Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

At the end of the alphabet, let’s look at the iconic movie characters that have names starting with ‘Z’, from some films that were not so great to instant classics. So let’s get into it!

1. Zangief (Street Fighter)

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

One of Bison’s henchmen, he was more comic relief than anything else. After Dee Jay informed him that his boss was the bad guy, he switched sides. All of this is to say that Zengief is not exactly giving meatheads a good name.

Taking on E.Honda near the end in a massive hero moment, Zangief is a tall, muscular fighter with incredible strength and a mohawk.

2. Zazu (The Lion King)

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

Vital to the smooth running of the Pride Lands, he is an expert diplomat but unfortunately his good advice tends to be ignored.

A red-billed hornbill, he takes his duties seriously but suffers from a short temper, which is perhaps forgivable due to the fact that he can see issues coming from a long way away but people don’t follow his guidance.

Due to his small stature, the lions like to rile him up, but at least they are still friendly while they do so. Scar’s lack of moral character is shown up by his treatment of Zazu, basically torturing him.

Zazu is very loyal, and he flew back to warn Mufasa when he realized that the hyenas were after Simba and Nala.

3. Zed (Planes)

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

Ripslinger’s minions who use underhanded methods to eliminate planes to let their boss Ripslinger come through with a victory, they target Dusty during the Wings Around the Globe race.

Based on the  Extra EA-300 planes known for their acrobatic prowess, Zed has a brother Ned and both are painted lime green with white and some orange motifs.

4. Zed (Pulp Fiction)

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

A security guard who rides a chopper, he is called to the pawn shop by his brother Maynard uses a shotgun to temporarily end the fighting between Butch and Marsellus Wallace.

Zed is into sadism and sexual torture, including human slavery witnessed via the Gimp. After violating Wallace’s heterosexuality, he is left with Wallace after Butch breaks free and saves him.

Zed’s demise is unknown, but he took a shotgun blast to the nether regions and then was left to imagine what type of torture awaits him as Wallace calls in his brothers to go to work on him with pliars and a blowtorch.

Butch ends up with his motorcycle and claims that, ‘Zed’s dead, baby’.

5. Zephyr (The Hunchback of Notre Dame II)

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

With beautiful golden hair and a simple tunic, Zephyr is a young boy who seems to be very friendly towards Quasimodo. The two seem to share an instant deep trust and Zephyr is one of the few who is not bothered by Quasimodo’s appearance. 

A happy child, he notices the circus ringmaster Sarousch taking off with the cathedral’s bells and realizes their importance to Quasimodo, so he takes it upon himself  to track the thief, only to end up needing to be saved by Quasimodo and Madellaine.

6. Zeus (Hercules)

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

Hercules’ father and the god of Mt Olympus, he is a powerful being who is the king of the other gods.

Often responsible for organizing resistance against the Titans who are hellbent on destroying Mt Olympus, he cares about his son Hercules but doesn’t quite realize how evil his own brother, Hades, is.

Hercules has to learn to become a hero on Earth, with Zeus guiding him from afar as he becomes the man Zeus knows he can be.

7. Ziggy the Vulture (The Jungle Book)

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

One of a group of vultures, they are often bored.

With the other vultures being Buzzie, Flaps and Dizzy, several stylistic choices have been made to make them appear as members of the pop groups, the Beatles.

They have bowl cuts and Liverpool accents, and one day they spot Mowgli and bully him, however this causes Shere Khan to find out where he is.

8. Zira (The Lion King 2)

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

The mother of Kovu, Nuka, and Vitani, she spends too much time worrying and hating other people than looking after her own cubs.

Often letting her emotions get the better of her, she is opportunistic and cynical.

A devoted follower of Scar, she was exiled from the Pride Lands after Simba returned as King.

Blinded by her own hatred and bigotry, she is a lion supremacist.

9. Zorro (The Mask of Zorro)

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

Pursuing a vendetta against the corrupt governor Rafael Montero, he falls in love with the previous Zorro’s daughter, Elena de la Vega. Real name Alejandro Murrieta, he has a chance encounter with the original Zorro when he is rescued by him as a boy.

After undergoing training from the elder Zorro, he disguises himself to gain access to the governor’s inner circle. Excelling in sword fighting, he gets out of many tricky situations while hiding his identity behind a mask.

10. Professor Zündapp (Cars 2)

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

The leader of the Lemons, the Professor is evil and ruthless but true to his name possesses a quick mind and ability to think his nefarious schemes through carefully. 

Often referred to as ‘Z’, he has a German accent and is one of the brains behind the alternative fuel scam to make their oil holdings all the more valuable.

Willing to murder anyone who gets in his way, he will do the dirty work necessary for his plans to come to fruition.

Based on a  1957 Zündapp Janus, he is painted green.

11. Emperor Zurg (Toy Story)

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

A tall alien, he is often seen in a purple outfit with black trimming, featuring a black cape and a large yellow frown.

The nemesis of Star Command and Buzz Lightyear, he is trying to take out the Galactic Alliance or anyone involved with them.

He has an arm mounted cannon and seems to suffer the same delusions of reality as Buzz.

12. Zuri (Black Panther)

Movie Characters That Start With Z: Iconic Names

T’Challa’s mentor, he is a formidable fighter, especially with hand to hand combat. He also will use a spear and often appears in all purple.