Gambling Expert Alex Hussain Explores The Movie Characters That Have Translated Best To Casinos


When we sit down to talk with Alex Hussain, he has a tired look in his eyes that we can’t help noticing. We ask him if he’s had a busy week. He shakes his head.

‘It’s actually been pretty quiet as far as iGaming news goes.’ 

So why is he so tired?

‘I was up all night watching The Godfather series. I told myself it was in preparation for this interview, but if that was true, I need only have watched one. But I just kept going. It’s a thing I do.’

We suggest that’s a thing that The Godfather series does. 

‘Well, that’s true.’ 

Movies And Casinos

Our guest smiles, and we order coffees for the table. It’s a double espresso for Alex. He tells us that this is something that he is used to. We’re talking to the online gambling journalist Alex Hussain from JohnSlots, and if there’s one key trait to this industry, it’s change and evolution. Certainly a lot to keep up with if you’re a writer, and Alex is one of the best out there. But this isn’t time for work. Alex has agreed to take us through the movies and movie characters that he thinks have translated best to casinos. 

‘I love the idea of doing this,’ he tells us. ‘Movies are so integral to online casinos, and specifically, to online slots. You should know, though, that this is going to be subjective. Of course I’m going to choose movies that I like and online slots that I play. Because there are so many good ones, and so many movie characters that have translated well to casinos, I can only look at this from an individual standpoint.’

We tell him this is fine. And then, without further ado – and with the coffee having already perked him up – he jumps straight into it.

Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather

‘I stayed up all night watching The Godfather, so I might as well start with this one. Every online slot with a Godfather theme manages to perfectly capture the gloomy, noir melodrama of the original series. 

‘When playing the game, you’re part of the Godfather family, engulfed in the immersive atmosphere, and playing under the watchful gaze of Don Vito Corleone, the titular Godfather played by Marlon Brando. Dressed in his suave dinner jacket, this is a character who transgresses the cinema screen and can create an impact in any form of media. Let me tell you, he certainly gets you sweating during this one!’

James Bond from the James Bond Series

‘Speaking of characters who transgress the cinema screen, you can’t find any character who does it better than James Bond. One of the most popular online-themed slots is the slot based around Casino Royale, the Bond movie that is centred around a casino! 

‘Playing as this character places you straight into the world of James Bond. You might be playing an online-slot, but the safety of the entire planet is on your shoulders, facing off against the nefarious Le Chiffre. Will the slots spin in your favour? You better hope so.’

Darth Vader from Star Wars

‘But forget playing as heroes, what about playing as villains? Some of my personal favourite slots are the ones based around Darth Vader, the main villain in the original Star Wars trilogy. In these slots, your mission is to take control of the galaxy, and fend off your arch enemies Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. The Death Star is in your hands, and it’s your job to keep it that way!’

The T-Rex from Jurassic Park

‘Yes, seriously. Let’s be honest, the main character in Jurassic Park isn’t Jeff Goldblum or Laura Dern, it’s the T-Rex that pops up around halfway into the movie. The best thing about slot games revolving around this movie and the T-Rex is how well they do to immerse you. 

‘Whether it’s the soundtrack, the graphics, or the sound effects featuring that infamous T-Rex roar, you really do feel like you’re in the middle of a jungle, trying your best to get out alive. But it’s the T-Rex that really translates – you can’t get a better objective than: win the slot or get eaten!’

Maximus from Gladiator

‘Lastly, I’m going to add Maximus from Gladiator into this list. Although this is the only movie in the list to not have a sequel, it’s legacy has survived just fiercely as any of the others. This was a hugely emotional movie, mainly because it forces you to care about Maximus and what he is going through. The slots do exactly the same thing.‘With Maximus front and centre, you can live through the eyes of your hero, fighting through the levels until you are the champion of slots. Everyone loves slots with a gladiatorial theme, and you can’t find anything better than slots inspired by the movie itself. That’s why it’s made this list, and that’s why I’m going to play a Gladiator slot as soon as I finish this coffee!’