Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Although there are not that many names starting with ‘i’, Disney still has a huge range of characters to choose from so let’s examine the list and see how many you know!

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1. Iago (Aladdin)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Jafar’s sidekick, he is a loud-mouthed and sassy red macaw that has a blue tail and blue-tipped wings.

With an unhealthy fixation on power and money, he will stop at nothing to help Jafar overthrow the Sultan.

Iago is also quite petty, as a main reason why he wants to usurp the rightful leader is because he doesn’t like the crackers that he’s fed.

It is also rumored that Jafar transferred his emotions into Iago so that he wouldn’t be bothered by them when doing his own plotting.

However, not all is bad with the character, as we see Iago go through a redemption arc during The Return of Jafar, as he ends up saving Aladdin and Jasmine after Aladdin showed kindness to him.

2. Ian the Gator (The Princess and the Frog)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Head of a gang of alligators, the Swamp Gators, he is a sadist who likes meting out punishment to whoever he feels has wronged him.

Turning on Prince Naveen and Tiana, Ian shows he’s always willing to fit another meal in and is only stymied when they both escape into a narrow log, eventually giving up on the tiny morsel for a bigger fish meal.

3. Ian Howe (National Treasure)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

A treasure hunter and cunning criminal, he turns on Ben Gates when it is discovered that they needed to steal the Declaration of Independence to find the treasure.

As Ben doesn’t want to do this, Ian tries to kill him and goes on to try to steal the document. However, this plan backfires due to Ian’s greed and impatience, with him eventually getting caught by the FBI.

4. Ian Lightfoot (Onward)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

The protagonist, Ian appears as an elf with blue hair, a large bulbous nose and large pointy ears.

At just 16 years old, he grew up without a father and lacks confidence. This prevents him from trying almost anything, particularly those things that deep down he knows he wants to do. It isn’t helped that he is almost bursting with nervous energy.

After an adventure with his brother Barley, Ian realizes that he is wasting too much time worrying about things he can’t control, and becomes more outgoing with a newfound zest for life.

Ian eventually learns how to cast spells, including learning how to make objects levitate, gain speed, grow objects and create fire, among many others from the Quest of Yore book.

5. Ian McTeague (Legend of Tarzan)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

A corrupt and greedy businessman, he runs an illegal mining rig near a mountain in order to access gold.

Due to inadequate filtering and pollution from their operation, he ends up poisoning many animals, causing Tarzan to hatch a plan to stop it.

McTeague shows no remorse and vows to keep mining gold, causing Tarzan to dam and then break the dam to flood the mine and destroy it forever.

6. Ice Titan (Hercules)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

One of the four elemental monsters that terrorize Greece, it is also known as Hydros and works for Echidna and Typhon.

Hydros has teamed up with Pyros to destroy Zeus and therefore the Earth.

7. Ichabod Crane (Ichabod and Mr Toad)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

A lanky schoolmaster, Ichabod arrives in Sleepy Hollow to work at the local school.

Obsessed with eating although he is quite thin, he is also a big fan of reading. He falls for Katrina Van Tassel but his rival Brom Bones doesn’t make this easy, as he is also pining for the wealthy Van Tassel.

A run-in with the Headless Horseman on the way home from a party shows that Ichabod is not the bravest of characters, although he is right to be scared as the Headless Horseman heaves his burning pumpkin at Ichabod, resulting in him disappearing forever.

8. Iduna (Frozen)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

The mother of Elsa and Anna, as a former queen of Arendelle she knows what the role entails. Although able to interact and control the elemental spirits, a brewing civil war caused her to escape to the forest with her future husband.

As Elsa’s powers grow, Iduna must take her quickly to Pabbie to heal the inadvertent damage caused to Anna by Elsa. Eventually, Iduna left to travel to Ahtohallen to find out the source of Elsa’s powers, only to get lost.

Iduna contacts Elsa from the grave to tell her to go to the Enchanted Forest and remove the curse, helping her be free.

9. Ignacio Alonzo Julio Federico de Tito

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

More affectionately known as Tito, he is a pocket dynamo in the form of a Chihuahua. Part of Fagin’s crew and by far the smallest, he makes up for his small size by having massive confidence.

Suffering from a kind of small dog syndrome, he’ll pick fights with rough dogs for no real reason, and chase after tail even though he has no hope, especially with Georgette. He likes to annoy other dogs such as when he constantly mocks Francis the Bulldog for his name.

With his striking red hair, notched ear and brown feet with a fetching green bandana, he cuts quite the figure among the others.

His distinctive accent reveals his Mexican roots, and he is always willing to help his friends. This means he is a vital cog in Fagin’s crew and is an adept thief.

10. Ikki (The Jungle Book 3D)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

An Indian Crested porcupine, he is one of Mowgli’s allies but is sometimes nowhere to be found when the going gets tough as she is easily startled.

Ikki also likes to spread the occasional false story or rumor around, such as when she spreads the lie that Mowgli is a coward and ran away, despite it actually being the case that Tabaqui attacked him to make him fall off the cliff.

Ikki also seems a bit confused as to where she stands, as she has assisted Shere Khan several times despite the two being enemies.

11. Imelda Rivera (Coco)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Former matriarch of the Rivera family, Imelda put a ban on all music for every successive generation, causing her ancestor Miguel to try and discover why.

It is discovered that her husband, Hector, left to pursue his dream of being a musician but never returned, leaving Imelda alone.

It turns out that Hector’s partner, Ernesto, had actually murdered Hector but even when they were both in the Land of the Dead, Imelda didn’t want anything to do with her.

An incredibly selfless person, Imelda puts everything and everyone before her own interests, eventually making it as a successful shoemaker. She eventually forgives Hector once she discovers the truth about what happened.

12. Mr Incredible (The Incredibles)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

The head of the family and known by his real name Robert Parr, he is invincible as a superhero but still suffers from the human-induced challenges of family life.

While he took pride in saving the world, the neverending series of calamities eventually saw him grow disillusioned with his superhero work.

His dayjob at an insurance company saw him draw the ire of his boss, as Mr Incredible’s desire to help meant he was always paying out claims when he perhaps shouldn’t have.

Often willing to take criminals in rather than fight them, he always gives a chance to a villain unless they’re directly threatening life.

13. Incrediboy

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

One of the former names for Buddy Pine, who eventually becomes Syndrome, Incrediboy looks up to Mr Incredible and wants to be his sidekick.

Unfortunately, Mr Incredible’s selfishness and hubris see him reject this help as he would rather work alone, and a series of events leads to Incrediboy becoming angry and frustrated at Mr Incredible, especially after Mr Incredible is forced to release the villain Bomb Voyage.

Incrediboy then becomes the nemesis of the Incredibles vowing to enact revenge on all of them, changing his appearance into a black bodysuit with white ‘S’ on it, cape and a mass of red hair to become Syndrome.

14. Indian Chief (Peter Pan)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

AKA Great Big Little Panther, he is Tiger Lily’s father and chief of the Neverland Indian Tribe.

While putting on an outward appearance of anger and sternness, he only wants what is best for his daughter and tribe, and has been shown to be very kind and compassionate when the situation calls for it.

Revealing that he is so red because of an ancient Indian song, Peter Pan falls for his daughter which does not please Wendy very much.

15. Inger Eliassen (Atlantis: Milo’s Return)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Inger runs a hostel in Norway, where Milo and his crew stay and learn about the Kraken and the deal with Edgar resulting in the village’s inhabitants losing their souls.

Inger asks for Milo’s help, which he obliges by killing the Kraken and restoring the village back to normal.

16. Ink Spot (The Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Part of the Catfish Club Band, Ink Spot is a bright blue octopus who plays piano. Ariel and him play music together on the same piano in a cute duo.

Due to being in the forbidden cave, King Triton has them all thrown in jail but eventually this misunderstanding is cleared up.

17. Innoko (Brother Bear 2)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

A shaman of Chilkoot’s tribe, her help is sought after the Great Spirits start interrupting tribal life.

After consulting with the Great Spirits, Innoko informs Nita that she cannot marry Atka until the bond between her and Kenai is severed.

18. Iridessa (Tinker Bell)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

A Light Fairy who lives up to her name by having a bubbly and optimistic personality, she is compassionate and willing to help anyone.

Something of a perfectionist, she keeps striving to do things until they are just the way she likes them.

One of the most powerful and talented fairies out there and especially in Pixie Hollow, she is always willing to help out, seen by her welcoming of Tinker Bell on her first day. Once Tinker Bell decides to become a Light Fairy, Iridessa is more than willing to help.

Iridessa is responsible for helping the seasons change on the mainland, needing a constant supply of pixie dust to do so, which often brings her into conflict with the other pixies who want the dust for their own ends.

Iridessa is also a quick thinker, using her powers of light to blind an oncoming truck driver who was about to crush her friend Vidia and then calling on the fairy to grab onto the truck driver’s shoelaces to pull themselves out of the mud.

19. Isabela Madrigal (Encanto)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Eldest sibling of Mirabel and Luisa Madrigal, she is one of the most beautiful women while also having class and elegance.

While sometimes a hard nut to crack, she has great love for her family although she may not always show it.

Often seen in her flowing pink dresses, she has the power to conjure up a huge variety of amazingly beautiful plants and flowers through the gift of Chlorokinesis. As she matures, Isabela reveals that the family expectations on her are causing her gifts to be limited.

After finding the courage to tell this fact to her sister Mirabel, she shakes this burden off and is able to create even more amazing flowers than before that can even spray colored powder.

20. Ishani (Planes)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

The Pan-Asian racing champion from India, she relies on her speed but is also cunning to win the race. With over one billion fans cheering her on, she’s one of the biggest names in racing.

The love interest of Dusty Crophopper, Ishani has a rear-facing propeller known as a Sky Slicer Mark 5 that gives her a massive advantage.

With her distinctive yellow, orange, green, and red coloration, Ishani stands out among some of the other duller races, but certainly is no slouch in the racing department.

Taking out the prize for ‘Most Aerodynamic Racer’ per Air Sports Illustrated, she is a force to be reckoned with.

21. Ivan (Cars 2)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

A blue tow truck with red trim, Ivan is one of the villains in Cars 2, and he works for Victor Hugo of the Hugo criminal gang.

While initially being played like a fool by the spy Holley Shiftwell, he ran cover for the Lemons to cover up their trucknapping of Tow Mater.

He uses his tow truck ability for criminal ends, as well as furthering the grand scheme to profit from oil by unfairly denigrating alternative fuels.

Full of himself and holding grudges seemingly forever, he’s not below murdering anyone that gets in his way, including McQueen.

22. Ivy (Pixie Hollow Games)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Overly emotional and prone to crying at the drop of a hat despite being a garden-talent fairy, she’s great friends with Lilac and Fern.

She has a fear of the games as last time she entered she was hurt by a frog during leapfrogging, which of course when she recalls the memory she starts  crying.

23. Izzy Hawthorne (Lightyear)

Disney Characters That Start With I: Iconic Names

Leader of the Junior Zap Patrol and Alisha’s granddaughter, she takes it upon herself to protect the burgeoning society around her and dreams of becoming a Space Ranger.

Unfortunately, Izzy is terrified of space and takes some time to get used to wearing her gold and brown armored suit, with a prominent 42 displayed on it.

Eventually switching into her grandmother’s Space Ranger suit, she helps Buzz, Mo, Darby, Mira, and Warp in their adventures.