Movie Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

Movie Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

Take a look through this list of iconic movie characters that have names starting with ‘X’, including some powerful warriors, alien beings and extreme sports aficionados. So without further to do, let’s get into it!

1. Xenomorph (Alien)

Movie Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

First encountered by the crew of the Nostromo, they are an extraterrestrial hive-based endoparasitoid species.

Seen in egg form which attacks a crew member, a few days later the ‘facehugger’ form is seen to have hatched eggs into the stomach of that crew member, with the spawn coming out of the chest, being mobile and already growing.

The facehugger is found to have caustic, acidic blood, which is a supreme defense mechanism when considered the hive-like acting of the xenomorphs, as if you kill one, its spraying blood will almost immediately mean your own death.

After a few hours, the xenomorph seems fully grown, with a large head with an extendable mandible that can bite through metal, a long spiked tail and claws.

It is found out later that there is a queen alien that can breed workers, warriors or all manners of specialized breeds of aliens.

Being able to run in bipedal or in a quadrupedal stance, they take on behavioral traits depending on from where their host’s DNA comes from, meaning they can absorb the strengths of their enemies, making them an all powerful conquering species.

They are hard to track as they do not give off heat, and have advanced understandings of tactics and escape theories, being able to communicate with each other.

They can also scale and run along walls and ceilings, also showcasing amazing physical strength alongside amazing speed.

Xenomorphs can also produce a thick resin which they can build hives or cocoon victims with.

2. Xu Xialing (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings)

Movie Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

The sister of Shang-Chi and the daughter of Xu Wenwu, she has been living in China since birth at the Ten Rings headquarters.

After being forbidden from learning martial arts, she decided to copy others by observing and copying their movements to become a proficient user of it herself, finally becoming the leader of the Ten Rings.

3. Xenophilius Lovegood (Harry Potter)

Movie Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

A wizard who worked as editor of a wizard tabloid called The Quibbler, he had a daughter with his since-deceased wife Pandora called Luna Lovegood.

One of the few supporters of Harry Potter, he believed that the Deathly Hallows existed.

After Luna was kidnapped by Death Eaters, Xenophilius decided to betray Potter only for Potter with some help by Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, escaped from their grasp and Lovegood himself was temporarily imprisoned in Azkaban.

4. Xander Cage (xXx)

Movie Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

A xXx operative, he goes against the grain and is an adrenaline junkie, even trashing a senator’s car by accident, forcing him to take a deal to avoid jail time.

He is tasked with infiltrating a terrorist organization, and survives despite all odds.

He has superior physical strength, endurance and an ability to be calm under pressure, likely honed by his love of extreme sports. His mind is always running through possibilities, often missing vital clues and using superior deductive skills to get out of tight situations.

Cage is very proficient with weapons, being an expert marksman.

5. Professor X (X-Men)

Movie Characters That Start With X: Iconic Names

Real name Charles Francis Xavier, he is a mutant activist who has used his riches to start the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

While he has an ulterior motive for doing so, it is a safe place for displaced, disowned or discriminated mutants, enabling them to network and hone their powers.

Professor X forms the X-Men and hopes one day to have mutants and non-mutants live in harmony.

Professor X has lost the use of his legs and is in an advanced wheelchair, with his powers of telepathy making him one of the most powerful mutants in the universe. He can send messages to the whole of humanity, as well as telepathically link with others.