Disney Characters that Start with N: Iconic Names

Disney N

Disney is home to a lot of the characters fans have looked up to while growing up. From strong-willed princesses to unforgettable characters, Disney has almost every name in every letter, including the letter N. So it’s no surprise Disney even managed to gather a great number of characters.

This list will focus on iconic characters whose names start with the letter N. 

Nakoma (Pocahontas)


Every girl needs a best friend to look out for them; that’s why Pocahontas has Nakoma. Nakoma is part of the Powhatan tribe and has been friends with Pocahontas since they were children. Despite her advice usually going unheard of, she still continues to guide her best friend to make more sensible decisions.

Nala (The Lion King)


Nala is Simba’s mate, and she’s known Simba since they were young cubs. Her mother is Sarafina, and Nala herself has two kids named Kion and Kiara. Simba and Nala were separated when they were young when the young prince was thought to be dead. However, as she was searching for help outside of the Pride Lands, she ran into a fully grown Simba and managed to convince him to return to his home and claim his rightful title.

Namaari (Raya and the Last Dragon)


Namaari is the Princess of Fang and serves as an antagonist in the film Raya and the Last Dragon. She is recorded as the first Disney princess ever to have an antagonist role. At a young age, Namaari was already fiercely loyal to her homeland, and she was willing to risk the lives of other people so her land would prosper.

Nana (Peter Pan)


Nana is a sweet brown Newfoundland dog. She may be a dog, but she also acts as a nursemaid to the Darling children. Sadly, when Peter Pan decides to bring the kids to Neverland, she gets left behind.

Nani Pelekai (Lilo & Stitch)


Nani is Lilo’s older sister and guardian since their parents’ death in the Lilo & Stitch franchise. In the first movie, she fights to keep custody of Lilo.

Nemo (Finding Nemo)


Nemo is the young clownfish son who is eagerly awaiting his first day of class in the movie. Throughout the movie, he has proven how extremely brave he is for his age. In the sequel, he participates in the search for Dory’s family.

Nick Wilde (Zootopia)

Nick Wilde

At the start of the film, Nick Wilde is a successful con artist and embraces his life as a sly and cunning fox everyone thinks foxes are like. However, it is revealed as a child; he used to be an extremely friendly fox until he was bullied for being a predator by other prey-type animals in his club.

Nigel (Finding Nemo)


Nigel is a pelican who loves to watch the dentist do operations on patients. Due to his hobby, he eventually became friends with the fish tank fish. At some point, he meets Marlin and Dory and helps them get to the dentist’s office to rescue Nemo.

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Nita (Brother Bear 2)


Nita is a childhood friend of Kenai. The two of them are soulmates, but Nita wants to marry someone else at the start of the film, so she is asked to search for Kenai and burn the amulet he gave her together with him to break the bond.

Noi (Raya and the Last Dragon)


Noi is a baby girl who is being raised by monkey-like creatures called the Ongis. Since she is just a baby, she is able to fool anyone and has become a con artist in Talon. However, she eventually joined Raya and her odd group in order to bring her mother back.

Nokk (Frozen)


Nokk is only one of the four elemental spirits that guard the Enchanted Forest. Originally the Nokk had attempted to drown Elsa. However, she had since managed to tame it. So when Elsa decided to remain in the Enchanted forest to do her duty as the fifth spirit tasked to protect it, the Nokk chose to become her companion.

Nyx (Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast)

Nyx is the leader of the Scout Fairies, who appear as the main antagonist of the movie Legend of the NeverBeast. She dutifully protects Pixie Hollows from any threat in question. While she serves as the main antagonist, she is not evil. 

Nangi (Zootopia)


Nangi is a yoga-loving Indian elephant at the Mystic Spring Oasis, where she also teaches other enthusiasts about yoga. Unfortunately, she seems very detached from regular people as she is shown to dismiss Judy and Nick easily.

Nanny (One Hundred and One Dalmatians)


Nanny is the Radcliffe’s household house help. Aside from being a cook and housekeeper, she also does her part and takes care of the puppies.

Napoleon (The Aristocats)


Napoleon is a stray Bloodhound that lives on an abandoned windmill. Alongside him is a Basset Hound named Lafayette. The two strays have a hobby of chasing anything on wheels if it drives near their territory.

Nash (The Good Dinosaur)


Nash is an enthusiastic teenage Tyrannosaurus Rex. He also loves it when something unexpected happens, so their usual family routine is interrupted. Nash and his sister help Arlo and Spot out by rescuing them from a bunch of Pterosaurs.

Nassor (Frankenweenie)


Nassor is the rival of Victor Frankenstein. After learning of Victor’s success in reviving his deceased dog, Nassor became obsessed with obtaining the experiment’s secrets.

Nero (The Rescuers)


Nero is another one of Madame Medusa’s pet alligators. Both gators are noted to be mean, ferocious, and extremely violent. However, they also show the utmost respect and loyalty towards their owner.

Naveen (Princess and the Frog)


Prince Naveen is the eldest prince of a country called Maldonia. On his visit to New Orleans, he gets transformed into a frog, and the only way for him to turn back into a human is for him to kiss a princess. He kisses Tiana, who is not an actual princess causing Tiana to become a frog with him.

Needleman (Monsters, INC)


Needleman is a dim-witted character who shows up in Monsters, Inc. He is very skinny and has a short tail and a large red nose. He works alongside Smitty on the scare floor as the general maintenance and errands staff at Monsters, Inc. 

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Nutsy (Robin Hood)


Nutsy is a supporting antagonist in the film Robin Hood. He is one of the vultures who assists both Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John. Fans can distinguish Nutsy as he is the vulture who wears a hood. However, by the film’s end, both he and the other vulture have reformed their ways.

Naomi Turner (Elena of Avalor)


Naomi is Elena’s best friend in Elena of Avalor. She usually approves of Elena’s strong-willed approaches. However, she has a dislike for Chancellors, especially Chancellor Esteban. It is also noted that she has a fear of riding Jaquins.

Nasty Jack (Winnie the Pooh)


Nasty Jack is the antagonist for the episode Paw and Order in the Winnie the Pooh series. He is a horse thief and a leader of a group of them. When poor Piglet became the new sheriff, Jack immediately targets him.

Ned (Timon and Pumba)


Ned is, accordingly, the most popular and respectable animal in the jungle, making Pumbaa want to become an elephant himself. Ned used to be president of the Good Luck Club. However, when Timon wished to become a member of the club, Ned tricked him into protecting an unlucky jar for an entire day, convincing the meerkat that the jar was lucky.

Nico (Elena of Avalor)


Nico is a Jaquin prince who appears in Elena of Avalor. He is the youngest son of King Virago, making him Prince Skylar’s youngest brother.

Nuka (Lion King 2)


Nuka is one of the cubs of Zira. He is the oldest of the other children, with Vitani and Kovu following after him. He and his siblings were banished from Pride Lands after Scar’s defeat. Even though he is the eldest, he is often set aside by his own mother in favor of Kovu, who is Scar’s chosen heir.

Ned (Planes)

Ned 1

Ned is part of Team Riplsinger’s bombastic racers. He, along with Zed, specializes in sabotage since both of them have no actual skills to race in competitions. So instead of racing fairly, they opt to eliminate the competition. Ned is the plane that is painted green whit white wings and sports the racing number #0.

Neera (Dinosaur)


Neera is an Iguanodon in the film Dinosaur. She is Kron’s sister and later falls in love with Aladar. Neera, compared to her brother, is much kinder and more compassionate. Before meeting Aladar, she used to believe in the survival of the fittest much like her brother.

Nessus (Hercules)


Nessus is a centaur River Guardian and serves as one of the minor villians in Hercules. Megara was sent to the centaur to recruit him into Hades’ army. However, he wanted to have Meg in exchange for his loyalty. He gets defeated by Hercules, who was trying to rescue Meg.

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Nick “Loop’n” Lopez (Planes: Fire & Rescue)


Nick is featured in the Planes: Fire & Rescue film. He was America’s favorite helicopter that served as a cop. He has been featured on T.V. and got his nickname due to an inside loop that only he can do as a helicopter.

Norm (Phineas and Ferb)


Norm was designed by Heinz Doofenshmirtz for the purpose of destroying Perry the Platypus. he looks to be an oversized humanoid. Since his first failure, he has become Doofenshmirtz’s assistant and has since appeared in several episodes.

Nibs (Peter Pan)


Nibs is one of the Lost Boys Wendy got to meet during her first adventure to Neverland. He appears to be aged 7. He wears a bunny overall and is short with prominent buck teeth. He is noted to be shy since he is one of the Lost Boys who rarely speaks.

Nafisa (Ralph Breaks the Internet)


Nafisa is a human gaming enthusiast and seems to be a regular in Litwak’s Arcade. She is short and looks to be an Asian, sporting the usual Asian features only with green eyes. During her appearance in the movie, she wore a white polka-dotted blue-grey shirt with purple pants.

Nancy Tremaine (Enchanted)


Nancy was in a relationship with Robert Philip. When she lived in New York, she ran a fabric store and dress shop but gave the shop up to live with Edward in Andalasia, where she had her fairy-tale-type wedding with the prince.

Nathaniel (Enchanted)


Nathaniel is one of the henchmen of Queen Narissa and helped her send Giselle to New York City; a place said to have no happy endings. Nathaniel eventually grew tired of Narissa’s orders and betrayed her. At the end of the film, he became a successful writer.

Negaduck (Darkwing Duck)


Negaduck is the evil doppelganger of Darkwing Duck found in the Negaverse. With the use of a wide array of weaponry, he is known for causing all sorts of harm and chaos to people.

Narissa (Enchanted)


Queen Narissa is the stepmother of Prince Edward and the main antagonist of Andalasia and tries her best to stop her stepson from finding a bride. She can retain her position as queen by preventing her son from getting married. Narissa can also turn into a fire-breathing dragon when provoked.

Napoleon (W.I.T.C.H.)


Napoleon is a black cat that was given to Cornelia by Will. Initially, Cornelia didn’t like the cat and gave the cat to her little sister Lillian. Her dislike towards the cat grew because he attacked Caleb, who transformed into a flower at that point in the series. Cornelia eventually started warming up to the cat after discovering that he was actually protecting the flower from a crow.

Nashter (W.I.T.C.H.)

Nash 1

Nashter is a former leader of the Runics, a group that was formed to overthrow Kandrakar. However, he decided to return to earth to get close to Will since he grew attracted to her.

Ned (Kim Possible)

Ned 2

Ned is remembered because he is the only visible staff member of Bueno Nacho, a fast food restaurant Team Possible frequents. Ned is also often caught in the crossfire between Team Possible fights with their enemies. However, he seems to not stop them from coming into the restaurant.

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Nasira (Nasira’s Revenge)


Nasira is the main antagonist of the game Nasira’s Revenge, a Disney game set after The Return of Jafar. Nasira is out for revenge because of the death of her brother Jafar. She takes over the palace and even manages to take Princess Jasmine. She uses her captors to have Aladdin gather mystical Relics that can bring Jafar back to the land of the living.

Nemesis (Hercules)


Nemesis is an Olympian demi-goddess that appears in several episodes of the animated series Hercules. She represents Vengeance and has a duty to cut down any mortal who disrespects Olympian Gods in any form.

Neptune (The Little Mermaid)


Neptune appears in the episode called Calliope Dreams in a flashback. He is apparently the grandfather of King Triton and looks very similar to him. The main difference is that Neptune does not wear the gold crown Triton is known for.

Nerissa (Sofia the First)


Nerissa appears in Sofia the First; she is a mermaid who protects the Mystic Isles. She also gathers other items to bring to the Isles for safekeeping. When Sofia first met, she was going to retrieve Ursula’s necklace.

Nigel (Tangled: The Series)

Nigel 1

Nigel is the royal advisor of King Frederic and tries to keep things in the country as traditional as possible, including the etiquette followed by the nobles. Nigel actually hides behind a British accent, but his genuine accent is an American one. Nigel also has a tendency to be very uptight and cautious; sometimes, his suspicions are correct.