Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

From Babe to Buzz Lightyear, there have been many iconic movie characters having names starting with ‘B’. Picking a list of some of the most notable and famous characters was not easy, but here it is for your reading pleasure.

So take a trip down memory lane and see how many you recognize, how many of these films you have seen, and maybe you’ll even come across a film that you enjoy this coming weekend!

1. Babe (Babe)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

An orphaned piglet, Babe is won as a prize at a contest at a local fair. The winning farmer, Arthur Hoggett, brings Babe home and allows him to stay with a Border Collie named Fly in the barn.

Babe starts to realize that life on a farm means his eventual death, and starts to try to earn his keep, such as alerting Hoggett of sheep rustlers. Hoggett also notices that Babe is sorting the chickens, and takes him to the field to see if he will sort the sheep too.

After the sheep are encouraged by an elder ewe to obey Babe, the farmer Hoggett enrolls Babe into a local sheepherding competition, which Babe ends up winning and is saved from a fate of being the Christmas ham.

2. The Bandit (Smokey and the Bandit)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

AKA Bo Darville, the Bandit takes on a bet to transport 400 cases of Coors beer over 650 miles in less than 28 hours.

Recruiting his partner Cledus Snow to drive the truck full of beer, while Bandit drives a black Pontiac Trans Am, Bandit unfortunately draws the ire of a sheriff who’s son is to marry a woman who jumps into Bandit’s car as a runaway bridge.

Despite being chased by increasingly more police, they make it back one minute after their time limit, only for the bride and Bandit to accept a double-or-nothing offer from Little Enos to bring back clam chowder from Boston in 18 hours. 

After taking one of Big Enos’s 13 Cadillacs, police flood the racetrack only for Bandit to escape, taunting the sheriff to try and catch him again.

3. Bane (The Dark Knight Rises)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

The ruthless commander of the League of Shadows tasked with the annihilation of Gotham City, he follows Ra’s al Ghul and Talia al Ghul.

Born and raised in a prison called the Pit, after protecting fellow prisoner Talia, he was badly injured in many attacks by the other prisoners angry at him for protecting her. This left him in constant pain, but he was eventually rescued by the League of Shadows.

Given a mask that constantly pumps pain relief medication, he uses a complicated scheme to bankrupt Bruce Wayne and then puts him back in the Pit, revealing to Bruce Wayne that his goal is to cause Wayne to give up hope and be driven insane.

Leaving the city in a state of terror and anarchy after revealing that a massive bomb would be detonated if anybody tried to leave Gotham City, Bane further adds to the chaos by releasing the worst criminals from Blackgate prision.

4. Bart Simpson (The Simpsons Movie)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

The spikey-haired son of the Simpson clan, Bart doesn’t like school and is constantly looking to carry out pranks, graffiti, and generally misbehave.

Often trying to escape punishment for his deeds, he loves to skateboard and is often seen in his blue shorts and orange shirt. Constantly tormenting his teachers, Principal Skinner, and anyone else he feels like, he is a loveable character nonetheless. 

Constantly fighting with his sister Lisa, and trying to stop his father strangling him, Bart has a penchant for animals including at one point making friends with a destructive elephant that he nicknames Stampy.

5. Batman (Batman)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

With an alter ego of Bruce Wayne, Batman is also known as the caped crusader and uses his martial arts training and a variety of gadgets to perform vigilante roles to stamp out crime in Gotham City.

Facing off against a large cast of supervillains, Batman often has his hands full both trying to protect his city, his identity and those close to him. Spurred on to help the world after his parents were robbed and murdered in front of him, he deplores guns.

He uses the funding from Wayne Enterprises to fund his escapades, using the latest technology developed in house to power his futuristic vehicles including the Bat Wing, Batmobile and Batcycle.

His alter ego of Bruce Wayne is seen as a billionaire playboy who doesn’t take life too seriously, making it a slightly better cover identity for the masked vigilante who goes out every night to stop crime.

6. Mr Bean (Bean)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

Clumsy and destructive, Mr Bean works as a security guard although he’s not the most popular guy at work. After being selected to transport a $50 million painting, he is fobbed off with a fake art doctorate profile to get him away from the gallery.

After being housed with a curator, David Langley, he causes commotion at the airport and destroys the family’s possessions.

Often thought to be mute but having some basic language skills in an incredibly deep voice, he manages to cause mass destruction wherever he goes, but has equally creative skills to cover up his many mishaps.

7. Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

An obnoxious and devious ‘bio-exorcist’ from the Netherworld, he is hired by a ghost couple, the Maitlands, to scare away their old house’s new inhabitants so that they can live there in peace.

Beetlejuice, also spelt as Betelgeuse, has no qualms about being extremely rude and crude, offending everyone including his new bosses who have hired him to get rid of the new family that has moved into their house.

His scheme to be brought into the world of mortals is revealed, when he claims that he needs to marry the still-living woman of the house to be brought into the mortal world, in return for saving the Maitlands from an accidental exorcism.

Appearing in a black and white pinstripe suit with green hair, Betelgeuse is not very pleasant to be around.

8. Benjamin Braddock (The Graduate)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

Drifting after graduation from college, he is upper middle class and enjoys the privileges that life brings, but is incredibly bored and has no drive.

This lack of ambition combined with low self-esteem, and disillusionment with the adult world eventually results in him having a scandalous affair with the wife of his father’s business partner, Mrs Robinson, who opens up to him after a party.

Despite being attracted to Mrs Robi

nson’s daughter, the manipulative mother won’t let Benjamin go so easily, and his carefree attitude and free spirit approach to life end up being his downfall.

9. Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

Selected by wizard Gandalf to help Thorin and his party of Dwarves to defeat the dragon Smaug and reclaim their ancestral home and treasure in the Lonely Mountain.

While Bilbo is timid and not one for adventure, his experiences help him grow and mature.

By chance he comes across the One Ring, previously in the possession of Golum in the Misty Mountains but eventually forming the centerpiece of the quest led by Bilbo’s adopted son Frodo Baggins to destroy the ring and save Middle Earth.

Bilbo appears as a typical Hobbit, very short and often wearing a waistcoat, with bare feet covered in thick hair.

10. Blade (Blade)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

Also known as the Daywalker, Blade is a dhampir, a vampire immune to usual vampire weaknesses at the cost of aging normally, due to his mother being bitten by a vampire while she gave birth to him.

Possessing an eidetic memory that allows him to remember every detail about his life, Blade has been waging war against the vampires using special weapons utilizing the typical weaknesses of vampires: sunlight, silver, and garlic.

Upon realizing that Deacon wants to use 12 pure-blood vampires to awaken the ‘blood god’ La Magra, he joins forces with a hematologist, Karen, to develop a weapon that will destroy vampires from the inside out.

Blade reveals that he doesn’t drink human blood despite needing to, using another chemical to suppress his appetite, but upon being captured and given the opportunity to drink the blood of Karen to thwart Deacon, he becomes more powerful than ever and saves the day.

11. Mr Blonde (Reservoir Dogs)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

One of the criminals tasked with robbing the diamonds, he is a sadistic psychopath who uses torture to try and find out how the cops knew they were coming. After cutting off the ear of a police officer Marvin Nash, he starts to douse him in gasoline.

This prompts Mr Orange to shoot and kill Mr Blonde, revealing himself as the police insider.

A longtime friend of Joe and Eddie Cabot, he has shown his willingness to keep quiet about criminal conspiracies, resulting in him being in prison for four years. This is part of the reason why he is so determined to get to the bottom of who the rat is.

Mr Blonde has a short temper, and he starts killing the hostages once one of them sets off the alarm. However, he is generally a typical, smooth-talking nihilist that hides his psychotic side.

12. Blondie (The Dollars Trilogy)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

Also going by The Man with No Name, he is often seen with his poncho, brown hat, tan cowboy boots, cigarillos in a typical western/cowboy outfit. He rarely talks, is gruff and eccentric with a very unique sense of justice.

Blondie is often taking on the role of a bounty hunter, and to get his bounties he is willing to agree to all sorts of schemes and illegal activities as long as he gets his man in the end.

He knows the scheming of men, and uses their greed and anger against them to engineer situations to go the way he wants.

13. Bonnie Parker (Bonnie and Clyde)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

Part of the duo, they meet initially when Clyde tries to steal Bonnie’s mother’s car. Bonnie is a waitress who is bored with life and intrigued by Clyde’s outlaw nature.

After some unsuccessful small time heists, they move into bank robberies although the incompetence of the crew starts to bite them. After Clyde starts escalating the violence, Bonnie finds herself trapped in a rapidly closing world, especially after the killing of police.

After capturing and humiliating a Texas Ranger, they lose some members in a botched raid by the police.

Eventually betrayed by one of the family members of CW, the gang is killed in a hail of gunfire by the police.

14. Borat Sagdiyev (Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

The lead of the mockumentary black comedy, Borat Sagdiyev is a Kazakhstani journalist sent to the United States, ostensibly to help put Kazakhstan on the map while also learning about the great nation.

After discovering that his wife has been killed by a bear, he decides to pursue Pamela Anderson as his next wife due to seeing her in Baywatch. 

Having many interactions with a variety of Americans, Borat’s seeming cultural ineptitude and total lack of social norms causes much confusion among the natives.

15. The Bride (Kill Bill)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

AKA Beatrix Kiddo, once a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad with the codename Black Mamba, she becomes pregnant and thus retires from the squad, only for her entire wedding party to be slaughtered at a rehersal.

Despite being shot in the head and falling into a multiyear coma, she comes back to the land of the living and makes it her mission to exact revenge against everyone, including the father of her child, Bill, who orchestrated the massacre of everyone at the rehearsal.

Often seen in a full yellow jumpsuit, the Bride is one of the deadliest assassins out there, and begins picking off the assassins, guards and anyone else who stands in her way, one by one.

16. Butch Cassidy (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

One of the duo of outlaws, Butch Cassidy is on the run from the authorities for a string of successful train robberies.

The leader of the Hole-in-the-Wall gang, after one too many heists they start getting tracked by an elite team of lawmen, and despite using their usual tricks are unable to shake them.

Butch Cassidy is an affable, clever, and talkative criminal who has built up many alliances and friends, however the heat from the government is too much for most to bear and he is forced to flee.

After fleeing to Bolivia, they decide to try the straight life but find it not to their liking, eventually stealing a payroll shipment that ends with the police and Bolivian Army determined to kill them, which they do in a hail of gunfire.

17. Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

Movie Characters That Start With B: Iconic Names

A spaceman action figure with retractable wings, he mistakenly believes that he is a Space Ranger crash landed on an alien planet.

After arriving in Andy’s room, he initially thinks he is surrounded by aliens and uses his laser  to kill, only to realize that the laser doesn’t seem to affect anyone. He dismisses this and all other evidence that he is in fact a toy.

Charismatic and brave, he goes through a period of sadness upon realizing he is not a real Space Ranger, but eventually realizes his place among the toys and get alongs with everyone, including Woody.