by Eli. 

EVE (Wall-E)


EVE is a scanner robot sent to earth to check if the planet is livable again. At the film’s beginning, Wall-E, a robot programmed to clean the earth, grows interested in her and follows her around while she does her scanner work.

Ellie Fredricksen (Up)


Ellie is the adventurous girl Carl met during childhood and grew to love. Sadly, Ellie met her end before the beginning of the film. However, she still plays a significant presence in the story’s plot.

Elinor (Brave)


Elinor is the queen of DunBroch and the mother of Merida. In the movie, she gets transformed into a bear. She and Merida work together to get her back to her human form.

Eugene Fitzherbert (Tangled)


Eugene is the real name of Flynn Rider, a thief. However, throughout the events of Tangled, he grew to love Rapunzel and left his old life and alias behind. In the animated series, fans learn that Eugene is also a prince of the Dark Kingdom.

Enchantress (Beauty and the Beast)

Enchantress 1

Despite only having a few lines in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, she plays a vital role in the overall film. The Enchantress first appeared as an old woman seeking to test the Prince’s heart. However, due to the prince’s cold behavior, she cursed him and the rest of his manor.

Eilonwy of Llyr (The Black Cauldron)


Eilonwy is a featured princess in The Black Cauldron. She also plays the part of Taran’s love interest in the same film. However, she’s far from a meek princess; she is strong-willed and highly talkative. In the film, she was abducted by the Horned King, who wanted to use her magic bauble to find the Black Cauldron.

Emile (Ratatouille)


Remy isn’t the only protagonist among the rats in Ratatouille. While he plays a small role in the first film, he starts to have a main role alongside Remy in Your Friend the Rat. Emile is an overweight street rat who loves food but doesn’t care much about the flavor, much to Remy’s horror.

Eboy (Ralph Breaks the Internet)


He plays a minor character in Ralph Break the Internet. Eboy is a fellow netizen who is the embodiment of Ebay’s notification system. Eboy might actually not be his real name. The name was actually a nickname that Ralph gave him.

Ed (The Lion King)


Ed is one of the male hyenas who allied with Scar. He is one of the members of a clan of hyenas led by Shenzi, who were initially exiled from Pride Lands. When Scar ascended to the throne, he let the hyenas renter the Pride Lands.

Ensign Getco (Lilo and Stitch)

ensign getco

His name was never revealed in any of the films he was featured in. fans learned of his name when he was referred to in Stitch’s Great Escape park attraction. He is a Galactic Armada Pilots member and the only member whose name was ever mentioned.

Erik Hellstorm (Atlantis: Milo’s Return)

erik 1

It might be due to his weird ornamental hat, but Erik Hellstorm is also dubbed the “Modern Odin.” He is the central antagonist in Atlantis: Milo’s Return and Atlantis: The Lost Empire. He ships magnate and is a competitor of Whitemore before his company crashed and he went insane.

Emil Eagle (Donald Duck)


Emil Eagle is an antagonist in the Mickey Mouse comic books, making his debut in the Donald Duck comics. He is the rival inventor of Gyro Gearloose.

Ebb (The Little Mermaid)


Ebb is one of the two alligator antagonists who appear in one episode of The Little Mermaid Tv series. They are the main antagonists in Beached. In the episode, Ebb is stopped by Ariel and Arista from stealing the royal treasure.

Echidna (Hercules)


Echidna is a recurring character in Hercules the series. She is a horrifying monster called the Mother of All Monsters. While she is very mother-like to her children, her goal is to destroy Athens. In the series, she and Typhon, a titan, are husband and wife.

Ector (The Sword in the Stone)


He is a main character in The Sword in the Stone and is a knight of Uther Pendragon. He values training in combat and war over education. He adopts a young Arthur and constantly gives the boy chores, especially if he misbehaves.

Edalyn “Eda” Clawthorne (The Owl House)


A witch also known as the Owl Lady. Luz witnesses her use her magic and decides to want to learn as well. When the two become friends, Eda decides to take Luz in and make Luz her apprentice.

Eden (Aladdin: The Animated Series)


Eden is a female genie and Genie’s girlfriend in the animated television series. Unlike Genie, Eden isn’t very honest with her wish granting. She usually finds some way to twist the rules in order for the wish to work in her favor.

Edmund (Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventures)


Edmund is the King of the Dark Kingdom, making him the father of Eugene Fitzherbert. King Edmund has dedicated his entire existence to keep his kingdom and people safe from the powers of the Moonstone Opal. However, during the kingdom-wide evacuation, he decided to remain in the kingdom to keep the Moon Opal’s powers at bay and stop people from trying to get its powers.

Elastico (Leroy and Stitch)


Elastico is Experiment 345. He is designed to resemble a clown in order to distract enemy forces. To add to his ability, he also has an elastic body. He found his home at the circus.

Electra (Hercules)


Electra is a goth girl with the ability to summon Furies when enraged. At one point, Hercules tried to match her aesthetic and personality so he could date her. While he managed to go out with her, she eventually abandoned him when she learned of his true nature.

Electronique (Kim Possible)


Electronique is one of the villains in Kim Possible. She has electric abilities and is one of the primary nemesis of Team Go. After escaping prison, she hit Team Go with one of her inventions to turn the superhero group into villains. Later in the episode, she gets hit by her own invention, making her turn good.

Elfonso (Sofia the First)


Elfonso is an Elf appearing in Sofia the First. He is exceptionally fun-loving but tends to be irresponsible and gets into trouble since he’d instead go around and play.

Elfred (Sofia the First)


Elfred is another elf that shows up in the same episode as Elfonso. However, instead of being similar in nature, Elfred is the opposite. Elfred is mostly serious and responsible, sensing the urgency of situations.

Eliza M. Feyersied (Phineas and Ferb)


Any fan who has watched Phineas and Ferb would have heard about the Fireside Girls. Eliza is the founder of the girl scout group in the series. She is very passionate about the organization, even building the girls their clubhouse in the middle of Danville.

Evil Queen (Snow White)

Evil Queen 1

The Evil Queen is one of Disney’s very first Disney Villian in animated canons of the studio. The Evil Queen grew increasingly jealous of Snow White, who the mirror says is the fairest of them all. So she disguised herself as an old hag to trick Snow White into eating a poisoned apple.

Edric Blight (The Owl House)


Edric is Amity’s older brother and the twin of Emira. He loves to have fun and was originally a bit of a bully to Amity. However, during the course of Owl House, he eventually warmed up to his younger sister and has been nicer and protective over her.

Emma Sue (Gravity Falls)

Emma Sue

Emma is someone Dipper has flirted with in an episode of Gravity Falls. She is a tourist who happened to be in Oregon at the same time Dipper, Mabel, and the members of the Mystery Shack crew were present. She later gets jealous as she sees Dipper with Candy in Mystery Mountain.

Eric (Kim Possible)


Eric is a synthodrone of Dr. Drakken. However, unlike other synthodrones, he can actually mimic human emotions. Because he was also designed to look like a handsome teenage human male, he was perfect for the job of luring Kim Possible and separating Team Possible.

Ernesto (Gravity Falls)

Ernesto 1

Ernesto is one of the residents of “Mabeland ” and is the idealized vision of Soo’s father. He is only an imaginary figure, so he cannot exist outside Mabeland. When Mabel decides to return back to reality, he and all the other fictional figures try to trap the twins and Soo in Mabeland.

Euryale (American Dragon: Jake Long)


Euryale is a gorgon appearing alongside her sisters Fury and Medusa. She hopes to rule the world with her sisters. Among her sisters, she is noted to be the vainest and most materialistic. Despite constantly bickering with her sisters, she still hopes to stand on top of the world beside them.

Evangeline (The Princess and the Frog)


Evangeline is also referred to as the Evening Star. Others often wish upon her. A Cajun firefly named Ray apparently falls in love with the star. It is said that Evangeline was a firefly who had died and became a star.

Ellie Mae (The Rescuers)

Ellie 1

Ellie Mae is the wife of Luke and the leader of the Swamp Folk. She, her husband Luke, and the rest of the Swamp folk are aware of Penny. Her husband even mentions that the Swamp Folk all despise Madame Medusa.

Ercole Visconti (Luca)


Ercole is the local bully of his town who loves to brag about his accomplishment of winning their town’s race year after year. Despite being a bully he is also the main antagonist of the film Luca. The boy claims that he’s 16, but the talk of the town is that he’s actually older.

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