How to Bring a Touch of James Bond to Your Life

How to Bring a Touch of James Bond to Your Life

The first James Bond movie came out sixty-one years ago and yet, despite all that time, there still hasn’t been a character that can match 007 for all-out coolness. The enduring appeal of the franchise lies, in part, in the utter magnetism of the lead character, who always knows how to conduct himself the right way. While it may not be possible to completely match Bond on the cool front, there are certainly ways to bring a touch of the secret agent into your world. From traveling the world to using an introductory baccarat deal to learn Bond’s favorite card game, here are the ways to bring your inner 007 to the fore. 

We warn you, though: you might forever be the coolest person in the room if you take all of our tips onboard!

Travel More

James Bond would be the best dinner guest. Not only is he charming and attractive, but he also has a million and one stories to tell. After all, he’s been all over the world and thrown himself into situations that other people could only dream about. 

You can add a touch of Bond to your personality by venturing off the beaten path from time and time and exploring new corners of the world. While you probably (hopefully) won’t have the same type of stories as 007, you’ll certainly have a few adventures of your own to share at the dinner table. Bond is a guy who does rather than dreams. Set off on your own adventures, and you’ll be that way too. 

Build Your Skills

Could you imagine a scenario that you could throw James Bond in and he wouldn’t know what to do? We don’t think so. We saw in Casino Royale how he could play a high-stakes poker game without breaking a sweat, even though there were real consequences if he lost. The secret agent won’t have been a natural poker player (they don’t exist); he’ll have put the time into learning. 

So why not take a leaf out of his book by building your own skill set? If you’re trying to follow the Bond path as closely as possible, then give baccarat a try — it’s widely known to be his favorite card game. You’re not limited to games though. Learning how to do any skill at all can be worthwhile. 

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Dress the Part

You might have seen James Bond a little worse for wear following a battle scene, but you’ve probably never seen him dressed badly. He’s a guy who knows how to make an impression with his clothing. Now, we’re not saying that you always have to wear a tuxedo (though when the moment calls for it…), but there is some value in investing in quality clothing and dressing for the occasion. A person who dresses well will always draw attention, since it shows that they can carry themselves. 

Look After Yourself 

James Bond has a great sense of humor, but it’s clear that he takes himself seriously. And so should you — after all, no one else is going to! Working out might not be your preferred way to spend your time, but it is worthwhile. And in fact, it’s probably an essential aspect of the journey towards increasing your Bond-esque qualities. Working out won’t just give you the physique of a secret agent, but it’ll also give your confidence a serious nudge in the right direction and provide a level of self-belief that Bond himself would be proud of. 

An Unflappable Attitude

Finally, let’s think about attitude. We all know that Bond is the coolest person in any room that he’s in and that all has to do with his unflappable attitude. There seems to be nothing that he’s not prepared for. While you may not have the resources and experience of 007, you can always add a touch of his attitude to your world. The best way to do this might be to begin meditating, which can give an assured and cool presence of mind that impresses others.