Star Wars Vs. Halo: Who Would Win in a Space Battle

Star Wars Vs. Halo

The sci-fi genre will never get crowded with the space genre, as we have been curious about the universe since the beginning of time. The two most prominent contemporary space sci-fi franchises are the never-ending and amazing Star Wars and the revolutionary FPS Halo. If you had ever been curious about who would win in the space battle Star Wars or Halo, then you’ll have your answer soon.

The clear winner of this engagement is Star Wars. Halo doesn’t stand much of a chance. The only way they would be able to win is if they would turn the MC into a spaceship and clone him indefinitely. That is the bleak outcome of a space battle for Halo.

In order to make this into a more interesting article, both good and bad guys in both franchises will be mentioned. The strengths and weaknesses of each will be listed and at the end, as the cosmic cherry on top of this space cake, the space battle of Star Wars vs. Halo will be discussed and explained.

I think that the Flood that is also known as the Covenant deserves to be mentioned first on this list as they are a great addition to a group of space villainous factions. Their adversary the United Nations Space Command along with the evil Galactic Empire and the Republic from Star wars will be included.

Covenant Fleet (Halo)

Covenant Fleet in Halo

Unlike humans, the Covenant does not have specific distinctions between their military branches. Do not be mistaken though this does not make them any less ferocious. As a conglomerate of different alien species, the Covenant fleet has taken all the best advantages from all those different species.

Another advantage that they have is that they have a solid variety of spaceships including an ORS-class heavy cruiser which is their best spaceship. That isn’t the only heavy ship that can be deployed by the Flood, as they have a CPV-class heavy destroyer that is not liked much as the previous heavy spaceship. They possess light spaceships too such as a CRS-class light cruiser that in all honesty only used as an escort spacecraft.

In regard to the tactical point, they can operate in small groups and in large armadas, which makes them very flexible. That might sound great, but they have a huge disadvantage and that is the fact that they are a caste society, thus not every alien gets the same treatment.

UNSC Navy (Halo)

UNSC Navy is an important part of the military of the United Nations in the Halo franchise. They have a decent variety of spacecraft. This includes the Valliant Class super heavy Cruiser, Orion Class heavy cruiser, the Autumn-class heavy cruiser, the Strident-class heavy frigate, and the Infinity-class supercarrier. This makes the UNSC Navy a force to be reckoned with.

The armament of UNSC Navy spaceships which are classified as capital ships is the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon which can use 600 tons of accelerated projectiles for smaller ships and 3000 tons if they deal with heavy ships.

There is a detachment of well-trained Marines on every spaceship. Almost every space vessel has Arrow Missile pods that are used for ship-ship engagements and some can even carry Shiva class nuclear missiles.

Ships carry a number of GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor which are able to be used by every ship in the UNSC navy. In spite of all this, they have huge problems taking down the Covenant spaceship.

The Imperial Navy (Star Wars)

Imperial Navy in Star Wars

The Imperial Navy of Emperor Palpatine is like a paper mache, it might look good on paper with all of its capital and strong spaceships, but it lacks proper leadership. It is led by incompetent commanders who would squander any amount of ships and resources.

Just like every dictatorship, it has a plethora of capital ships that are extremely well-armed but are mostly used to showcase the power of the Galactic Empire. They do have other mighty space vessels such as a few classes of destroyers and the gigantic Dreadnaughts which are massive spaceships.

As it was already stated, all of this is in vain as their bad leadership and training make them far less effective than the Republic Navy but their spaceships would destroy the UNSC Navy and the Covenant.

Republic Navy (Star Wars)

Republic Navy doesn’t sail the seas, but it cruises many galaxies. It is extremely impressive, and every scene with it amassed gives people goosebumps. The Navy has the access to a huge variety of spacecraft. The classes that are included in the Republic Navy are capital ships such as Battleships, Battlecruisers, Cruisers, Frigates, and Starfighters along with a large variety of support ships.

These ships have much more advanced shields that would trouble everyone even the Imperial Navy which has similar weapons. The big plus that makes a huge difference between them and the Imperial Navy is that their leaders and spaceship crews are better trained and there are not any insane objectives like in the Imperial Navy.

Who Would Win in a Space Battle?

All Star Destroyer in Star Wars

Huge command battleships and regular battleships of the Imperial Navy and the Republic Navy tower over anything that can be deployed to the space battle by the UNSC and the Covenant. Even if we use the video game logic, spamming any type of spacecraft wouldn’t help the UNSC and the Flood from Halo to destroy those megalithic Star Wars ships.

The only way Halo has a slim chance to win is if they shoot the Star Wars massive and advanced fleet from a distance. Even if they were able to do this, they do not have much of a  chance to win the battle.

The all-out war between Halo and Star Wars would be far more interesting, especially if there are massive engagements between all sides. The Flood with all its resources would annihilate everyone, even the Republic and the Galactic Empire along with the enemy from their universe, the USC. The answer to the question from the title still stays the same, as Star Wars fleets would wipe out the Halo forces in a space battle.